Napa Style Putter

The Napa Style Putter is a popular type of golf club used for putting, which is the final stage of a golf game. It is a type of blade putter, which is a classic design characterized by a flat, rectangular clubhead with a small sweet spot. The Napa Style Putter is known for its sleek and elegant design, and it has gained a following among golf enthusiasts who appreciate its high quality and precision.

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Design and Construction of Napa Style Putter

The Napa Style Putter is made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel. Its clubhead is milled from a solid block of metal, which gives it a smooth and consistent surface. The clubhead is also designed with a slight offset, which helps to create a straighter putting stroke.

The Napa Style Putter has a traditional look, with a simple and clean design that is devoid of any unnecessary frills or embellishments. The shaft of the putter is typically made from steel, although some models may feature a graphite shaft for a lighter feel. The grip of the putter is usually made from rubber or synthetic materials, and it is designed to provide a comfortable and secure hold.

Benefits of Using a Napa Style Putter

The Napa Style Putter is known for its precision and accuracy, making it a popular choice for golfers who prioritize accuracy over distance. Its blade design allows for a more direct and controlled impact with the ball, which can help to improve accuracy and reduce the likelihood of mishits.

The Napa Style Putter is also well-suited for golfers who prefer a traditional and classic look. Its elegant design and high-quality construction make it a stylish addition to any golf bag.

Drawbacks of Using a Napa Style Putter

One potential drawback of using a Napa Style Putter is that it may not be as forgiving as other types of putters. Its small sweet spot requires a precise and consistent putting stroke, which can be challenging for some golfers. Additionally, the blade design may not be as effective on longer putts, which require more distance and speed.

How to Use a Napa Style Putter

To use a Napa Style Putter, start by lining up the ball with the center of the putter face. Take a comfortable stance with your feet shoulder-width apart and your weight evenly distributed. Grip the putter with your dominant hand at the top of the grip and your non-dominant hand just below it, making sure to keep your wrists firm and your arms straight.

As you begin your putting stroke, keep your eyes focused on the ball and use a smooth and controlled motion to swing the putter. The goal is to make contact with the ball in the center of the clubface, using a gentle and consistent stroke to guide the ball towards the hole.

Practice is key when it comes to using a Napa Style Putter, as it requires a precise and consistent stroke. Spend time on the putting green, experimenting with different grips and stances until you find a technique that works for you.

Customizing a Napa Style Putter

One of the advantages of a Napa Style Putter is that it can be customized to suit a golfer’s specific preferences. Golfers can choose from a variety of grip styles and sizes, as well as different shaft lengths and materials. Some manufacturers even offer custom engraving or paint options, allowing golfers to personalize their putter and make it truly their own.

Investing in a high-quality Napa Style Putter can be a worthwhile investment for serious golfers, as it can improve their accuracy and performance on the green. However, it is important to try out different putters and find one that feels comfortable and natural to use. With practice and dedication, a Napa Style Putter can help golfers take their putting game to the next level.

Napa Style Putter Prices by Brand

BrandModelLengthPriceAvailable Colors
OdysseyO-Works Red Napa Putter34″$249.99Red
Scotty CameronSelect Newport 235″$399.99Black
TaylorMadeTP Patina Collection Ardmore 134″$249.99Copper
PingSigma 2 Valor Stealth33″$219.00Stealth
ClevelandHuntington Beach Soft 1134″$129.99Platinum

Napa Style Putter Grip Options

BrandModelGrip TypeMaterialColors
Golf PrideTour SNSR Contour Putter GripOversizeRubberRed/Black
SuperStrokePistol GTR 1.0 Putter GripPistolPolyurethaneBlack/Grey
LamkinSink Fit Straight Putter GripStraightRubberBlue/Black
WinnExcel Midsize Pistol Putter GripPistolPolymerBlack/White
IomicAbsolute X Putter GripOversizeElastomerRed/White

Napa Style Putter Loft and Lie Angles

BrandModelLoft AngleLie AngleShaft Material
OdysseyO-Works Red Napa Putter70°Stainless Steel
Scotty CameronSelect Newport 271°Steel
TaylorMadeTP Patina Collection Ardmore 170°Steel
PingSigma 2 Valor Stealth70°Steel
ClevelandHuntington Beach Soft 1170°Steel

Napa Style Putter Head Weights

BrandModelHead Weight (grams)Head MaterialHosel Type
OdysseyO-Works Red Napa Putter350gStainless SteelDouble Bend
Scotty CameronSelect Newport 2340g303 Stainless SteelPlumbing Neck
TaylorMadeTP Patina Collection Ardmore 1350gStainless SteelL-Neck
PingSigma 2 Valor Stealth350g17-4 Stainless SteelPistol
ClevelandHuntington Beach Soft 11360g304 Stainless SteelSingle Bend

Napa Style Putter Face Insert Technology

BrandModelFace InsertMaterialDesign
OdysseyO-Works Red Napa PutterMicrohingeStainless SteelHinge Design
Scotty CameronSelect Newport 2None303 Stainless SteelNone
TaylorMadeTP Patina Collection Ardmore 1Pure RollAluminumGroove Design
PingSigma 2 Valor StealthDual-DurometerPebaxSoft/Hard Design
ClevelandHuntington Beach Soft 11Speed Optimized304 Stainless SteelPrecision Milled Grooves


The Napa Style Putter is a classic and elegant type of golf club that is well-suited for golfers who prioritize accuracy and precision. Its high-quality construction and traditional design make it a stylish and reliable option for golfers of all skill levels. However, its small sweet spot and blade design may not be ideal for all golfers, and it is important to consider one’s own preferences and needs when selecting a putter.

Napa Style Putter


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