Lynx Tour Blades

Lynx Golf is a well-known golf equipment manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. They have been producing high-quality golf clubs since 1971. The Lynx Tour Blades are one of their most popular and highly regarded offerings in the golfing world. These golf clubs are designed for experienced golfers who want complete control over their shots and are looking for maximum accuracy and feel.

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Design and Construction

The Lynx Tour Blades are designed for players who demand the ultimate in precision and control. The clubs feature a classic blade design, with a thin topline and minimal offset. The head is made from 1025 carbon steel, which is a soft and responsive metal that provides excellent feedback on every shot. The clubs are available in 3-PW and can be customized to fit your exact specifications.

The Lynx Tour Blades have a traditional muscle-back design, which means that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the clubhead. This design allows for a more consistent ball flight and greater accuracy. The clubs also have a narrow sole and a thin leading edge, which makes them ideal for players who like to work the ball and shape their shots.

Performance and Feel

The Lynx Tour Blades are designed for experienced golfers who have a high level of skill and control over their shots. These clubs are not forgiving and require a precise swing to get the most out of them. However, if you are a skilled golfer, you will appreciate the accuracy and feel that these clubs provide.

The Lynx Tour Blades have a buttery soft feel that is hard to match with other golf clubs. The 1025 carbon steel provides excellent feedback on every shot, allowing you to make adjustments and improve your game. The clubs are also very workable, which means that you can shape your shots to fit any situation on the golf course.

Technology and Features

The Lynx Tour Blades may have a classic blade design, but they incorporate modern technology and features to enhance their performance. One such feature is the CNC-milled grooves, which are precision-engineered to maximize spin and control. The grooves are also designed to be compliant with the USGA regulations, ensuring that you can use them in competition.

The Lynx Tour Blades also have a variable face thickness (VFT) design, which means that the thickness of the face varies across different parts of the clubhead. This design allows for a more consistent ball speed across the entire face, resulting in better distance control and accuracy.

Customization Options

Lynx Golf offers a variety of customization options for the Tour Blades, allowing you to tailor them to your exact preferences. You can choose from a range of shafts, grips, and lengths, as well as adjust the lie and loft angles to suit your swing.

Lynx also offers a custom fitting service, where a professional fitter will work with you to determine the best specifications for your swing. This service can help you get the most out of your Tour Blades and improve your overall game.

Price and Availability

The Lynx Tour Blades are a premium golf club, and as such, they come with a higher price tag than some other clubs on the market. However, their performance and feel make them a worthwhile investment for serious golfers.

The Tour Blades are available for purchase through Lynx Golf’s website, as well as through select retailers and golf shops. It’s important to note that customization options may affect the price and availability of the clubs.

Comparison with Other Golf Clubs

When considering the Lynx Tour Blades, it’s important to compare them to other golf clubs on the market. The Tour Blades are often compared to other blade-style irons, such as the Titleist 620 MB and the Callaway Apex MB. While these clubs share some similarities, there are some key differences to consider.

The Lynx Tour Blades have a slightly larger clubhead than some other blade-style irons, which can provide more forgiveness on off-center hits. However, they still require a skilled swing to get the most out of them. The Titleist 620 MB and Callaway Apex MB are both designed for experienced golfers and offer similar levels of precision and control.

One area where the Lynx Tour Blades stand out is their customization options. Lynx Golf offers a wide range of options for shafts, grips, and club length, as well as adjustments to lie and loft angles. This level of customization allows golfers to tailor the clubs to their exact specifications, which can make a big difference in their performance.

Reviews and Feedback

The Lynx Tour Blades have received positive reviews from golfers and industry experts alike. Many reviewers praise the clubs’ exceptional feel and workability, as well as their customization options. However, some golfers may find the clubs to be too unforgiving, especially if they have a slower swing speed or less consistent ball striking.

It’s important to note that the Lynx Tour Blades are designed for experienced golfers who are looking for complete control over their shots. If you’re a beginner or intermediate golfer, you may want to consider a more forgiving club design.

Lynx Tour Blades Irons (2023)

ModelLoftLie AngleLengthHand

Lynx Tour Blades Wedges (2023)

5050°CBlack Pearl
5252°CBlack Pearl
5454°10°VBlack Pearl
5656°10°VBlack Pearl

Lynx Tour Blades Drivers (2023)

ModelLoftShaft FlexLengthHead Volume

Lynx Tour Blades Putters (2023)

ModelTypeLoftLie AngleLengthWeight

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Lynx Tour Blades are an excellent choice for experienced golfers who demand the ultimate in precision and control. These clubs combine a classic design with modern technology and features to deliver exceptional performance and feel. While they may not be forgiving, they provide a level of accuracy and workability that is hard to match with other clubs. If you’re a skilled golfer looking for the best possible equipment, the Lynx Tour Blades are definitely worth considering.

Lynx Tour Blades


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