Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs

Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs is a brand of golf clubs that has been around for decades. The company has built a reputation for producing high-quality golf clubs that are designed for golfers of all skill levels. This brand is a popular choice among beginners and seasoned golfers alike, thanks to its affordability and quality.

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History of Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs

The Northwestern Golf Company was founded in 1910 by J.W. Russell, who was a former professional golfer. The company was based in Chicago, and it produced a variety of golf equipment, including golf clubs, golf balls, and golf bags.

In the 1950s, Northwestern introduced the Thunderbird line of golf clubs. These clubs were designed to be affordable and accessible to golfers of all skill levels. The Thunderbird clubs quickly became popular among golfers, and they remain a popular choice to this day.

Types of Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs

Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs offers a range of golf clubs to suit the needs of different golfers. Here are some of the most popular types of Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs:

  1. Drivers: Northwestern Thunderbird drivers are designed to help golfers hit long and straight drives. These clubs have large heads and lightweight shafts, making them easy to swing.
  2. Fairway Woods: Northwestern Thunderbird fairway woods are versatile clubs that can be used for a variety of shots. These clubs have a shallow face and a low center of gravity, which helps golfers hit high, accurate shots.
  3. Irons: Northwestern Thunderbird irons are designed to be forgiving and easy to hit. These clubs have large sweet spots and perimeter weighting, which helps golfers hit straighter shots.
  4. Wedges: Northwestern Thunderbird wedges are designed for short shots around the green. These clubs have high lofts and large faces, which makes it easier to get the ball up in the air and onto the green.
  5. Putters: Northwestern Thunderbird putters are designed to help golfers make accurate putts. These clubs have a variety of shapes and styles, so golfers can choose the putter that best suits their putting style.

Customization Options

Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs also offers customization options for golfers who want to personalize their clubs. Golfers can choose the shaft, grip, and clubhead that best suits their needs and preferences. Customization options also include the length and lie angle of the clubs, which can be adjusted to fit the golfer’s swing.


One of the biggest advantages of Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs is their affordability. Compared to other golf club brands, Northwestern Thunderbird offers high-quality clubs at a lower price point. This makes the brand a popular choice for beginners and golfers who are on a budget.

Quality and Durability

Despite their affordable price, Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs are known for their quality and durability. The clubs are made with high-quality materials, and they are designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Golfers can expect their Northwestern Thunderbird clubs to last for many years.


Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs are widely available at golf stores and online retailers. This makes it easy for golfers to find and purchase the clubs they need. The availability of Northwestern Thunderbird clubs also means that golfers can easily replace or add to their existing set of clubs.

Customer Service

Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs has a strong reputation for customer service. The company is known for its responsive and helpful customer support team. Golfers who have questions or concerns about their clubs can easily get in touch with the company for assistance.


ModelShaft MaterialFlexLoft (degrees)
Thunderbird X15SteelRegular18
Thunderbird X15SteelStiff20
Thunderbird X20SteelRegular22
Thunderbird X20GraphiteSenior24
Thunderbird X25SteelStiff26
Thunderbird X25GraphiteRegular28
Thunderbird ProSteelStiff30
Thunderbird ProGraphiteRegular32
Thunderbird ProSteelRegular34
Thunderbird ProGraphiteSenior36


ModelShaft MaterialLoft (degrees)Head Size (cc)
Thunderbird X460Graphite9.5460
Thunderbird X460Graphite10.5460
Thunderbird X460Graphite12460
Thunderbird X600Graphite8.5460
Thunderbird X600Graphite9.5460
Thunderbird X600Graphite10.5460
Thunderbird X600Graphite12460
Thunderbird 360TiGraphite8.5360
Thunderbird 360TiGraphite9.5360
Thunderbird 360TiGraphite10.5360

 Fairway Woods

ModelShaft MaterialLoft (degrees)Head Size (cc)
Thunderbird XGraphite3180
Thunderbird XGraphite4170
Thunderbird XGraphite5160
Thunderbird X2Graphite3180
Thunderbird X2Graphite4170
Thunderbird X2Graphite5160
Thunderbird X3Graphite3180
Thunderbird X3Graphite4170
Thunderbird X3Graphite5160
Thunderbird X4Graphite3180


ModelShaft MaterialLength (inches)Head Type
Thunderbird ClassicSteel35Blade
Thunderbird ClassicSteel35Mallet
Thunderbird Pro-2Steel35Mallet
Thunderbird XG-1Steel34Mallet
Thunderbird XG-2Steel34Blade
Thunderbird XG-3Steel34Mallet
Thunderbird XG-4Steel34Blade
Thunderbird XG-5Steel35Mallet
Thunderbird XG-6Steel35Blade
Thunderbird XG-7Steel35Mallet


Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs is a popular brand of golf clubs that has been around for over a century. The company has built a reputation for producing high-quality golf clubs that are accessible to golfers of all skill levels. With a range of clubs to choose from, Northwestern Thunderbird is a great choice for golfers who are looking for affordable and reliable golf clubs.

Northwestern Thunderbird Golf Clubs


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