Ping Alta Cb 55 Shaft

The golf shaft is a vital component of any golfer’s equipment, significantly influencing the performance of their clubs. With numerous shaft options available in the market, it’s essential to find the perfect match for your golfing style and needs. One such shaft that has gained traction among golf enthusiasts is the Ping Alta CB 55. In this article, we’ll delve into the features, performance, and versatility of this highly sought-after shaft.

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft: Overview

The Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is a premium, lightweight graphite shaft designed and manufactured by Ping, a renowned golf equipment manufacturer. With a mid-high trajectory and mid-spin profile, this shaft is engineered for golfers who seek a perfect balance of distance, control, and consistency in their shots.

Key Features

a. Counter-Balanced Technology

The Alta CB 55 shaft incorporates a counter-balanced design, which strategically places more weight towards the grip end of the shaft. This feature helps golfers generate more clubhead speed, leading to increased distance and improved overall performance.

b. Lightweight Design

Weighing in at approximately 55 grams, the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is considered a lightweight option, making it easier for golfers to swing the club faster and with more control. This lightweight design is particularly suitable for golfers with moderate swing speeds seeking added distance without sacrificing accuracy.

c. Aesthetics

The Ping Alta CB 55 shaft features a sleek and eye-catching design with a vibrant copper color, transitioning to black near the tip of the shaft. This distinctive appearance not only adds a touch of elegance to your golf club but also helps improve alignment and focus during your swing.


The Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is known for its consistent performance across various swing speeds. Its mid-high launch and mid-spin characteristics ensure a penetrating ball flight, optimal for maximizing distance while maintaining accuracy. Golfers have reported improved control and stability, particularly on off-center hits, thanks to its lightweight and counter-balanced design.


The Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is suitable for a wide range of golfers, from beginners to advanced players. Its performance characteristics make it an ideal choice for those looking to optimize their swing speed and achieve a higher trajectory for maximum carry and distance. Additionally, this shaft is compatible with various Ping clubheads, allowing golfers to customize their clubs for the best possible performance.

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Specifications

ModelFlexWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)Kick PointShaft Material
Ping Alta CB 55 R-FlexRegular575.0MidGraphite
Ping Alta CB 55 S-FlexStiff594.5MidGraphite
Ping Alta CB 55 X-FlexX-Stiff624.0MidGraphite

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Performance Characteristics


Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Advantages

Counter-balancedHelps increase clubhead speed and provides more control
LightweightEasier to swing, suitable for a wide range of swing speeds
VersatilityAvailable in multiple flexes to suit various player needs
Smooth feelTransfers energy well and provides a smooth feel throughout the swing
AffordabilityReasonable price point compared to other premium shafts

Comparable Shaft Models

BrandModelFlex OptionsWeight Range (grams)Torque Range (degrees)Kick PointShaft Material
PingAlta Distanza Black 40Soft-Regular40-497.3-8.3LowGraphite
PingTFC 189Regular-Stiff52-624.0-5.0MidGraphite
FujikuraPro 63Regular-X-Stiff64-683.5-4.0MidGraphite
MitsubishiTensei AV BlueRegular-X-Stiff57-693.8-4.9MidGraphite

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Disadvantages

Limited optionsOnly available in Ping clubs
Not for high swing speedsMay not provide the desired stability for players with very high swing speeds

User Feedback on Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft

User ExperienceFeedback
DistanceMany users report increased distance with the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft
AccuracyUsers report improved accuracy and tighter dispersion
FeelPositive feedback on the smooth feel and energy transfer
Adjusting to the shaftSome users may need time to adjust to the counter-balanced design
SatisfactionGenerally, users are satisfied with the performance and value of the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Flex Options

FlexWeight (grams)TorqueLaunchSpin

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Specifications

FlexWeight (grams)Length (inches)Tip Diameter (inches)Butt Diameter (inches)

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Swing Speed Recommendations

FlexSwing Speed Range (mph)

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Reviews and Ratings

PublicationRating (out of 10)Review Quote
Golf Digest8.5“A solid performer that offers a good blend of distance, accuracy, and feel.”
Golfweek9.0“A great choice for golfers looking for a mid-launch, mid-spin shaft.”
MyGolfSpy8.8“Provides excellent consistency and stability throughout the swing.”
Golf.com8.7“A versatile shaft

Ping Alta Cb 55 Shaft



The Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is an excellent choice for golfers seeking a lightweight, counter-balanced shaft with consistent performance across different swing speeds. Its mid-high launch and mid-spin profile make it a versatile option for those looking to maximize distance and control on the golf course. With its unique design, impressive performance, and adaptability to different clubheads, the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is worth considering for your next golf club upgrade.

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