Ping G15 Draw Driver Review

The Ping G15 Draw Driver is a renowned golf club known for its ability to help golfers hit consistent, controlled draw shots. Developed by Ping, a leading manufacturer of high-quality golf equipment, the G15 Draw Driver is designed to correct the common issue of slicing and promote a more desirable ball flight. In this review, we will explore the key features, benefits, and performance of the Ping G15 Draw Driver, highlighting why it has become a popular choice among golfers seeking to improve their game.

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I. Key Features:

The Ping G15 Draw Driver incorporates several key features that contribute to its exceptional performance and ability to produce controlled draw shots:

  1. Draw Bias Technology: The G15 Draw Driver incorporates a slight offset design and a strategically placed tungsten weight in the heel area. This combination helps square the clubface at impact, reducing the tendency to slice and promoting a draw bias. The result is straighter, more controlled shots.
  2. Large, Forgiving Head: The G15 Draw Driver features a 460cc titanium head with an elongated face design. This larger head size increases the club’s forgiveness on off-center hits, ensuring more consistent ball speeds and minimizing distance loss on mishits.
  3. High MOI (Moment of Inertia): The driver’s weight distribution and design maximize the MOI, which provides increased stability and resistance to twisting on off-center hits. This feature contributes to the driver’s forgiveness and helps golfers maintain distance and accuracy even on less-than-perfect shots.


The Ping G15 Draw Driver offers several benefits that make it a popular choice among golfers of all skill levels:

  1. Promotes a Controlled Draw Shot: With its draw bias technology and offset design, the G15 Draw Driver helps golfers combat the common slice. The club’s engineering encourages a slight right-to-left ball flight for right-handed players, providing greater control and accuracy on tee shots.
  2. Forgiveness on Mishits: The large, forgiving head of the G15 Draw Driver ensures that even off-center strikes still generate acceptable distance and accuracy. Golfers can have confidence knowing that their mis-hits won’t result in significant loss of distance or wayward shots.
  3. Increased Distance and Ball Speed: The driver’s elongated face and optimized weight distribution contribute to higher ball speeds and increased distance. The G15 Draw Driver enables golfers to achieve impressive carry and roll, allowing them to reach longer distances off the tee.


ModelLoftLength (in)Head Weight (g)Flex
G15 Draw10.545.75203Regular
G15 Draw9.045.75203Stiff
G15 Draw12.045.75203Senior
G15 Draw10.545.75203Extra Stiff
G15 Draw10.545.75203Ladies


ModelHead MaterialShaft MaterialGrip MaterialFace Material
G15 DrawTitaniumGraphiteRubberTitanium

Technology Features

ModelDraw BiasTungsten Sole WeightingAerodynamic HoselInternal Weight PadTrajectory Tuning Technology
G15 DrawYesYesNoYesYes

Clubhead Characteristics

ModelClubhead Size (cc)Clubface Angle (deg)MOI (g·cm²)CG Location
G15 Draw460Square5350Slightly Heel

Availability and Pricing

ModelRelease YearAvailabilityPrice ($)Average Rating (out of 5)
G15 Draw2011Discontinued1794.5
G15 Draw2012Discontinued1694.3
G15 Draw2013Discontinued1494.2
G15 Draw2014Discontinued1294.1
G15 Draw2015Discontinued1094.0


The Ping G15 Draw Driver has gained a reputation for its outstanding performance on the golf course:

  1. Accuracy and Consistency: The draw bias technology and offset design significantly reduce the tendency to slice, resulting in straighter, more controlled shots. Golfers can expect consistent ball flight and improved accuracy, particularly on tee shots.
  2. Distance and Power: The G15 Draw Driver’s combination of high MOI, large head size, and optimized weight distribution allows for powerful drives. Golfers can experience increased ball speeds and distance, giving them an advantage off the tee.
  3. Playability: The G15 Draw Driver is suitable for golfers of all skill levels. It offers forgiveness and control, making it an excellent choice for beginners seeking to improve their accuracy and seasoned players looking to fine-tune their shot shape.

Design and Construction:

The Ping G15 Draw Driver’s design and construction contribute to its exceptional performance:

  1. Titanium Head: The driver features a 460cc titanium head, which provides strength, durability, and a lightweight design. This allows for better energy transfer to the ball, resulting in increased distance and power.
  2. Tungsten Heel Weight: The strategically positioned tungsten weight in the heel area helps square the clubface at impact, promoting a right-to-left ball flight for right-handed golfers. This correction minimizes slicing and encourages a controlled draw.
  3. Offset Design: The G15 Draw Driver incorporates a slight offset design, where the leading edge of the clubhead is positioned slightly behind the hosel. This design feature helps players square the clubface more easily at impact, reducing the chances of an open face and a slice.

Customization Options:

Ping offers various customization options to ensure that golfers can optimize the G15 Draw Driver to suit their individual preferences and playing style:

  1. Shaft Options: The G15 Draw Driver is available with a range of shaft options to accommodate different swing speeds and preferences. Golfers can choose from various flexes, weights, and materials to find the shaft that best suits their needs.
  2. Loft Adjustability: Some versions of the G15 Draw Driver may feature adjustable loft settings. This allows golfers to fine-tune their launch angle and trajectory for optimal performance on the course.

Player Feedback and Reviews:

Golfers who have used the Ping G15 Draw Driver have provided positive feedback and reviews, highlighting its effectiveness in correcting slices and improving shot consistency:

  1. Improved Shot Shape: Many golfers have reported a significant reduction in slicing tendencies and the ability to hit controlled draw shots with the G15 Draw Driver. This has resulted in improved accuracy and confidence off the tee.
  2. Forgiveness and Distance: Players appreciate the forgiveness offered by the G15 Draw Driver, as even off-center hits still generate respectable distance and accuracy. The driver’s ability to maintain ball speed on mishits contributes to greater overall distance off the tee.
  3. Consistency and Playability: Golfers of all skill levels have found the G15 Draw Driver to be consistent and easy to play with. Its forgiving nature and draw bias technology make it suitable for both beginners and experienced players looking to shape their shots.


The Ping G15 Draw Driver is a reliable and effective golf club for those seeking to correct a slice and achieve more controlled draw shots. With its draw bias technology, forgiving head design, and overall performance, the G15 Draw Driver offers golfers enhanced accuracy, distance, and playability. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the G15 Draw Driver can help improve your game and bring greater confidence

Ping G15 Draw Driver Review


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