Mizuno ZU85 Vs Srixon ZX Utility

Golfers today have a plethora of club options to choose from, especially when it comes to utility irons or driving irons. In this comparison, we will take an in-depth look at two popular options: the Mizuno ZU85 and the Srixon ZX Utility. Both clubs have gained recognition for their performance and versatility, but they come with distinct features and technologies. Let’s break down their differences and similarities to help you make an informed decision.

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Design and Construction:

Mizuno ZU85: The Mizuno ZU85 is part of Mizuno’s impressive lineup of golf clubs, known for their precision and craftsmanship. This utility iron is designed to blend seamlessly with Mizuno’s MP irons and is available in various lofts to cater to different player preferences.

  • Forged Construction: The ZU85 is forged from a soft 1025 mild carbon steel, which provides a smooth and responsive feel at impact. The forged construction allows for precise shaping of the clubhead, enhancing control.
  • Tungsten Weighting: Mizuno incorporates tungsten weighting in the sole of the ZU85 to lower the center of gravity (CG) and increase forgiveness. This makes it easier to launch the ball high and with added stability.

Srixon ZX Utility: Srixon has a reputation for producing high-quality golf equipment, and the ZX Utility is no exception. This club is engineered to deliver distance, forgiveness, and versatility in a sleek package.

  • Hollow Construction: The ZX Utility features a hollow design, which redistributes weight to the perimeter for higher MOI (Moment of Inertia). This results in improved forgiveness and ball speed.
  • Mainframe Face: Srixon employs the Mainframe Face technology in the ZX Utility. It utilizes variable thickness and variable face materials to optimize ball speed across the entire face, even on off-center hits.


Mizuno ZU85: The Mizuno ZU85 is known for its workability and traditional appearance. It appeals to players who value shot-shaping ability and precision. Key performance characteristics include:

  • Control: The forged construction and precise design of the ZU85 offer exceptional control and shot-shaping capabilities, making it a favorite among skilled players.
  • Feel: The soft carbon steel provides a buttery feel at impact, giving players valuable feedback on their shots.

Srixon ZX Utility: The Srixon ZX Utility is engineered for distance and forgiveness. It suits players who prioritize ball speed and forgiveness without sacrificing versatility. Key performance characteristics include:

  • Distance: The Mainframe Face technology and hollow construction work together to deliver impressive ball speed and distance, even on mishits.
  • Forgiveness: The ZX Utility’s design increases forgiveness, helping golfers maintain consistency in their shots.

Customization and Loft Options:

Both the Mizuno ZU85 and Srixon ZX Utility offer a range of loft options, allowing golfers to fine-tune their club selection to match their needs and preferences. This customization aspect is essential in optimizing performance for different playing conditions and swing types.

Price and Availability:

When comparing the Mizuno ZU85 and the Srixon ZX Utility, it’s essential to consider the price point and availability. Mizuno and Srixon offer competitive pricing, but it’s worth checking with local retailers and online stores for the latest deals and promotions. Additionally, availability may vary by region, so ensure that the club you prefer is accessible to you.

Player Feedback and Reviews:

Before making your final decision, it’s a good idea to read player reviews and seek feedback from fellow golfers who have used either the Mizuno ZU85 or the Srixon ZX Utility. Real-world experiences and insights from other golfers can provide valuable information about the clubs’ performance, feel, and suitability for your game.



SpecificationMizuno ZU85Srixon ZX Utility
Club TypeUtility IronUtility Iron
Loft Options18°, 20°, 23°18°, 20°, 23°, 26°
Shaft MaterialSteel, GraphiteSteel, Graphite
Club Length (in)39.25, 39.00, 38.5039.00, 38.75, 38.50, 38.25
Price (USD)$199.99$229.99

Key Features

Key FeaturesMizuno ZU85Srixon ZX Utility
MaterialForged Chromoly Steel FaceHT1770 Steel Face
ForgivenessLow CG and Wide Sole for ForgivenessHollow Construction for Forgiveness
Distance ControlVariable Face Thickness for ControlSpeed Groove for Distance Control
Sound and FeelHarmonic Impact Technology for Sound/FeelV-Shaped Sole for Sound/Feel
GripGolf Pride MCC Align 4G Grey/BlackGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360


Performance MetricMizuno ZU85Srixon ZX Utility
DistanceLong and ConsistentImpressive Distance
ForgivenessHigh Forgiveness on MishitsForgiving on Off-center Strikes
AccuracyGood Accuracy and ControlAccuracy and Control
WorkabilityLimited WorkabilitySome Workability
Spin ControlModerate Spin for ControlControlled Spin

Player Type

Player TypeMizuno ZU85Srixon ZX Utility
Low HandicappersYesYes
Mid HandicappersYesYes
High HandicappersNoYes
Tour ProfessionalsYesYes
Senior PlayersYesYes


AvailabilityMizuno ZU85Srixon ZX Utility
Release Year20212022
Custom FittingYesYes
Left-Handed OptionsLimitedLimited
Availability in SetsIndividual Club or CustomIndividual Club Only
Availability in StoresGolf RetailersGolf Retailers



In conclusion, the Mizuno ZU85 and the Srixon ZX Utility are both exceptional utility irons with distinct features designed to cater to different golfer preferences and needs. Your choice between these two clubs should be based on your individual playing style, skill level, and what you prioritize in a utility iron, whether it’s control and precision or distance and forgiveness.

Ultimately, the best way to decide is to test both clubs on the golf course or during a fitting session. This hands-on experience will give you a clear sense of which club feels more comfortable and performs better for your game. Whether you choose the Mizuno ZU85 or the Srixon ZX Utility, you’ll be getting a high-quality utility iron from a reputable manufacturer, designed to enhance your performance on the golf course.


Mizuno ZU85 Vs Srixon ZX Utility


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