Mizuno MP 20 MMC vs Titleist T100s

Golf enthusiasts always seek the best equipment to improve their game, and choosing the right set of irons can make a huge difference. Two popular options in the golf world are the Mizuno MP-20 MMC and Titleist T100S irons. In this article, we will compare the design, technology, performance, and feel of both irons to help you make an informed decision on which set suits your game better.

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  1. Design and Technology

Mizuno MP-20 MMC: The Mizuno MP-20 MMC (Multi-Material Construction) irons are designed with a mix of materials, including soft carbon steel, titanium, and tungsten, to provide a unique blend of forgiveness, feel, and control. The Grain Flow Forged HD process used in the construction of the irons ensures a soft and consistent feel. The titanium muscle plate in the back of the clubhead enhances stability, while the tungsten toe weight optimizes the center of gravity for increased forgiveness.

Titleist T100S: The Titleist T100S irons are designed with a compact, tour-inspired shape and a thin topline, which is preferred by better players. The clubs feature a forged 1025 carbon steel body, a high-density tungsten toe weight, and a co-forged cavity construction that provide a solid feel, stability, and precise shot control. The T100S also has a faster face due to its variable face thickness design, which helps in producing more ball speed and distance.

  1. Performance

Mizuno MP-20 MMC: The performance of the MP-20 MMC irons is well-rounded. They offer a balanced combination of distance, forgiveness, and control, making them suitable for a wide range of golfers, from low to mid-handicappers. The irons are designed to produce a high launch with a penetrating ball flight, allowing players to control their trajectory and optimize their shot-making abilities.

z: The Titleist T100S irons cater primarily to low-handicap players who prioritize shot-shaping control, feel, and consistency. The irons provide excellent distance control and consistency, making them ideal for golfers looking to hit precise shots with tight dispersion. The T100S irons also offer slightly more distance compared to the MP-20 MMC, thanks to the faster face design and stronger lofts.

  1. Feel

Mizuno MP-20 MMC: The MP-20 MMC irons are renowned for their soft, buttery feel, thanks to Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging process. The soft carbon steel construction ensures a responsive and consistent feel across the face. Many golfers appreciate the feedback and sound provided by these irons.

Titleist T100S: The T100S irons also offer a soft and solid feel due to their forged 1025 carbon steel body. However, some golfers might find the feel of the T100S slightly firmer compared to the MP-20 MMC. This firmness provides excellent feedback on off-center hits and promotes a crisp sound at impact.


Club Specifications

SpecificationMizuno MP 20 MMC 1Mizuno MP 20 MMC 2Titleist T100s 1Titleist T100s 2
Club TypeIronIronIronIron
Loft (degrees)21242225
Lie (degrees)606160.561.5
Length (inches)38.7538.253938.5
Offset (mm)
Bounce (degrees)2324
Swing WeightD2D2D2D2
Shaft MaterialSteel/GraphiteSteel/GraphiteSteel/GraphiteSteel/Graphite

Material & Construction

FeatureMizuno MP 20 MMCTitleist T100s
Face MaterialForged ChromolyForged 1025 Carbon
Body Material1025E Pure SelectForged 1025 Carbon
Construction TypeGrain Flow ForgedFully Forged
Multi-Material DesignYes (Titanium & Tungsten)Yes (Tungsten)
Stability FrameYesYes
Hosel TypeTaperedTapered
FinishMirror ChromeBrushed Steel
Groove TypeQuad CutCNC Milled
Sole DesignProgressiveProgressive

Performance Characteristics

AspectMizuno MP 20 MMCTitleist T100s
Turf InteractionSmoothSmooth

Player Feedback

CategoryMizuno MP 20 MMCTitleist T100s
Distance Control4.5/54.4/5
Turf Interaction4.3/54.2/5
Shot Shaping4.4/54.4/5
Overall Satisfaction4.5/54.4/5

Pricing & Availability

AspectMizuno MP 20 MMCTitleist T100s
Price per Club (USD)$150$175
Set Price (USD)$1,049 (7 clubs)$1,225 (7 clubs)
Customization OptionsYesYes
Stock Shaft OptionsSteel & GraphiteSteel & Graphite
Stock Grip OptionsMultiple OptionsMultiple Options
Warranty Period1 Year1 Year
RetailersMultiple RetailersMultiple Retailers
Online PurchaseYesYes
In-Store FittingYesYes

Complete Comparison


CategoryMizuno MP 20 MMCTitleist T100sWinner
Loft22-60 degrees19-48 degreesMizuno MP 20 MMC
Lie59.5-63 degrees60-64 degreesTitleist T100s
Club lengthStandardStandardTie
Clubhead sizeCompactCompactTie
Clubhead materialForged carbon steelForged carbon steelTie
Shaft materialSteel or graphiteSteel or graphiteTie
Grip materialRubber or leatherRubber or leatherTie
Price (per club)$175-$200$175-$200Tie
Clubhead shapeClassic, muscle back designCompact blade designMizuno MP 20 MMC
Clubhead weightingTungsten weighting in select ironsProgressive CG placement throughout setTitleist T100s
Sound/feelSoft and responsiveSoft and solidTie
FinishSatin chromeBrushed chromeTie
Overall appearanceSleek and modern with minimal brandingTraditional and cleanTie
Ball flightMid to high, with consistent trajectoryMid to low, with workabilityTie
ForgivenessModerate forgiveness on off-center hitsMinimal forgiveness on off-center hitsMizuno MP 20 MMC
Distance controlExcellent distance control and accuracyExcellent distance control and accuracyTie
Shot shapingCan shape shots with easeDesigned for shot shapingMizuno MP 20 MMC
Spin controlHigh spin rates for maximum controlConsistent spin rates for accuracyMizuno MP 20 MMC
Custom fittingAvailable through Mizuno’s fitting systemAvailable through Titleist’s fitting systemTie
PersonalizationCustom engraving on clubheads or gripsCustom paint fill and stamping on clubheadsTie
Shaft optionsWide variety of steel and graphite optionsWide variety of steel and graphite optionsTie
Grip optionsWide variety of rubber and leather optionsWide variety of rubber and leather optionsTie
Special edition setsLimited edition sets occasionally releasedLimited edition sets occasionally releasedTie
Tour playersBrooks Koepka, Keith Mitchell, Luke DonaldJustin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Cameron SmithTie
Blade lengthSlightly longer than average for added forgivenessSlightly shorter than average for increased workability and shot shapingTie
Overall weightSlightly heavier than average for added stability and feelSlightly lighter than average for increased clubhead speedTie
Custom fit optionsAvailable through Mizuno’s fitting system and authorized dealersAvailable through Titleist’s fitting system and authorized dealersTie
Best use caseSkilled ball strikers looking for maximum feedback and controlPlayers who demand precision and shot shaping capabilities on every shotTie
Clubhead finishSatin chromeBrushed chromeTie
Distance consistencyExcellent distance control and accuracy on all types of shotsExcellent distance control and accuracy on all types of shotsTie
Mid-iron performanceExcellent ball flight and control on mid-iron shotsPrecision and control for approach shots and par 3sTie
Availability of left-handed modelsAvailable in select loft and flex optionsAvailable in select loft and flex optionsTie
Launch and spin characteristicsMid to high launch with consistent trajectory; high spin rates for maximum controlMid to low launch with workability; consistent spin rates for accuracyTitleist T100s


When choosing between the Mizuno MP-20 MMC and Titleist T100S irons, it ultimately comes down to your skill level, preferences, and individual needs. The MP-20 MMC irons offer a more forgiving option with a soft feel, making them ideal for a wider range of golfers, while the T100S irons cater to better players seeking control, consistency, and a slightly firmer feel. Test both sets and select the one that best complements your game and personal preferences.

mizuno mp 20 mmc vs titleist t100s


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