Ping AWT 2.0 Shaft Review

Golf enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to improve their game, and upgrading to the right shaft is one of the most effective methods. One such product that has gained attention in the golfing community is the Ping AWT (Ascending Weight Technology) 2.0 shaft. In this review, we will dive into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the AWT 2.0 shaft, helping you make an informed decision on whether this shaft upgrade is the right fit for your game.


  1. Ascending Weight Technology (AWT): The AWT 2.0 shafts are designed with a unique ascending weight pattern, where the weight of the shafts increases as you move from the long irons to the short irons. This design helps golfers achieve more control, accuracy, and distance with each swing.
  2. Material: The AWT 2.0 shafts are made from high-quality steel, which offers an excellent balance of strength, flexibility, and durability.
  3. Flex Options: The shafts are available in three different flex options – regular, stiff, and extra stiff. This enables golfers to choose the ideal flex based on their swing speed and style.
  4. Tip Diameter: The AWT 2.0 shafts have a constant 0.355″ taper tip diameter that offers a consistent feel and performance across the entire set of irons.


  1. Distance: The AWT 2.0 shafts are designed to optimize the launch angle and spin rate, which can result in increased distance. The ascending weight pattern helps golfers generate more clubhead speed with the long irons and achieve better control and accuracy with the short irons.
  2. Control: The ascending weight design provides improved control and shot-shaping capabilities. Golfers can expect more consistent ball flight and better accuracy with the AWT 2.0 shafts.
  3. Feel: Many users have reported a smooth and stable feel during the swing, thanks to the high-quality steel construction and constant taper tip diameter.


  1. Price: The AWT 2.0 shafts may be considered relatively expensive compared to some other shaft options. However, their performance and quality often justify the investment.
  2. Limited Compatibility: The AWT 2.0 shafts are primarily designed for Ping irons. Golfers using other brands may need to explore other options or consider club fitting to ensure compatibility.

Additional Features:

  1. Shaft Weight Range: The AWT 2.0 shafts have a weight range of approximately 98 grams (long irons) to 128 grams (short irons). The ascending weight pattern helps players achieve the desired trajectory and control with each club in the set.
  2. Step Pattern: The step pattern of the AWT 2.0 shafts has been engineered to optimize the energy transfer throughout the swing, providing enhanced feel and responsiveness.
  3. Spin Control: The AWT 2.0 shafts are designed to optimize the spin rate across the set of irons, helping golfers achieve better spin control for improved overall performance.

Additional Performance Factors:

  1. Trajectory: Many users have reported a mid to high trajectory with the AWT 2.0 shafts, which can be advantageous for players seeking more carry distance and a softer landing on the greens.
  2. Forgiveness: The AWT 2.0 shafts are designed to provide better energy transfer, which can help increase the forgiveness on off-center hits. This results in improved ball speed and distance even when contact is not perfect.
  3. Workability: The ascending weight pattern of the AWT 2.0 shafts, along with the optimized step pattern, allows golfers to work the ball with greater precision. Players can shape shots more effectively, adding versatility to their game.
  4. Swing Tempo: The AWT 2.0 shafts can help golfers with varying swing tempos. The ascending weight technology and flex options ensure a smooth transition from backswing to downswing, allowing players to find a comfortable rhythm with each club.

Additional Drawbacks:

  1. Not Ideal for Beginners: Due to their performance-oriented design and price point, the AWT 2.0 shafts may not be the most suitable option for beginners or casual golfers. They are better suited for players with some experience who are looking to upgrade their equipment to achieve better performance.
  2. Limited Availability: The AWT 2.0 shafts may not be as widely available as some other shaft options. Golfers interested in purchasing these shafts might need to order them through select retailers or Ping authorized club fitters.

Comparison of AWT 2.0 Shafts

ModelWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)Flex OptionsTip Diameter (inches)
AWT 2.0982.3R, S, X0.355
AWT 2.0 Lite882.7R, S0.355
AWT 2.0 Wedge1111.8Wedge0.355
AWT 2.0 Iron1151.8S, X0.355
AWT 2.0 Hybrid882.4R, S0.370

Shaft Performance Characteristics

ModelLaunchSpinTrajectoryBall FlightFeel
AWT 2.0MidMid-LowMidStraightFirm
AWT 2.0 LiteMidMid-LowMidStraightSoft
AWT 2.0 WedgeLowHighLowControlledFirm
AWT 2.0 IronMidMid-LowMidStraightFirm
AWT 2.0 HybridMidMid-LowMidStraightSoft

Price Range

ModelPrice (USD)
AWT 2.040-50
AWT 2.0 Lite40-50
AWT 2.0 Wedge40-50
AWT 2.0 Iron40-50
AWT 2.0 Hybrid40-50

User Ratings

ModelFlexibilityAccuracyDistanceFeedbackOverall Rating
AWT 2.087877.5
AWT 2.0 Lite78787.5
AWT 2.0 Wedge99698.25
AWT 2.0 Iron88777.5

Comparison of AWT 2.0 Shafts and Competitors

ModelWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)Flex OptionsTip Diameter (inches)Competitor Shaft
AWT 2.0982.3R, S, X0.355True Temper Dynamic Gold
AWT 2.0 Lite882.7R, S0.355KBS Tour 90
AWT 2.0 Wedge1111.8Wedge0.355True Temper DG Spinner
AWT 2.0 Iron1151.8S, X0.355KBS Tour
AWT 2.0 Hybrid882.4R, S0.370Aldila NVS Hybrid

AWT 2.0 Shaft Lengths for Irons

Model1 iron (inches)2 iron (inches)3 iron (inches)4 iron (inches)5 iron (inches)
AWT 2.039.5039.0038.5038.0037.50
AWT 2.0 Lite39.5039.0038.5038.0037.50
AWT 2.0 Wedge35.25
AWT 2.0 Iron39.5039.0038.5038.0037.50
AWT 2.0 Hybrid39.0038.5038.0037.5037.00

AWT 2.0 Shaft Weight and Flex by Swing Speed

Swing Speed (mph)AWT 2.0 Shaft Weight (grams)AWT 2.0 Shaft Flex
Below 7085-95L

AWT 2.0 Shaft Kick Point by Iron

Model1 iron2 iron3 iron4 iron5 iron
AWT 2.0HighHighHighHighHigh
AWT 2.0 LiteMidMidMidMidMid
AWT 2.0 WedgeLow
AWT 2.0 IronHighHighHighHighHigh
AWT 2.0 HybridMidMidMidMidMid

AWT 2.0 Shaft Comparison Chart

ModelWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)Flex OptionsTip Diameter (inches)Kick PointPrice (USD)
AWT 2.0982.3R, S, X0.355High40-50
AWT 2.0 Lite882.7R, S0.355Mid40-50
AWT 2.0 Wedge1111.8Wedge0.355Low40-50
AWT 2.0 Iron1151.8S, X0.355High40-50
AWT 2.0 Hybrid882.4R, S0.370Mid40-50
AWT 2.0+1161.8S, X0.355High50-60
AWT 2.0 Tour1201.8S, X0.355High50-60
AWT 2.0 Taper TipS, X0.355High40-50
AWT 2.0 Muscle Back1201.8S, X0.355High50-60


The Ping AWT 2.0 shafts offer a significant performance upgrade for golfers looking to improve their game. The unique ascending weight technology, high-quality construction, and range of flex options make these shafts an excellent choice for both amateur and professional golfers. While the price may be a concern for some, the AWT 2.0 shafts deliver a level of performance that can justify the investment. If you are a Ping enthusiast or considering a shaft upgrade, the AWT 2.0 shafts are worth serious consideration.

Ping AWT 2.0 Shaft Review

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