Matrix Reign Black G70t

Sure, here’s a detailed write-up on the topic of the Matrix Reign Black G70T golf shaft, including some background information on golf shafts and the specific features of this particular model:

I. Introduction to Golf Shafts

Golf shafts are an essential component of golf clubs, responsible for transmitting the energy and force generated by the golfer’s swing to the clubhead and ultimately to the ball. The shaft is a long, slender tube made of various materials, including steel, graphite, and composite materials.

II. Matrix Reign Black G70T

Overview The Matrix Reign Black G70T is a high-performance golf shaft designed for experienced players who demand both power and precision from their clubs. This shaft is part of the Reign Black series, which is known for its advanced materials and technologies that enhance clubhead speed, stability, and feel.

III. Key Features of Matrix Reign Black G70T

Some of the key features of the Matrix Reign Black G70T golf shaft include:

A. Advanced Materials: The G70T features a high-grade carbon fiber material that is specifically engineered to provide a high level of stability, consistency, and energy transfer. This material also helps to reduce unwanted vibrations and improve the feel and feedback of the shaft.

B. Low Torque: The Matrix Reign Black G70T has a low torque rating, which means it is less likely to twist or bend during the swing, resulting in greater accuracy and control. The low torque also helps to maintain the clubhead’s position at impact, leading to more consistent shots.

C. High Launch: Despite its low torque, the G70T is designed to produce a high launch angle, which helps to generate maximum distance and trajectory. This feature is particularly useful for golfers with slower swing speeds or those who struggle to get the ball in the air.

D. Increased Clubhead Speed: The G70T is designed to provide a faster clubhead speed by reducing the amount of energy lost during the swing. This feature helps to maximize the golfer’s power and distance potential while maintaining control and accuracy.

E. Multiple Flex Options: The G70T is available in several flex options, including regular, stiff, and extra-stiff, to accommodate a wide range of swing speeds and player preferences. This ensures that golfers can find the perfect fit for their game, optimizing their performance on the course.

F. Responsive Feel: The Matrix Reign Black G70T provides a responsive feel that allows golfers to sense the clubhead position and make necessary adjustments mid-swing. This feature is particularly useful for players who rely on feel and feedback to make consistent shots.

G. Durability: The G70T is constructed with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of regular play. The carbon fiber material provides durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that the shaft will last for multiple seasons with proper care.

H. Customization Options: Golfers can customize the Matrix Reign Black G70T shaft to fit their specific needs by adjusting the length, weight, and grip. This customization ensures that the golfer can fine-tune their club for optimal performance and comfort.

I. Professional-Level Performance: The Matrix Reign Black G70T golf shaft is a popular choice among professional golfers due to its high-performance characteristics and consistency. This shaft has been used on the PGA Tour by players such as Justin Rose and Adam Scott, further demonstrating its quality and effectiveness.


Matrix Reign Black G70T – Shaft Specs

Shaft ModelFlexTorqueWeight (g)Launch

 Club Compatibility

Shaft ModelDriver3 Wood5 WoodHybridIrons

Material Composition

Shaft ModelMaterial
G70THigh-modulus carbon fiber with a proprietary resin system.

Tip Size Compatibility

Shaft ModelTip Size Compatibility

Shaft Lengths

Shaft ModelDriver Length3 Wood Length5 Wood LengthHybrid LengthIron Lengths
G70T46″43″42″40″39″ to 36″

Spin Rate

Shaft ModelSpin Rate (rpm)

Bend Profile

Shaft ModelBend Profile
G70TMidsection: Stiff, Tip: Firm

 Swing Speed Range

Shaft ModelSwing Speed Range
G70T90-110 mph


Shaft ModelTrajectory

Player Type

Shaft ModelPlayer Type
G70TPlayers seeking a low-spin, mid-trajectory ball flight


The Matrix Reign Black G70T golf shaft is an excellent choice for experienced players looking for a high-performance shaft that provides a perfect balance of power, control, and feel. Its advanced materials and technologies make it a reliable and consistent option for golfers of all levels.


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