Ping Driver G400 Review

The Ping Driver G400 is a high-performance golf club designed for golfers seeking maximum distance and forgiveness off the tee. It is part of Ping’s G400 series, known for its advanced technology and innovative design. In this review, we will delve into the key features, performance, and overall impression of the Ping Driver G400.

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Key Features of Ping Driver G400

  1. Dragonfly Technology: The G400 driver incorporates Dragonfly Technology, which involves strategically placed ultra-thin crown sections and internal ribbing. This design helps to optimize weight distribution, increase forgiveness, and improve overall clubhead stability.
  2. Vortec Technology: The Vortec Technology on the G400 driver enables improved aerodynamics by reducing drag during the downswing. This feature contributes to faster clubhead speeds and increased distance.
  3. Tungsten Weighting: The G400 driver features a high-density tungsten weight at the rear of the clubhead. This weight helps to position the center of gravity (CG) deeper and lower, resulting in higher launch angles and improved forgiveness on off-center hits.
  4. Forged Face: The G400 driver utilizes a forged face made of Ti 8-1-1 titanium alloy. This material allows for a thinner, more flexible face, which enhances ball speed and distance across a larger area of the clubface.
  5. Streamlined Shape: The Ping Driver G400 features a streamlined, aerodynamic shape that reduces drag during the swing. This design promotes faster clubhead speeds and improved energy transfer, resulting in increased distance and longer drives.
  6. Trajectory Tuning Technology: The G400 driver incorporates Ping’s Trajectory Tuning Technology, which allows golfers to fine-tune their trajectory and shot shape. The adjustable hosel offers loft adjustments of up to 1 degree in either direction, enabling players to optimize their launch conditions for maximum distance and accuracy.
  7. Optimal CG Placement: The placement of the center of gravity (CG) in the G400 driver is carefully optimized to enhance performance. The deeper and lower CG position helps to launch the ball higher with lower spin, reducing the likelihood of hooks or slices and promoting a more penetrating ball flight.
  8. Alta CB Shaft: The standard shaft option for the G400 driver is the Ping Alta CB, which is designed to deliver a mid-high launch with low spin. This shaft combines a lightweight construction with a stable feel, offering a balance of distance and control for a wide range of players.
  9. SFT (Straight Flight) Option: In addition to the standard G400 driver, Ping also offers an SFT (Straight Flight) version. The G400 SFT driver features additional heel-side weighting, promoting a right-to-left shot shape for golfers who struggle with a slice. This model is designed to provide maximum correction and help players achieve straighter drives.
  10. Overall Forgiveness: The G400 driver excels in forgiveness, particularly on off-center hits. The combination of the Dragonfly Technology, tungsten weighting, and forged face contributes to a larger sweet spot and improved stability, minimizing the distance loss and dispersion that often occur with mis-hits.
  11. Shaft Options: Apart from the standard Alta CB shaft, Ping offers a wide range of aftermarket shaft options for the G400 driver. These options allow golfers to customize their club to match their swing characteristics, preferences, and desired ball flight.
  12. Visual Appeal: The G400 driver features a visually appealing design with a matte black crown and contrasting alignment aids. The clean and modern aesthetics inspire confidence at address and help golfers align the clubhead accurately for more consistent strikes.

Performance of Ping Driver G400

  1. Distance and Forgiveness: The Ping Driver G400 excels in delivering exceptional distance and forgiveness. The combination of the advanced technologies mentioned above results in higher ball speeds and improved launch conditions. Even on off-center hits, the G400 driver provides good forgiveness and helps reduce the loss of distance.
  2. Adjustability: The G400 driver offers several customization options to optimize performance for individual players. It features a lightweight, adjustable hosel that allows golfers to fine-tune loft and lie angles to suit their swing characteristics and desired ball flight.
  3. Sound and Feel: The G400 driver provides a solid and satisfying feel at impact. The forged face contributes to a lively and responsive sensation, while the internal ribbing helps dampen vibrations, resulting in a pleasant sound and minimal feedback on mis-hits.

Overall Impression of Ping Driver G400

The Ping Driver G400 is a standout performer in terms of distance, forgiveness, and customization options. It combines innovative technologies, such as Dragonfly and Vortec, to enhance clubhead stability, aerodynamics, and overall performance. The tungsten weighting and forged face further contribute to improved launch conditions and distance. Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from the G400 driver’s forgiving nature, while its adjustability allows for fine-tuning to match individual swing preferences. The solid feel and satisfying sound make it an enjoyable club to use on the course.


Review Metrics by Gender

GenderAverage Overall RatingAverage Distance RatingAverage Forgiveness RatingAverage Feel RatingAverage Value Rating

Comparison of Ping G400 Models

ModelAverage DistanceAverage Swing SpeedAverage Ball SpeedAverage Launch AngleAverage Spin Rate
G400240 yards90 mph130 mph13 degrees2500 rpm
G400 Max245 yards91 mph132 mph14 degrees2450 rpm

Specifications of Ping G400

SpecificationStandard ModelSFT ModelLST ModelMax Model
Loft9, 10.5, 1210, 128.5, 109, 10.5
Lie Angle58-60°58-60°58-60°58-60°

Player Proficiency and G400 Performance

Player HandicapAverage Distance GainedAverage Swing Speed IncreaseAverage Ball Speed IncreaseAverage Spin ReductionImproved Accuracy (%)
0-55 yards2 mph3 mph200 rpm70%
6-107 yards3 mph4 mph220 rpm65%



The Ping Driver G400 is a highly regarded golf club that delivers impressive distance, forgiveness, and customization options. With its advanced technologies and thoughtful design, it provides golfers with the tools to maximize their performance off the tee. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the G400 driver is worth considering if you are looking for a driver that combines power, forgiveness, and playability.

Ping Driver G400 Review


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