Ping Copper Putter

Introduction to Ping Copper Putter

The Ping Copper Putter is a golf club designed for use on the green. It is part of the Ping Vault 2.0 series of putters , which are renowned for their precision, feel, and performance. The Ping Copper Putter stands out from other putters because of its copper construction, which offers a unique aesthetic and feel.

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Copper Construction

The Ping Copper Putter is made entirely of copper, which gives it a distinctive appearance and a soft feel. Copper is a relatively soft metal compared to steel, which is commonly used in golf club construction. The softness of copper provides a more responsive feel, allowing golfers to better sense the impact of the ball on the putter face. The copper construction also creates a pleasing sound on impact, which can help golfers to better judge the quality of their stroke.

Design Features

The Ping Copper Putter features a number of design elements that contribute to its performance on the green. These include:

  1. Precision milling: The putter face is milled to precise specifications, which helps to ensure a consistent roll and accurate aim.
  2. Groove pattern: The putter face features a groove pattern that helps to grip the ball at impact, reducing skidding and promoting a smoother roll.
  3. Alignment aids: The top of the putter features alignment aids that help golfers to position the clubhead accurately and consistently.
  4. Shaft and grip options: The Ping Copper Putter is available with a variety of shaft and grip options, allowing golfers to customize their club to their preferences.

Performance Benefits

The Ping Copper Putter offers a number of performance benefits that can help golfers to improve their putting. These include:

  1. Improved feel: The softness of the copper construction provides a more responsive feel, allowing golfers to better sense the impact of the ball on the putter face.
  2. Consistent roll: The precision milling and groove pattern help to promote a consistent roll, reducing skidding and improving accuracy.
  3. Enhanced aim: The alignment aids help golfers to position the clubhead accurately and consistently, improving aim and reducing errors.

Copper Finish and Durability

The Ping Copper Putter has a copper finish that gives it a distinct appearance. Over time, the copper finish will naturally patina and darken, which can further enhance the club’s look. While copper is not as durable as steel, the Ping Copper Putter is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. However, golfers should take care to protect the club from damage and moisture to ensure its longevity.

Ping Vault 2.0 Technology

The Ping Copper Putter is part of the Ping Vault 2.0 series, which incorporates advanced manufacturing techniques and design features. These putters are made using precision milling techniques that ensure consistent specifications and performance. The Vault 2.0 series also features a variety of head designs, shaft lengths, and grip options to suit different preferences and playing styles.

Custom Fitting Options

Like all Ping golf clubs, the Ping Copper Putter can be custom fit to suit your individual swing and stance. Ping offers a variety of fitting options, including adjustable shaft lengths, lie angles, and grip sizes. By getting custom fit for your putter, you can ensure that it fits your body and swing mechanics, which can help to improve your consistency and performance on the green.

Price and Availability

The Ping Copper Putter is a premium golf club, with a price point that reflects its quality and performance benefits. It is available through Ping authorized dealers and retailers, as well as through online golf equipment retailers. While it may not be the most affordable putter on the market, the Ping Copper Putter is a worthwhile investment for serious golfers who are looking to improve their putting game.


Ping Copper Putter Models and Features

ModelLength (in)Loft (deg)Lie (deg)Head Weight (g)
Scottsdale TR Piper C33, 34, 35370350
Vault 2.0 Ketsch34, 35370350
Sigma G Kinloch CB35370345
Sigma 2 Valor 40035270365
Cadence TR Ketsch33, 34, 35168, 69375

Ping Copper Putter Grips

Scottsdale TR Piper CPP60 Pistol
Vault 2.0 KetschPP60 Pistol
Sigma G Kinloch CBPP60 Round
Sigma 2 Valor 400PP60 Pistol
Cadence TR KetschPP58

Ping Copper Putter Face Technology

ModelFace Technology
Scottsdale TR Piper CTrue Roll
Vault 2.0 KetschTrue Roll
Sigma G Kinloch CBDual-Durometer
Sigma 2 Valor 400TR Face
Cadence TR KetschTrue Roll

Ping Copper Putter Head Shape

ModelHead Shape
Scottsdale TR Piper CMallet
Vault 2.0 KetschMallet
Sigma G Kinloch CBCavity Back
Sigma 2 Valor 400Blade
Cadence TR KetschMallet


Overall, the Ping Copper Putter is a high-quality golf club that offers a unique aesthetic and performance benefits. Its copper construction provides a soft feel and pleasing sound, while its precision milling, groove pattern, and alignment aids contribute to a more consistent roll and improved accuracy. If you’re looking for a putter that can help you take your putting game to the next level, the Ping Copper Putter is definitely worth considering.


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