Mizuno MP-57 vs MP-67

Mizuno has been a reputable manufacturer of high-quality golf equipment for decades, and their MP series of irons have long been the choice of many professional and amateur golfers . In this article, we’ll be comparing the Mizuno MP-57 and MP-67 irons, two classic sets that have earned their place in the hearts of golfers worldwide. We’ll break down their design, performance, and feel to help you decide which set is best suited for your game.

Design and Construction


The Mizuno MP-57 irons feature a dual muscle cavity design with a cut muscle back. This design redistributes weight to the perimeter of the clubhead, providing added forgiveness on off-center hits. The MP-57s also utilize Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging process, which gives them a soft, solid feel at impact. These irons have a slightly larger clubhead and a wider sole compared to the MP-67s, making them more forgiving and versatile.


The Mizuno MP-67 irons are designed with a traditional muscle-back blade, aimed at better players seeking more control and workability. The clubs also utilize Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging process, ensuring a soft, responsive feel. The MP-67s have a thinner top line and sole, providing a more compact look at address, which is preferred by many skilled golfers.



The MP-57 irons offer a balance of forgiveness and workability. The dual muscle cavity design helps increase the club’s stability and off-center hit forgiveness, making them suitable for players who want a more playable iron without sacrificing feel. The MP-57s provide a medium to high launch angle and moderate spin, making them a versatile choice for various course conditions.


The MP-67 irons are designed for highly skilled golfers who demand precision and workability. With a muscle-back blade design, these irons offer a lower launch angle and less spin than the MP-57s. This combination allows for greater control over shot shaping and trajectory, which is essential for advanced players. However, this design also means that the MP-67s have a smaller sweet spot and are less forgiving on mishits.


Both the MP-57 and MP-67 irons provide exceptional feel due to Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging process. This process creates a soft, yet solid feel at impact, which is highly sought after by many players. However, the MP-57s have a slightly softer feel than the MP-67s due to their dual muscle cavity design, making them more appealing to players who prioritize feel over workability.

Customization Options

Mizuno is well-known for its custom fitting service, and both the MP-57 and MP-67 irons can be tailored to your specific needs. When purchasing either set of irons, consider taking advantage of Mizuno’s custom fitting process to ensure optimal performance. This process will help identify the appropriate shaft material, shaft flex, lie angle, and grip size, allowing you to maximize the potential of your chosen irons.


While performance is essential, the visual appeal of a club can also influence a golfer’s confidence on the course. The MP-57 irons feature a chrome finish and a slightly larger clubhead, giving them a modern and confidence-inspiring appearance. The MP-67 irons, on the other hand, showcase a classic muscle-back design with a thinner top line and compact clubhead. Many advanced players appreciate the traditional look of the MP-67 irons, as they evoke the timeless appeal of classic blade irons.

Price and Availability

Both the Mizuno MP-57 and MP-67 irons have been on the market for several years, and finding brand-new sets may be challenging. However, pre-owned sets are often available through various online retailers and local golf shops. The prices of these sets may vary depending on factors such as condition, customization, and availability. Keep in mind that the MP-67 irons might be slightly more expensive due to their target market of advanced players and traditional blade design.

Progression into Modern Mizuno Irons

While the MP-57 and MP-67 irons are classic sets, it’s worth noting that Mizuno has continued to innovate and develop new iron models. If you’re considering either of these sets, you might also want to explore Mizuno’s newer offerings, such as the MP-18, MP-20, or JPX series. These modern sets incorporate advanced technology and materials to provide even better performance, feel, and forgiveness while maintaining the exceptional quality that Mizuno is known for.

Specifications Comparison

SpecificationMizuno MP-57Mizuno MP-67
Club TypeIronIron
Material1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel
Loft3-iron: 21°; PW: 47°3-iron: 21°; PW: 47°
Lie3-iron: 59.5°; PW: 63°3-iron: 59.5°; PW: 63°
Length3-iron: 39.0″; PW: 35.5″3-iron: 39.0″; PW: 35.5″

Features Comparison

FeatureMizuno MP-57Mizuno MP-67
Clubhead DesignModified muscle backClassic muscle back
Shaft OptionsDynamic Gold, Dynamic Gold SL, Nippon N.S. Pro 100Dynamic Gold, Dynamic Gold SL, Nippon N.S. Pro 100
ClubfaceCNC milledCNC milled
Sole DesignDual camberedDual cambered

Forgiveness Comparison

Forgiveness FactorMizuno MP-57Mizuno MP-67
Clubhead SizeSmallerSmaller
Sweet SpotSmallerSmaller
Off-Center HitsLess forgivingLess forgiving
Trajectory ControlHighHigh

Performance Comparison

Performance MetricMizuno MP-57Mizuno MP-67
Launch AngleMidMid

Price Comparison

Price RangeMizuno MP-57Mizuno MP-67
New$999 – $1,099$1,199 – $1,299
Used$499 – $699$749 – $999
AvailabilityWidely availableLimited availability

Availability Comparison

AvailabilityMizuno MP-57Mizuno MP-67WinnerReason
Release Date20072008MP-57Released earlier.
New AvailabilityLimitedLimited
Used AvailabilityWidely availableLimitedMP-57More widely available.

Customer Reviewss

Customer ReviewsMizuno MP-57Mizuno MP-67WinnerReason
Overall Rating (out of 5)4.74.6MP-57Slightly higher overall rating.
Feel4.84.6MP-57Higher rating for feel.
Accuracy4.74.5MP-57Slightly higher rating for accuracy.
Forgiveness4.24.1MP-57Slightly higher rating for forgiveness.


When choosing between the Mizuno MP-57 and MP-67 irons, it ultimately comes down to your skill level and preferences. The MP-57s are ideal for players who want a balance of forgiveness and workability, while the MP-67s cater to highly skilled golfers who demand maximum control and shot shaping capabilities. Both sets offer exceptional feel and performance, making either choice a solid investment for your golf game.


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