Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft

Golf is a game of precision, and every aspect of a golfer’s equipment plays a role in their performance. One of the most critical components of a golfer’s gear is the putter shaft. The putter shaft is the piece that connects the putter head to the golfer’s hands, and it can have a significant impact on the golfer’s feel and control of the putter. One popular putter shaft on the market is the Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft.

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What is a Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft?

The Shaft is a premium putter shaft designed to provide golfers with maximum stability and feel. The shaft is made from high-quality materials, including graphite and steel, and is designed to reduce torque, increase stability, and improve accuracy.

One of the key features of the Shaft is its low torque design. Torque refers to the twisting of the shaft during the putting stroke, and a lower torque shaft can help golfers achieve a more consistent stroke. The Shaft also features a mid-launch, mid-spin design that provides golfers with a balance of distance and accuracy.


Using a Shaft can provide several benefits to golfers. Firstly, the low torque design can help golfers achieve a more consistent putting stroke, resulting in better accuracy and distance control. The mid-launch, mid-spin design also provides golfers with a balance of distance and accuracy, making it easier to hit the ball the right distance while still keeping it on target.

Additionally, the high-quality materials used in the construction of the Shaft can provide golfers with a great feel for the ball. The shaft’s graphite and steel construction allows for better vibration dampening, reducing the amount of feedback that golfers feel in their hands on mishits. This can help golfers stay confident and focused on their putting stroke, even when they don’t make perfect contact with the ball.


The Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft is available in several different models, each designed to meet the needs of different golfers. The models include the Shaft Type X, Type S, and Type M. The Type X is the stiffest and lowest torque model, while the Type M is the most flexible and highest torque model. Golfers can choose the model that best suits their swing and putting style.

Custom Fitting

To get the most out of a Matrix Putter, it’s important to get properly fitted for one. A custom fitting can help golfers find the right shaft length, flex, and weight to match their swing and putting style. Getting fitted for a Matrix Putter Shaft can help golfers achieve better consistency, accuracy, and distance control on the greens.


Installing a Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft is a straightforward process that can be done by a professional club fitter or at home with the right tools. To install a Shaft, golfers need to remove the old shaft, prepare the putter head and grip, and then install the new shaft. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the right tools to ensure a proper installation.


To keep a Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft performing at its best, it’s important to maintain it properly. This includes keeping it clean and dry, avoiding excessive bending or twisting, and storing it in a safe place when not in use. Regular inspections can help golfers spot any signs of damage or wear and tear that may affect the performance of the shaft.

Compatibility with Different Putters

The Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft is compatible with most putters on the market, but it’s essential to ensure that the shaft is the right size and shape for the putter head. Golfers can consult with a club fitter or check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure compatibility. Additionally, some putter heads may require specific adapter sleeves to fit the Shaft.

Comparing to Other Putters Shafts

While the Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft is a popular choice among golfers, there are other putter shafts on the market that may suit different golfers’ needs. Golfers can compare the Putter Shaft to other popular putter shafts, such as the KBS Tour Putter Shaft or the Aldila Tour Blue Putter Shaft, to see which one may be the best fit for their game.

Price and Availability

As a premium putter shaft, the Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft is priced higher than some other options on the market. However, the shaft’s high-quality materials and performance make it worth the investment for serious golfers looking to improve their putting game. The Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft is widely available through online retailers, golf stores, and custom club fitters.

User Reviews and Feedback

Golfers can find reviews and feedback from other golfers who have used the Putter Shaft to see how it performs in real-world situations. Many golfers have praised the shaft’s stability, feel, and accuracy, while others have noted that it may not be the best fit for golfers with very slow or very fast putting strokes.

Flex Ratings

ModelFlex RatingTorque (Degrees)Weight (grams)Tip Diameter (inches)

Matrix Ozik Putter Shafts – Lengths

ModelLength (inches)Tip Diameter (inches)Weight (grams)Torque (Degrees)

Materials and Weight

ModelMaterialWeight (grams)
TourMulti-material (Graphite/Steel)115
Code 7Graphite115
PureCarbon Fiber90
x M6Steel115

Bend Points

ModelBend PointTorque (Degrees)Weight (grams)Tip Diameter (inches)
Code 7Low-Mid1.31150.370

Launch and Spin Characteristics

ModelLaunch and SpinTorque (Degrees)Weight (grams)Tip Diameter (inches)
TP1Low and Stable1.51200.370
TP2Mid and Stable1.31100.355
TP3High and Stable1.01000.370
TP4Low-Mid and Stable1.21150.355
TourLow-Mid and Stable1.01150.370
Code 7Mid and Stable1.31150.370


The Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft is a premium putter shaft that can provide golfers with several benefits. Its low torque design, mid-launch, mid-spin characteristics, and high-quality materials make it an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their putting performance. If you’re in the market for a new putter shaft, the Putter Shaft is definitely worth considering.

Matrix Ozik Putter Shaft


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