Ping i59 Irons Review

The Ping i59 irons have gained significant attention in the golfing community since their release. These irons are designed to offer a blend of classic looks and modern performance, catering to golfers who seek both forgiveness and precision. In this review, we will delve into the key features, performance, and overall impression of the Ping i59 irons.

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Key Features:

  1. Hollow Blade Design: The Ping i59 irons feature a hollow blade construction that enhances forgiveness and playability. This design redistributes weight to the perimeter of the clubhead, increasing stability and improving off-center hits.
  2. Forged Cavity Back: The i59 irons utilize a forged cavity back construction, combining the soft feel of a forged iron with the forgiveness of a cavity back design. This results in a pleasant impact feel while maintaining forgiveness on mishits.
  3. HydroPearl 2.0 Finish: The irons feature Ping’s HydroPearl 2.0 finish, which helps reduce friction with the turf and enhances shot consistency. The hydrophobic finish also repels moisture, providing better control in wet conditions.
  4. Muscle Stabilizing Bar: To enhance stability and control, Ping has incorporated a muscle stabilizing bar behind the face of each iron. This feature minimizes face flexion and helps produce a more consistent ball flight.


  1. Distance and Forgiveness: The Ping i59 irons excel in delivering both distance and forgiveness. The hollow blade construction allows for more flex at impact, resulting in increased ball speed and distance. The forgiveness offered by the cavity back design ensures consistent performance on off-center strikes.
  2. Precision and Control: The muscle stabilizing bar and balanced weight distribution of the i59 irons contribute to improved control and shot shaping. Golfers will appreciate the ability to work the ball with precision, while maintaining a consistent and penetrating ball flight.
  3. Feel and Feedback: The forged cavity back design of the i59 irons provides excellent feel and feedback. Golfers can enjoy the soft and responsive impact sensation, which enhances shot-making confidence. The irons offer a satisfying sound at impact, providing further feedback on the quality of each strike.

Overall Impression:

The Ping i59 irons successfully blend a classic aesthetic with modern performance features. Golfers seeking a balance between forgiveness and precision will find these irons appealing. The hollow blade construction, forged cavity back, and muscle stabilizing bar work together to deliver impressive distance, forgiveness, and control. The HydroPearl 2.0 finish adds functionality and durability to the irons, making them suitable for various course conditions. With their excellent feel and feedback, the Ping i59 irons cater to golfers who value both performance and aesthetics.

Additional Points

  1. Custom Fitting Options: Ping is renowned for its custom fitting options, and the i59 irons are no exception. Golfers can take advantage of Ping’s fitting process to ensure that the irons are optimized for their swing characteristics and preferences. Custom fitting allows for adjustments such as lie angle, shaft length, and grip size, enhancing the overall performance and comfort of the clubs.
  2. Player-Friendly Profile: The i59 irons feature a sleek and compact profile that appeals to better players who prefer a more traditional look at address. The reduced offset and thin topline contribute to a confidence-inspiring appearance, allowing golfers to align the club easily and execute precise shots.
  3. Versatile Sole Design: The sole design of the i59 irons offers versatility, enabling golfers to navigate a variety of lies and turf conditions. The sole has been engineered to provide just the right amount of bounce, allowing for consistent turf interaction and preventing excessive digging or bouncing off firm surfaces.
  4. Workability: The combination of the muscle stabilizing bar and balanced weighting in the i59 irons enables golfers to shape their shots with ease. Whether you’re looking to hit a controlled fade or draw, these irons respond well to shot-shaping techniques, giving players the confidence to tackle challenging course layouts.
  5. Durability: Ping is known for producing durable golf clubs, and the i59 irons live up to that reputation. The HydroPearl 2.0 finish not only enhances performance but also provides excellent resistance to wear and tear. This ensures that the irons maintain their visual appeal and functionality over extended periods of use.
  6. Target Audience: While the i59 irons are designed with low- to mid-handicap players in mind, their forgiveness and playability make them suitable for a wider range of golfers. High-handicap players who are looking to upgrade their irons and improve their game can benefit from the forgiveness and distance these clubs offer, while still enjoying the precision and control that advanced players seek.

General Specifications

ModelLoft (°)Lie (°)Offset (mm)Length (inches)

Ping i59 vs. Titleist T200 Irons

Ping i59HighModerateSoftModerate
Titleist T200ModerateHighSoftHigh

Ping i59 vs. Callaway Apex Pro Irons

Ping i59HighModerateSoftModerate
Callaway Apex ProModerateModerateSoftHigh

Ping i59 vs. TaylorMade P790 Irons

Ping i59HighModerateSoftModerate
TaylorMade P790ModerateHighSoftHigh

Ping i59 vs. Mizuno JPX 921 Forged Irons

Ping i59HighModerateSoftModerate
Mizuno JPX 921 ForgedModerateModerateSoftHigh

Ping i59 vs. Cobra King Forged CB Irons

Ping i59HighModerateSoftModerate
Cobra King Forged CBModerateModerateSoftHigh


The Ping i59 irons have garnered positive reviews for their impressive performance and attractive design. These irons provide golfers with a combination of forgiveness, distance, and control, making them suitable for players of varying skill levels. Whether you’re a mid-handicap golfer looking to improve your game or a low-handicap player seeking workability without sacrificing forgiveness, the Ping i59 irons are worth considering.

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