N.S. PRO Modus 115 Vs 120

Golfers are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their game, and one crucial component in achieving this is selecting the right golf shaft. Nippon Shaft, a renowned manufacturer, offers two popular options for golfers: the N.S. PRO Modus 115 and N.S. PRO Modus 120. In this article, we’ll delve into a comprehensive comparison of these two shafts, examining their differences and advantages to help you make an informed decision about which one suits your game best.

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1. Shaft Weight:

  • N.S. PRO Modus 115:

    • The Modus 115 is a lighter shaft option, typically weighing around 115 grams.
    • Ideal for golfers seeking increased clubhead speed and distance.
    • Provides a softer feel, allowing for more flex and a higher ball flight.
  • N.S. PRO Modus 120:

    • The Modus 120 is slightly heavier, weighing approximately 120 grams.
    • Offers enhanced stability and control over the clubhead.
    • Suited for golfers who prefer a more consistent and penetrating ball flight.

2. Ball Flight:

  • N.S. PRO Modus 115:

    • Due to its lighter weight and softer profile, it tends to promote a higher ball flight.
    • Better for golfers looking to maximize carry distance and land the ball softly on greens.
  • N.S. PRO Modus 120:

    • Its heavier weight and stiffer profile result in a more penetrating ball flight.
    • Offers better control in windy conditions and a flatter trajectory for added roll.

3. Feel and Feedback:

  • N.S. PRO Modus 115:

    • The Modus 115 provides a softer feel, allowing golfers to sense the clubhead position throughout the swing.
    • Offers excellent feedback on off-center hits, aiding in shot correction.
  • N.S. PRO Modus 120:

    • Golfers using the Modus 120 experience a firmer feel, contributing to a better sense of control.
    • Provides feedback that helps golfers gauge the strike quality and adjust accordingly.

4. Swing Speed:

  • N.S. PRO Modus 115:

    • Ideally suited for golfers with moderate to high swing speeds.
    • Its lighter weight can help increase clubhead speed, resulting in more distance.
  • N.S. PRO Modus 120:

    • Best suited for golfers with above-average to high swing speeds.
    • The added weight contributes to stability, but it may require more effort to generate clubhead speed.

5. Shot Dispersion:

  • N.S. PRO Modus 115:

    • Due to its higher launch and softer feel, it may lead to slightly wider shot dispersion.
    • Offers forgiveness on mishits, especially for golfers looking to improve accuracy.
  • N.S. PRO Modus 120:

    • Its lower launch and increased stability tend to result in tighter shot dispersion.
    • Ideal for golfers who prioritize consistency and control.

6. Price and Availability:

  • The cost of the N.S. PRO Modus 115 and 120 shafts may vary, with the Modus 120 generally being slightly more expensive due to its specific manufacturing process.
  • Availability may also vary by region and supplier, so it’s essential to check with local golf shops or online retailers.

7. Shaft Flex Options:

  • Both the Modus 115 and 120 shafts are available in a range of flex options, including regular, stiff, and extra stiff.
  • Your choice of flex should align with your swing speed and tempo. A club fitting session can help determine the most suitable flex for your game.

8. Matching the Shaft to Your Clubs:

  • It’s crucial to ensure that the selected shaft is compatible with your golf clubheads. Check with a club fitter or manufacturer recommendations to ensure a proper fit.

9. Player Feedback:

  • Seek feedback from other golfers who have used either of these shafts. Personal experiences and opinions can provide valuable insights into how these shafts perform in real-world scenarios.

10. Trial and Testing:

  • Whenever possible, try both shafts through a fitting session or on-course testing. This hands-on experience can help you make an informed decision based on how each shaft feels and performs with your swing.

Material Comparison

AspectN.S. PRO Modus 115N.S. PRO Modus 120
Material TypeSteelSteel
Weight (g)115120
Torque (°)1.91.7

Performance Comparison

AspectN.S. PRO Modus 115N.S. PRO Modus 120
Ball Flight ControlExcellentExcellent

Price Comparison

AspectN.S. PRO Modus 115N.S. PRO Modus 120
Price (per shaft)$150$160
AvailabilityWidely availableWidely available
Custom OptionsYesYes
Warranty1 year1 year
Shaft Set OptionsIrons, WedgesIrons, Wedges

 Player Profiles

AspectN.S. PRO Modus 115N.S. PRO Modus 120
Recommended forLow handicappersLow handicappers
Swing Speed Range85-105 mph85-105 mph
Player FeedbackPositivePositive
Tour Player UsageYesYes


AspectN.S. PRO Modus 115N.S. PRO Modus 120
Shafts in Stock5000+5000+
Popular RetailersGolf Galaxy, PGA SuperstoreGolf Galaxy, PGA Superstore
Custom Fitting OptionsYesYes
Shaft Length OptionsStandard, CustomStandard, Custom
Finish OptionsChrome, BlackChrome, Black

These tables provide a detailed comparison of the N.S. PRO Modus 115 and



  • The choice between the N.S. PRO Modus 115 and 120 golf shafts is a critical decision for golfers looking to optimize their game. Consider factors like weight, feel, ball flight, and shot dispersion, but also take into account your individual swing characteristics and preferences.
  • Keep in mind that the ideal shaft for one golfer may not be the same for another, so a personalized approach is crucial. Ultimately, the right choice can significantly impact your distance, accuracy, and overall performance on the golf course.


N.S. PRO Modus 115 Vs 120


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