PRO V1 Tour Stamp

In this review, we will be discussing the Pro V1 Tour Stamp golf ball, a premium offering from Titleist that is designed to cater to the needs of professional and avid golfers. We will analyze its performance, durability, and overall value in order to help you make an informed decision on whether this golf ball is right for you.

Construction and Design:

The Pro V1 Tour Stamp golf ball features a three-piece construction with a cast urethane elastomer cover, which provides a soft feel and excellent durability. The unique Tour Stamp design adds an aesthetic touch while differentiating it from the standard Pro V1.


The Pro V1 Tour Stamp golf ball is designed for players who prioritize control and consistency. Key performance aspects include:

A. Distance: The Pro V1 Tour Stamp provides impressive distance off the tee while maintaining a low spin rate for better control and accuracy.

B. Spin: This golf ball offers optimal spin rates for shots around the green, allowing players to execute precise shots and maintain control in various situations.

C. Feel: The soft urethane cover provides a great feel, allowing for better touch and control on and around the greens.



The Pro V1 Tour Stamp golf ball boasts excellent durability, ensuring it retains its performance characteristics even after several rounds of play. The urethane cover resists scuffs and cuts, making it a long-lasting investment for serious golfers.

Price and Value:

The Pro V1 Tour Stamp golf ball is a premium offering and is priced accordingly. While it may be more expensive than some other golf balls on the market, its performance, feel, and durability make it a worthwhile investment for players seeking to improve their game.

Consistency and Stability:

The Pro V1 Tour Stamp golf ball is known for its consistent performance and stability throughout various playing conditions. The advanced aerodynamic design, coupled with the unique dimple pattern, ensures a stable and consistent ball flight, reducing the impact of wind on your shots.

Customization Options:

Another advantage of the Pro V1 Tour Stamp is the availability of customization options. You can personalize your golf balls with your initials, name, or logo, making them easily identifiable on the course. This can also make for a great gift option for fellow golf enthusiasts.

Comparisons with Competitors:

While the Pro V1 Tour Stamp is a standout golf ball, it is important to compare it with other options in the market:

A. Titleist Pro V1x: The Pro V1x is another popular offering from Titleist. It provides a slightly firmer feel and higher spin rates around the greens, making it ideal for players who prefer a more aggressive short game. However, the Pro V1 Tour Stamp offers a softer feel and better overall control.

B. Callaway Chrome Soft: The Callaway Chrome Soft is a competitor that also features a urethane cover for a soft feel and excellent control. While it is a high-quality golf ball, the Pro V1 Tour Stamp may offer better durability and consistency in performance.


Titleist has made efforts to minimize its environmental footprint by using recycled materials in the packaging of the Pro V1 Tour Stamp golf balls. Additionally, the company has implemented water and energy-saving measures in its production process, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Player Endorsements:

The Pro V1 Tour Stamp has been endorsed by numerous professional golfers who rely on its performance in high-stakes tournaments. These endorsements further solidify the golf ball’s reputation for excellence and reliability.

PRO V1 Tour Stamp Golf Ball Specifications

ParameterMaterialDiameter (in)Weight (g)Compression
Casing LayerIonomer1.72548.50Medium
CoverUrethane Elastomer1.68046.17Soft
Dimple PatternSpherically-TiledN/AN/AN/A
Aerodynamics388 DimplesN/AN/AN/A

Top 5 Golf Courses Recommended for PRO V1 Tour Stamp

RankGolf CourseLocationParLength (yards)
1Augusta NationalAugusta, Georgia, USA727475
2St. AndrewsFife, Scotland726721
3Pebble BeachPebble Beach, CA, USA726816
4Pine ValleyPine Valley, NJ, USA707025
5Royal County DownNewcastle, N. Ireland717186

Top 10 PGA Tour Players Using PRO V1 Tour Stamp

RankPlayer NameNationalityWorld RankMajor WinsFedEx Cup Points
1Rory McIlroyNIR242780
2Justin ThomasUSA412510
3Jon RahmESP512350
4Patrick CantlayUSA702180
5Xander SchauffeleUSA902060
6Collin MorikawaUSA1021990
7Bryson DeChambeauUSA1211870
8Tony FinauUSA1501760
9Hideki MatsuyamaJPN1611690
10Matthew FitzpatrickENG2001540

PRO V1 Tour Stamp Golf Ball Performance Metrics

AttributeDriver DistanceSpin Rate (RPM)Launch AngleCarry DistanceTotal Distance
Pitching Wedge130700028.0120130
Sand Wedge95900034.08595

PRO V1 Tour Stamp Pricing and Availability

StorePrice per DozenAvailabilityShipping OptionsEstimated Delivery Time
Official Titleist Store$54.99In StockStandard, Express3-5 Business Days
Amazon$52.99In StockPrime, Standard1-5 Business Days
Golf Galaxy$54.99In StockStandard, Express3-5 Business Days
PGA Tour Superstore$54.99In StockStandard, Express3-5 Business Days
Dick’s Sporting Goods$54.99In StockStandard, Express3-5 Business Days
Walmart$51.99In StockStandard, Express3-5 Business Days
Target$53.99In StockStandard, Express3-5 Business Days
GolfTown (Canada)CAD 74.99In StockStandard, Express3-5 Business Days
GolfBox (Australia)AUD 74.99In StockStandard, Express3-7 Business Days
Clubhouse Golf (UK)£44.99In StockStandard, Express2-5 Business Days

Final Verdict:

The Pro V1 Tour Stamp golf ball is a top-of-the-line option for golfers who demand the best in terms of performance, control, and durability. While the price may be a consideration for some, the benefits it offers to serious players are undeniable. If you are looking to elevate your game and want a golf ball that can help you achieve that, the Pro V1 Tour Stamp is definitely worth considering.


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