Maltby TS1 Irons Review

Maltby is a golf equipment brand founded by Ralph Maltby in 1983. Maltby is well-known for its high-quality club components and its commitment to custom fitting, which allows golfers to build their clubs to fit their unique swing characteristics. The Maltby brand is owned by The GolfWorks, a company that specializes in golf club components, equipment, and repairs.

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Overview of the Maltby TS1 Irons

The Maltby TS1 irons are a game-improvement set designed for mid- to high-handicap golfers who want maximum forgiveness and distance. The TS1 irons feature a perimeter-weighted design and a wide sole that helps get the ball airborne quickly and easily. The irons are made from 17-4 stainless steel, which provides durability and a soft feel at impact.

Design Features

The Maltby TS1 irons have several design features that make them ideal for golfers who want more forgiveness and distance. Here are some of the key design features:

  • Perimeter weighting: The TS1 irons have a high MOI (moment of inertia) thanks to perimeter weighting, which helps stabilize the clubhead and reduce twisting on off-center hits.
  • Wide sole: The TS1 irons have a wide sole that helps the club glide through the turf and prevent digging, making it easier to hit shots from a variety of lies.
  • Progressive offset: The offset of the TS1 irons varies from club to club, with more offset in the longer irons and less offset in the shorter irons. This helps improve consistency and accuracy throughout the set.
  • Thin topline: Despite their game-improvement design, the TS1 irons have a thin topline that gives them a clean and classic look at address.


The Maltby TS1 irons deliver on their promise of forgiveness and distance. The perimeter weighting and wide sole make it easy to launch the ball high and straight, even on off-center hits. The progressive offset and consistent gapping between clubs make it easier to dial in distances and hit more accurate approach shots. The 17-4 stainless steel construction provides a soft feel at impact that is ideal for mid- to high-handicap golfers.


The Maltby TS1 irons are priced at around $600 for a set of 7 irons (5-PW). This is a reasonable price for a set of game-improvement irons with custom fitting options.

Custom Fitting Options

One of the things that sets Maltby apart from other golf equipment brands is their commitment to custom fitting. The TS1 irons are available in a variety of lengths, lie angles, and shaft options, so golfers can build a set that fits their unique swing characteristics. Maltby also offers a free online fitting tool that helps golfers determine their ideal shaft length and flex based on their height, wrist-to-floor measurement, and swing speed.

Distance and Forgiveness

The Maltby TS1 irons are designed to be forgiving and distance-oriented, which makes them ideal for mid- to high-handicap golfers who struggle with consistency and accuracy. The perimeter weighting and wide sole help launch the ball high and straight, while the progressive offset and consistent gapping make it easier to hit shots from a variety of distances. The TS1 irons also feature a variable face thickness design that increases ball speed on off-center hits, which helps maximize distance and minimize distance loss.

Aesthetics and Design

While the Maltby TS1 irons are designed for maximum forgiveness and distance, they still have a classic and clean look at address. The thin topline and minimal offset give the irons a traditional appearance, while the cavity-back design and perimeter weighting provide modern performance benefits. The TS1 irons also have a chrome finish that is both durable and visually appealing.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are several other game-improvement irons on the market that compete with the Maltby TS1. Some of the most popular alternatives include the Ping G425, TaylorMade SIM2 Max, Callaway Big Bertha B21, and Cobra King Radspeed. Each of these irons has its own unique design features and performance benefits, so it’s important for golfers to try out several options and find the set that works best for their swing.

Key Features and Specifications

Club TypeIrons
Set Composition4-PW
Material431 Stainless Steel
Loft Range20°-46°
Lie Angle Range59°-64°
Shaft OptionsTrue Temper Elevate 95 Steel, Maltby KE4 ST-F Graphite
Grip OptionsGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360, Maltby Pure-Track, Winn Dri-Tac Wrap

Pros and Cons

Forgiving on off-center hitsSlightly larger than some traditional blade-style irons
Impressive distance with good accuracyMay not appeal to golfers who prefer a thinner topline
Great feel and feedback on strikesNot available for left-handed golfers
Modern design that appeals to a wide range of players
Comes with multiple shaft and grip options

Performance Ratings

Performance CriteriaRating (out of 10)

Comparison with Competing Irons

Iron ModelPriceProsCons
Maltby TS1$599.99Forgiving, good distance and accuracy, great feelSlightly larger, not for lefties
Callaway Apex$1,399.99Impressive distance, good accuracy, classic designExpensive, may not be as forgiving as other options
Titleist T100S$1,199.99Great feel, workability, appealing designNot as forgiving as other options, not


Final Thoughts

Overall, the Maltby TS1 irons are an excellent choice for mid- to high-handicap golfers who want more forgiveness and distance in their irons. The custom fitting options, distance-oriented design, and classic aesthetics make the TS1 irons a standout option in the game-improvement category. If you’re in the market for new irons and want to improve your game, the Maltby TS1 irons are definitely worth considering.

Maltby TS1 Irons Review


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