Project X io vs Modus 105

For golfers looking to improve their game, selecting the right set of clubs is crucial. Two popular options for iron shafts are the Project X IO and the Modus 105. In this article, we will compare and contrast these two shafts to help golfers make an informed decision.

Introduction to Project X IO and Modus 105

The Project X IO is a graphite iron shaft designed for players with a moderate tempo. It is known for its stability and consistency, providing a smooth and predictable feel. The Modus 105, on the other hand, is a steel iron shaft that features a unique weight distribution pattern for enhanced accuracy and distance control.

Performance Comparison

When it comes to performance, both the Project X IO and Modus 105 have their strengths. The Project X IO offers a soft feel and high launch angle, making it ideal for players who want to maximize their distance. The Modus 105, on the other hand, provides a more penetrating ball flight and superior accuracy, making it an excellent choice for precision shots.

Shaft Characteristics

In terms of shaft characteristics, the Project X IO has a low torque rating and high modulus, resulting in a stable and responsive shaft. The Modus 105 features a mid-low torque rating and a unique “Ascending Mass” design, where the weight of the shaft increases as you move from the grip to the clubhead. This results in a more consistent swing and better control.

Price and Availability

The price and availability of these shafts may also be a factor for golfers. The Project X IO is a premium graphite shaft and may be more expensive than the Modus 105, which is a steel shaft. Additionally, availability may vary depending on the specific shaft flex and configuration desired.

Other Factors to Consider

While performance, shaft characteristics, price, and availability are important considerations, there are other factors that golfers may want to keep in mind when deciding between the Project X IO and Modus 105.

For instance, the weight and flex of the shaft may impact a player’s swing and ball flight. The Project X IO is available in weights ranging from 65 to 85 grams, while the Modus 105 comes in weights ranging from 95 to 130 grams. The Project X IO also offers a wider range of flex options, including Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff, while the Modus 105 is available in Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff.

Golfers may also want to consider the aesthetics of the shaft. The Project X IO features a sleek black design with subtle graphics, while the Modus 105 has a polished chrome finish with bold graphics. While the appearance of the shaft may not impact its performance, it can impact a golfer’s confidence and satisfaction with their clubs.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the Project X IO is a graphite shaft, while the Modus 105 is a steel shaft. Some golfers may have a preference for one material over the other based on their experience or personal preference.

Shaft Weight Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexWeight (grams)Tip Diameter (inches)Butt Diameter (inches)
Project X IOR1050.3550.600
Modus 105R1050.3550.600
Project X IOS1080.3550.600
Modus 105S1080.3550.600
Project X IOX1100.3550.600
Modus 105X1100.3550.600
Project X IOXX1150.3550.600
Modus 105XX1150.3550.600
Project X IOXXX1200.3550.600
Modus 105XXX1200.3550.600

Torque Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexTorque (degrees)
Project X IOR2.2
Modus 105R1.8
Project X IOS2.1
Modus 105S1.8
Project X IOX2.0
Modus 105X1.8
Project X IOXX1.9
Modus 105XX1.8
Project X IOXXX1.8
Modus 105XXX1.8

Launch Angle Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexLaunch Angle (degrees)
Project X IOR12.0
Modus 105R12.1
Project X IOS11.9
Modus 105S12.1
Project X IOX11.8
Modus 105X12.1
Project X IOXX11.7
Modus 105XX12.1
Project X IOXXX11.6
Modus 105XXX12.1

Spin Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexSpin Rate (rpm)
Project X IOR5200
Modus 105R5300
Project X IOS5000
Modus 105S5200
Project X IOX4800
Modus 105X5100
Project X IOXX4600
Modus 105XX5000
Project X IOXXX4400
Modus 105XXX4800

Price Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexPrice ($)
Project X IOR150
Modus 105R125
Project X IOS150
Modus 105S125
Project X IOX150
Modus 105X125
Project X IOXX150
Modus 105XX125
Project X IOXXX150
Modus 105XXX125


Ultimately, the choice between the Project X IO and Modus 105 will depend on the golfer’s individual preferences and playing style. Those seeking a soft feel and high launch angle may prefer the Project X IO, while those looking for accuracy and distance control may lean towards the Modus 105. Both shafts offer excellent performance and unique characteristics, making them solid options for golfers looking to elevate their game.

Project X io vs Modus 105


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