Ping G LS Tec Review

The Ping G LS Tec driver is a popular golf club known for its low-spin design and exceptional performance. In this review, we will delve into the features, technology, and overall performance of the Ping G LS Tec driver.

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Key Features:

The Ping G LS Tec driver boasts several key features that contribute to its popularity among golfers:

  1. Low-Spin Design: The LS Tec stands for “Low Spin Technology,” which means this driver is specifically engineered to reduce spin and promote a penetrating ball flight. This design feature is particularly beneficial for golfers who struggle with excessive spin, as it can help increase distance and accuracy off the tee.
  2. Forged Face: The driver features a precision-machined forged face that helps enhance ball speed and forgiveness. The forged face technology provides a larger, more flexible area for increased ball speed, even on off-center hits.
  3. Turbulator Technology: The crown of the driver is equipped with turbulators, which are ridges strategically placed to improve aerodynamics. These turbulators reduce drag and increase clubhead speed, resulting in longer drives.


The Ping G LS Tec driver delivers impressive performance on the golf course, especially for golfers seeking a lower-spinning driver. Here are some aspects of its performance worth highlighting:

  1. Distance: The low-spin design of the G LS Tec driver contributes to excellent distance potential. With reduced spin, golfers can experience increased roll and carry distance off the tee. Combined with the high ball speed generated by the forged face, this driver is capable of producing long and powerful drives.
  2. Accuracy: The forgiveness provided by the forged face and the strategically positioned center of gravity (CG) contribute to enhanced accuracy. The driver’s design helps reduce the effects of off-center hits, allowing for a more consistent and straighter ball flight.
  3. Adjustability: The G LS Tec driver offers adjustability features that allow golfers to fine-tune their launch conditions. It features a lightweight, adjustable hosel that enables loft adjustments to customize the trajectory and optimize ball flight.

Overall Design and Feel:

Ping is known for its attention to detail in design and quality, and the G LS Tec driver is no exception. Here are some factors that contribute to its overall design and feel:

  1. Sleek Aesthetics: The driver has a sleek and modern look, featuring a matte finish and clean lines. The crown turbulators not only improve performance but also add to the visual appeal of the club.
  2. Comfortable Grip: The driver comes with a high-quality grip that offers a secure and comfortable feel. The grip provides excellent feedback during the swing, contributing to a confident and controlled swing.
  3. Balanced Weight Distribution: The weight distribution in the G LS Tec driver is well-balanced, promoting stability and control. The optimized CG placement ensures a consistent and solid feel at impact, giving golfers confidence in their shots.

Custom Fitting Options:

Ping offers a wide range of custom fitting options for the G LS Tec driver, allowing golfers to optimize the club’s performance to suit their individual swing characteristics. Some of the customization options include:

  1. Shaft Options: The G LS Tec driver is available with a variety of shaft options to cater to different swing speeds, launch angles, and preferences. Golfers can choose from various flexes, weights, and profiles to find the ideal shaft that maximizes their distance and control off the tee.
  2. Loft Adjustability: The driver features an adjustable hosel that allows golfers to fine-tune the loft to match their desired launch conditions. This adjustability helps golfers optimize their trajectory and achieve the ideal balance of carry and roll for their specific swing.
  3. Grip Selection: Ping offers a range of grip options to ensure golfers have a comfortable and secure hold on the club. Golfers can choose from different grip sizes and textures to find the grip that feels the best in their hands, providing confidence and control throughout the swing.

Feedback from Golfers:

The Ping G LS Tec driver has received positive feedback from golfers of various skill levels. Here are some common observations:

  1. Increased Distance: Many golfers have reported significant distance gains with the G LS Tec driver. The combination of low spin, forged face technology, and optimized launch conditions has allowed golfers to hit longer and more powerful drives compared to their previous drivers.
  2. Consistency: The forgiveness and stability provided by the driver have helped golfers achieve more consistent results off the tee. Even on mishits, the G LS Tec driver has shown the ability to maintain ball speed and keep the ball on a more desirable trajectory, reducing the dispersion of shots.
  3. Feel and Sound: Golfers have praised the solid and satisfying feel of the G LS Tec driver at impact. The feedback provided by the club gives golfers a sense of control and allows them to gauge the quality of their strikes. The driver also produces a pleasing sound, combining a crisp impact noise with a muted, powerful resonance.

Driver Specifications

Driver ModelLoftLie AngleHead SizeShaft Flex
Ping G LS Tec 9°57°460ccStiff
Ping G LS Tec 10.5°10.5°57°460ccRegular
Ping G LS Tec 12°12°57°460ccStiff
Ping G LS Tec 9° (Left Hand)57°460ccStiff
Ping G LS Tec 10.5° (Left Hand)10.5°57°460ccRegular
Ping G LS Tec 12° (Left Hand)12°57°460ccStiff
Ping G LS Tec 8.5°8.5°57°460ccExtra Stiff
Ping G LS Tec 9.5°9.5°57°460ccExtra Stiff
Ping G LS Tec 10.5° (Tour 65)10.5°57°460ccExtra Stiff
Ping G LS Tec 12° (Tour 65)12°57°460ccExtra Stiff

Iron Specifications

Iron ModelLoftLie AngleShaft LengthShaft Material
Ping G LS Tec 421.5°60.5°StandardSteel
Ping G LS Tec 524.5°61°StandardSteel
Ping G LS Tec 627.5°61.5°StandardSteel
Ping G LS Tec 731°62°StandardSteel
Ping G LS Tec 835.5°62.5°StandardSteel
Ping G LS Tec 940°63°StandardSteel
Ping G LS Tec PW45°63.5°StandardSteel
Ping G LS Tec UW50°64°StandardSteel
Ping G LS Tec SW54°64°StandardSteel
Ping G LS Tec LW58°64°StandardSteel

Wood Specifications

Fairway Wood ModelLoftLie AngleShaft FlexHead Size
Ping G LS Tec 3 Wood14.5°56.5°Stiff173cc
Ping G LS Tec 3 Wood (Left Hand)14.5°56.5°Stiff173cc
Ping G LS Tec 5 Wood17.5°57°Regular155cc
Ping G LS Tec 5 Wood (Left Hand)17.5°57°Regular155cc
Ping G LS Tec 7 Wood20.5°57.5°Stiff147cc
Ping G LS Tec 7 Wood (Left Hand)20.5°57.5°Stiff147cc
Ping G LS Tec 9 Wood23.5°58°Regular141cc
Ping G LS Tec 9 Wood (Left Hand)23.5°58°Regular141cc
Ping G LS Tec 11 Wood26.5°58.5°Stiff135cc
Ping G LS Tec 11 Wood (Left Hand)26.5°58.5°Stiff135cc

Hybrid Specifications

Hybrid ModelLoftLie AngleShaft FlexHead Size
Ping G LS Tec 2 Hybrid17°57°Stiff112cc
Ping G LS Tec 3 Hybrid19°57.5°Regular107cc
Ping G LS Tec 4 Hybrid22°58°Stiff102cc
Ping G LS Tec 5 Hybrid26°58.5°Regular97cc
Ping G LS Tec 6 Hybrid30°59°Stiff92cc
Ping G LS Tec 2 Hybrid (Left Hand)17°57°Stiff112cc
Ping G LS Tec 3 Hybrid (Left Hand)19°57.5°Regular107cc
Ping G LS Tec 4 Hybrid (Left Hand)22°58°Stiff102cc
Ping G LS Tec 5 Hybrid (Left Hand)26°58.5°Regular97cc
Ping G LS Tec 6 Hybrid (Left Hand)30°59°Stiff92cc

Putter Specifications

Putter ModelLoftLie AngleShaft LengthHead Material
Ping G LS Tec B6070°35″Stainless Steel
Ping G LS Tec B6170°35″Stainless Steel
Ping G LS Tec B6270°35″Stainless Steel
Ping G LS Tec B6570°35″Stainless Steel
Ping G LS Tec B6670°35″Stainless Steel
Ping G LS Tec Craz-E70°35″Stainless Steel
Ping G LS Tec Fetch70°35″Stainless Steel
Ping G LS Tec Heppler Anser 270°35″Stainless Steel
Ping G LS Tec Heppler Piper Armlock70°35″Stainless Steel
Ping G LS Tec Heppler Tomcat 1470°35″Stainless Steel


The Ping G LS Tec driver is a highly regarded club among golfers seeking low spin and exceptional performance off the tee. Its low-spin design, forged face technology, and adjustability features make it a versatile and powerful driver. With its impressive distance potential, accuracy, and sleek design, the Ping G LS Tec driver is definitely worth considering for golfers looking to improve their game.

Ping G LS Tec Review


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