Ping G30 Irons Review

The Ping G30 irons are a popular choice among golfers of all skill levels. Known for their forgiveness, distance, and overall performance, these irons have gained a strong reputation in the golfing community. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the Ping G30 irons, discussing their key features, performance on the course, and overall pros and cons.

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Key Features:

  1. Custom Tuning Port (CTP): The Ping G30 irons feature a CTP design that helps improve the feel and sound of the clubs while also optimizing the center of gravity. This promotes higher-launching shots and increased forgiveness.
  2. Progressive Lengths and Lofts: The G30 irons are designed with progressive lengths and lofts throughout the set. The longer irons have a slightly larger head size and stronger lofts, which provide more distance, while the shorter irons offer better control and precision.
  3. Perimeter Weighting: The perimeter weighting in the G30 irons helps to increase the moment of inertia (MOI), making the clubs more forgiving on off-center hits. This enhances overall accuracy and consistency.
  4. Thin Face Technology: The G30 irons utilize a thin face design that allows for faster ball speeds and greater distance. The increased face flexion at impact generates higher launch angles and a more powerful trajectory.

Performance on the Course:

The Ping G30 irons offer impressive performance on the golf course, particularly in terms of forgiveness and distance. The perimeter weighting and CTP contribute to a larger sweet spot, reducing the impact of mishits and providing greater consistency. Golfers will appreciate the forgiveness these irons offer, as they can still achieve decent results even on off-center strikes.

The G30 irons excel in distance as well. The thin face technology and progressive lengths and lofts ensure that golfers can generate ample power and achieve longer shots, particularly with the longer irons. This can be a significant advantage for players who prioritize distance without sacrificing control.

Furthermore, the G30 irons provide a satisfying feel and sound upon impact. The CTP design improves the overall sound, giving a solid, crisp feel that adds to the golfer’s confidence and enjoyment while playing.


  1. Forgiveness: The perimeter weighting and CTP design make the G30 irons forgiving, providing consistent results even on mishits.
  2. Distance: The thin face technology and progressive lengths and lofts enable golfers to achieve impressive distance, especially with the longer irons.
  3. Feel and Sound: The G30 irons offer a satisfying feel and sound at impact, contributing to an enjoyable playing experience.
  4. Customization Options: Ping provides various custom fitting options, allowing golfers to optimize the clubs according to their specific swing characteristics and preferences.


  1. Appearance: Some golfers may find the appearance of the G30 irons less appealing compared to other models on the market.
  2. Shot Shaping: While the G30 irons provide forgiveness, they may be less suited for golfers who prefer to work the ball and shape shots.

Additional Information:

  1. Custom Fitting Options: One of the key advantages of the Ping G30 irons is the availability of custom fitting options. Ping is known for its extensive fitting process, which allows golfers to optimize their clubs based on factors such as shaft flex, lie angle, grip size, and more. This customization ensures that golfers can fine-tune their clubs to suit their unique swing characteristics and preferences, maximizing their performance on the course.
  2. High-Flying Trajectory: The G30 irons are designed to produce a high-flying trajectory, which can be beneficial for golfers looking to hold greens and stop the ball quickly. The combination of the progressive lengths and lofts, along with the optimized center of gravity, helps generate the necessary launch angle and spin for the ball to land softly on the greens. This feature can be particularly advantageous for golfers playing on courses with challenging pin positions or fast greens.
  3. Wide Sole Design: The Ping G30 irons feature a wide sole design, which contributes to their forgiveness and helps golfers with a steeper angle of attack. The wider sole prevents the club from digging too deeply into the turf, reducing the chance of fat shots and providing more consistent contact. This feature can be beneficial for players who struggle with divot depth or tend to hit shots heavy.
  4. Durable Construction: Ping is known for its durable club construction, and the G30 irons are no exception. The irons are built to withstand the rigors of regular use and provide long-lasting performance. This durability ensures that golfers can rely on their clubs for years without worrying about excessive wear or performance degradation.
  5. Wide Player Appeal: The Ping G30 irons have a broad player appeal, suitable for a wide range of golfers. While they are forgiving and distance-oriented, they still offer enough control and playability for mid-to-low handicap players. The G30 irons strike a good balance between forgiveness and workability, making them versatile enough to accommodate different playing styles and skill levels.
  6. Price: It’s important to consider the price point when evaluating golf equipment. The Ping G30 irons were initially released in 2014, so their availability and pricing may vary. However, it’s worth noting that Ping is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality equipment, and while the G30 irons may not be the latest model, they still offer excellent performance and value for golfers looking for a reliable set of irons.

Overall Ratings

Iron ModelFeelForgivenessDistanceAccuracy
4 Iron4.
5 Iron4.
6 Iron4.
7 Iron4.
8 Iron4.
9 Iron4.

Feel and Control

Iron ModelClub Length (inches)Swing WeightMoment of InertiaClub Balance
4 Iron38.75D2HighSlightly Toe-Heavy
5 Iron38.25D2HighSlightly Toe-Heavy
6 Iron37.75D2HighSlightly Toe-Heavy
7 Iron37.25D2HighSlightly Toe-Heavy
8 Iron36.75D2HighSlightly Toe-Heavy
9 Iron36.25D2HighSlightly Toe-Heavy
PW36.00D2HighSlightly Toe-Heavy
GW35.75D2HighSlightly Toe-Heavy
SW35.50D2HighSlightly Toe-Heavy
LW35.25D2HighSlightly Toe-Heavy

Forgiveness and Playability

Iron ModelOffset (inches)Sole Width (mm)Bounce (degrees)Camber (degrees)
4 Iron0.2317.3210
5 Iron0.2217.8311
6 Iron0.2118.3412
7 Iron0.2018.8513
8 Iron0.1919.3614
9 Iron0.1819.8715

Distance and Accuracy

Iron ModelLoft (degrees)Lie Angle (degrees)Ball Speed (mph)Shot Dispersion (yards)
4 Iron216015020
5 Iron246114518
6 Iron2761.514017
7 Iron306213516
8 Iron3462.513015
9 Iron386312514


The Ping G30 irons are a solid choice for golfers seeking forgiveness, distance, and a satisfying feel on the course. With their CTP design, perimeter weighting, and thin face technology, these irons deliver consistent results and impressive distance. While they may not suit golfers looking for extensive shot shaping capabilities, the G30 irons offer a reliable and enjoyable experience for players of various skill levels.

Ping G 30 Irons Review


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