Ping Alta Cb 55 Shaft

In my journey as a passionate golfer, I’ve had the privilege of testing and experiencing a variety of golf equipment over the years. One component that significantly influences a golfer’s performance is the shaft of the club. Today, I’m excited to share my personal experience and insights into the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft, a popular choice among golfers seeking improved control and distance.

Discovering the Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft

It all began when I was in search of a new driver shaft to optimize my game. After researching extensively and consulting with fellow golfers, I stumbled upon the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft. The reputation it had built for its performance instantly piqued my interest, and I decided to give it a try.

Installation and Initial Impressions

When the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft arrived and was installed on my driver, the immediate change in the look and feel of the club was evident. The shaft’s sleek design and vibrant graphics gave my driver a fresh, modern look. Holding it in my hands, I could feel the quality and craftsmanship that Ping is renowned for.

Performance on the Course

Taking the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft to the course was where it truly showcased its capabilities. My first few swings immediately told me that this was a game-changer. The shaft’s stiff profile allowed me to generate more stability and control during my drives, resulting in a remarkable increase in accuracy.

The high-torque design of the CB 55 shaft also provided me with an excellent balance of flexibility and power, helping me achieve a satisfying distance without compromising control. Whether I needed to hit a gentle draw or a controlled fade, the Ping Alta CB 55 delivered, allowing me to shape my shots as required.

Consistency and Feel

One aspect of the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft that I appreciated immensely was its consistency. Shot after shot, it provided a predictable and reliable performance, allowing me to fine-tune my game and gain confidence in my swing. The feedback I received through the shaft was crucial in my ability to make adjustments and improve my ball striking.

The feel of the shaft during the swing was exceptional. It transmitted just the right amount of feedback to my hands, enabling me to sense the clubhead position throughout the swing. This improved my overall timing and rhythm, resulting in cleaner, more powerful strikes.

Fine-Tuning and Personalization

One of the unique advantages of the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is its versatility when it comes to fine-tuning and personalization. Over time, I found that I could make small adjustments to the shaft to match my evolving swing preferences. Whether it was adjusting the loft and lie angle or experimenting with different clubheads, the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft provided the flexibility I needed to tailor my driver to my game. This adaptability made it feel like a custom-fit solution, adding another layer of personalization to my golf experience.

Durability and Longevity

In my extensive use of the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft, I was pleasantly surprised by its durability. It withstood the rigors of countless rounds of golf and practice sessions without showing signs of wear and tear. This not only speaks to the quality of materials and construction but also makes it a cost-effective choice for golfers looking for a long-lasting investment in their equipment.

Peer Recognition and Recommendations

My positive experience with the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft wasn’t just limited to my own insights. When I shared my success story with fellow golfers at my club, many of them expressed their own satisfaction with the shaft. It was reassuring to see that others had also found this shaft to be a game-changer in their golf journey. The recommendations and shared experiences from peers further solidified my belief in its effectiveness.

Continuing the Journey

With the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft as a key component of my golf arsenal, my journey in this beautiful sport has taken on new dimensions. The increased consistency and precision it offers have allowed me to tackle challenging courses with greater confidence. I find myself excited to face tight fairways and navigate tricky hazards because I know I can rely on the performance of this shaft.

In the world of golf equipment, making an informed choice is paramount. To help you make the best decision for your game, let’s compare the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft with two other popular shafts: the Fujikura Pro 2.0 and the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue. Below, I’ve created a table outlining the key attributes of each shaft.

AttributePing Alta CB 55 ShaftFujikura Pro 2.0Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue
Shaft Flex OptionsRegular, Stiff, X-StiffRegular, Stiff, X-StiffRegular, Stiff, X-Stiff
Torque Rating3.4 degrees3.2 degrees3.1 degrees
Shaft Weight Range55 grams57-68 grams54-84 grams
Launch CharacteristicsMid to high launchMid to high launchMid to high launch
Spin CharacteristicsLow to mid spinLow to mid spinLow to mid spin
Price Range (Approximate)$$ (Moderate)$$$ (Premium)$$$ (Premium)
Notable Technologies/FeaturesHigh-torque design,Maximum Carbon FiberMulti-material construction,
3D motion analysis,Content (MCFC)Carbon Fiber/DuPont Kevlar
Vibration-dampeningInfused into the butt section
technologyfor stability and control

Personal Insights:

  1. Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft: The Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is an excellent all-around performer with a mid-launch and low-to-mid spin profile. It offers a good balance of weight options, making it accessible to a wide range of golfers. Its price point is moderate, providing excellent value for the performance it delivers.
  2. Fujikura Pro 2.0: The Fujikura Pro 2.0 shaft is known for its premium quality and feel. It offers a slightly lower torque rating than the Ping Alta CB 55, which can contribute to enhanced control. Golfers looking for a premium shaft with a mid-launch and low-to-mid spin will find this to be a compelling option, albeit at a higher price point.
  3. Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue: The Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue is another premium offering, known for its multi-material construction with DuPont Kevlar. This shaft provides golfers with a wide range of weight options, making it suitable for a variety of swing styles. It boasts a low-to-mid spin profile, which can be advantageous for those seeking distance and control, but it comes at a premium price.

Scoring Breakthroughs

As I continued to use the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft, I noticed another significant improvement in my game: my scoring. The increased accuracy off the tee meant more fairways hit, setting up easier approach shots. This, in turn, led to more opportunities for birdies and pars. It was not uncommon for me to find myself breaking through to new scoring milestones, and the sense of accomplishment that came with it was truly gratifying.

Inspiring Others

One of the most rewarding aspects of my golf journey with the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft has been the ability to inspire and help others in their golf pursuits. Friends and fellow golfers at my club often approach me for advice, seeking insights into the equipment that has helped me improve. Recommending the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft to them has been a source of pride, knowing that I can contribute positively to their game.

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Specifications

ModelFlexWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)Kick PointShaft Material
Ping Alta CB 55 R-FlexRegular575.0MidGraphite
Ping Alta CB 55 S-FlexStiff594.5MidGraphite
Ping Alta CB 55 X-FlexX-Stiff624.0MidGraphite

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Performance Characteristics


Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Advantages

Counter-balancedHelps increase clubhead speed and provides more control
LightweightEasier to swing, suitable for a wide range of swing speeds
VersatilityAvailable in multiple flexes to suit various player needs
Smooth feelTransfers energy well and provides a smooth feel throughout the swing
AffordabilityReasonable price point compared to other premium shafts

Comparable Shaft Models

BrandModelFlex OptionsWeight Range (grams)Torque Range (degrees)Kick PointShaft Material
PingAlta Distanza Black 40Soft-Regular40-497.3-8.3LowGraphite
PingTFC 189Regular-Stiff52-624.0-5.0MidGraphite
FujikuraPro 63Regular-X-Stiff64-683.5-4.0MidGraphite
MitsubishiTensei AV BlueRegular-X-Stiff57-693.8-4.9MidGraphite

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Disadvantages

Limited optionsOnly available in Ping clubs
Not for high swing speedsMay not provide the desired stability for players with very high swing speeds

User Feedback on Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft

User ExperienceFeedback
DistanceMany users report increased distance with the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft
AccuracyUsers report improved accuracy and tighter dispersion
FeelPositive feedback on the smooth feel and energy transfer
Adjusting to the shaftSome users may need time to adjust to the counter-balanced design
SatisfactionGenerally, users are satisfied with the performance and value of the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Flex Options

FlexWeight (grams)TorqueLaunchSpin

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Specifications

FlexWeight (grams)Length (inches)Tip Diameter (inches)Butt Diameter (inches)

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Swing Speed Recommendations

FlexSwing Speed Range (mph)

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Reviews and Ratings

PublicationRating (out of 10)Review Quote
Golf Digest8.5“A solid performer that offers a good blend of distance, accuracy, and feel.”
Golfweek9.0“A great choice for golfers looking for a mid-launch, mid-spin shaft.”
MyGolfSpy8.8“Provides excellent consistency and stability throughout the swing.”
Golf.com8.7“A versatile shaft

Ping Alta Cb 55 Shaft


Conclusion: A Game-Changer

In my personal story of golfing with the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft, I’ve experienced a transformation in my performance, confidence, and enjoyment of the sport. This shaft has become more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a symbol of progress, dedication, and the endless pursuit of excellence in golf.

As I continue my golf journey, I’m grateful for the impact that the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft has had on my game. Its performance, adaptability, and durability have been instrumental in helping me reach new heights in my golfing endeavors. I encourage any golfer, from beginners to seasoned veterans, to consider the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft as a vital tool in their pursuit of better golf.

In the ever-evolving world of golf, finding equipment that can enhance your game is essential. The Ping Alta CB 55 shaft has proven to be a reliable companion on this journey, and I look forward to the countless rounds of golf and new challenges it will help me conquer in the future.


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