Patrick Reed Putter

Golf is a sport that requires precision, accuracy, and skill. Professional golfers often rely on specific equipment to optimize their performance on the golf course. Among the most important pieces of equipment is the putter. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Patrick Reed’s putter, a professional golfer with a unique putting style and a successful track record.

Who is Patrick Reed?

Patrick Reed is an American professional golfer born on August 5, 1990. He turned professional in 2011 and has since won multiple championships, including the Masters Tournament in 2018. Reed has a reputation for his short game skills, particularly his putting.

The Putter

Reed currently uses a custom-made Scotty Cameron putter. The putter is a Newport 2 GSS (German Stainless Steel) model, which is a popular choice among professional golfers. The putter has a classic design with a simple alignment aid that helps Reed line up his putts.

Reed’s unique putting style involves gripping the putter with his left hand low on the grip and his right hand high on the grip. This grip style is commonly referred to as a “cross-handed” grip, and it is somewhat unconventional compared to the standard grip used by most golfers.

The putter’s head features a unique pattern that is specific to Reed’s preferences. The putter has a “honeycomb” pattern on the face, which Reed believes helps him get a better feel for the ball at impact.

Reed’s putter has a standard length of 34 inches, which is a common length for putters on the PGA Tour. The putter’s weight is approximately 350 grams, which is also within the typical range for putters used by professional golfers.


Reed’s putter has been instrumental in his success on the golf course. He consistently ranks among the top putters on the PGA Tour, and his unique grip style has helped him develop a putting stroke that is both reliable and effective.

In addition to his putting technique, Reed’s success can also be attributed to his mental game. He has a reputation for being a fierce competitor who thrives under pressure. Reed’s confidence in his putter is evident in his performance on the green, as he often sinks critical putts when it matters most.

Maintenance and Care

Like any piece of golf equipment, Reed’s putter requires regular maintenance and care to ensure it performs at its best. Professional golfers often work closely with equipment manufacturers and club fitters to optimize their equipment to their specific needs. In Reed’s case, his putter is custom-made to his exact specifications, which means he must take extra care to maintain its performance.

Reed’s putter likely undergoes regular checks to ensure the face remains flat and the grooves are clean and free of debris. The putter’s grip may also be replaced periodically to ensure it remains tacky and comfortable in Reed’s hands.

Training and Practice

Reed’s success on the greens is not solely due to his equipment. Like all professional golfers, he spends countless hours practicing his putting stroke and developing his feel for the greens. Reed likely works with his coach to refine his putting technique and develop a consistent routine that helps him stay focused and confident during tournament play.

In addition to technical training, Reed likely incorporates mental and physical training into his practice regimen. He may practice visualization exercises to improve his ability to read greens and visualize the path of his putts. Reed may also incorporate strength and conditioning exercises into his training to improve his overall fitness and endurance on the course.

Patrick Reed’s Putter Performance at Major Championships

YearTournamentRoundsPutts per RoundFinish
2020US Open428.00T13
2018US Open430.00T4
2016US Open429.50T13
2014US Open429.50T35
2012US Open429.75T59

Patrick Reed’s Putter Statistics on the PGA Tour (2016-2021)

YearEventsRoundsPutts per GIRPutting Average

Patrick Reed’s Putter Brands and Models

YearPutter BrandPutter Model
2021OdysseyWhite Hot Pro #3
2020Scotty CameronTour Rat Newport 2
2019OdysseyWhite Hot RX #2
2018OdysseyWhite Hot RX #2
2017OdysseyWhite Hot RX #2
2016OdysseyWhite Hot Pro #3
2015OdysseyWhite Hot Pro #3
2014OdysseyWhite Hot Pro #3
2013OdysseyWhite Hot Pro #3
2012OdysseyWhite Hot Pro #3

Patrick Reed’s Putter Lengths

YearPutter Length (inches)

Patrick Reed’s Putter Stroke Type and Grip Style

YearStroke TypeGrip Style
2021StraightReverse Overlap
2020StraightReverse Overlap
2019StraightReverse Overlap
2018StraightReverse Overlap
2017StraightReverse Overlap
2016StraightReverse Overlap
2015StraightReverse Overlap
2014StraightReverse Overlap
2013StraightReverse Overlap
2012StraightReverse Overlap


Patrick Reed’s putter is an important tool that has helped him achieve success on the golf course. His custom-made Scotty Cameron putter features a classic design with a unique honeycomb pattern on the face. Reed’s unconventional cross-handed grip has helped him develop a reliable and effective putting stroke that is the envy of many golfers. With his mental toughness and confidence in his equipment, Reed is a force to be reckoned with on the greens.

Patrick Reed Putter


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