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Golf bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of golfers and their equipment. One essential feature of many golf bags is the putter well, which is a designated area of the bag where the putter can be stored separately from the other clubs. In this article, we will discuss the importance of a putter well in a golf bag and how it can benefit a golfer’s game.

What is a Putter Well?

A putter well is a designated area in a golf bag that is specifically designed to hold a putter. Typically, it is a vertical pocket that extends the length of the bag, making it easier for the golfer to access the putter without having to dig through the other clubs. Putter wells can be found in various locations on a golf bag, such as on the side, front, or back.

Benefits of a Putter Well

  1. Protection: A putter well can help protect the putter from damage caused by other clubs in the bag. With the putter stored separately, it is less likely to get scratched or dinged up, preserving its condition for longer.
  2. Accessibility: When the putter is stored in a separate well, it is much easier to access. Rather than having to rummage through the bag to find the putter, the golfer can simply reach for it in the putter well, making the process more efficient and streamlined.
  3. Organization: A putter well can help with overall organization of the golf bag. By having a designated spot for the putter, it becomes easier to keep the bag organized and to know exactly where each club is located.
  4. Convenience: A putter well can also be convenient for golfers who prefer to walk the course. With the putter easily accessible in the well, the golfer can quickly grab it and head to the green without having to waste time searching for the club.

Different Types of Putter Wells

There are several different types of putter wells available in golf bags. Here are a few examples:

  1. Full-length putter wells: These are the most common type of putter well and are found in many stand and cart bags. They are typically located on the side of the bag and extend the length of the bag, providing ample space for the putter.
  2. Integrated putter wells: Some bags feature an integrated putter well, which is essentially a slot or pocket located on the outside of the bag. These wells can be useful for golfers who want to keep their putter separate from the other clubs but don’t want to sacrifice interior space.
  3. Dual putter wells: For golfers who carry multiple putters or want to share a bag with a partner, dual putter wells can be a good option. These wells are designed to hold two putters and are often located on the back of the bag.
  4. Improved Balance: A putter well can help to distribute the weight of the bag evenly. When the putter is stored in a separate well, it can help to balance the weight of the bag and prevent it from tilting to one side.
  5. Reduced Club Clutter: Without a putter well, the putter can get tangled up with the other clubs in the bag, leading to a disorganized mess. With a designated spot for the putter, it is less likely to get caught up in the other clubs and cause clutter.
  6. Time Savings: Having quick access to the putter in a putter well can save time on the course. This can be particularly important during a round when a golfer needs to make quick adjustments to their game.
  7. Increased Confidence: Knowing that the putter is easily accessible and well-protected in a separate well can give a golfer added confidence on the course. This can translate into improved performance and a better overall experience.

Different Putter Well Materials

Putter wells can be made from a variety of materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few examples:

  1. Fabric: Many golf bags feature putter wells made from fabric or nylon. These materials are lightweight and flexible, making them a good option for golfers who prefer to walk the course. However, they may not provide as much protection as other materials.
  2. Rubber: Some putter wells are made from rubber, which provides added grip and protection for the putter. Rubber putter wells can be a good choice for golfers who want to ensure their putter is well-protected while in the bag.
  3. Hard Plastic: A few high-end golf bags feature putter wells made from hard plastic. These wells offer maximum protection for the putter and are often found in bags designed for travel or storage.

Putter Well Golf Bags with Stand

BrandModelNumber of DividersWeightPrice
TitleistPlayers 4 StaDry54.3 lbs$259.99
Sun Mountain4.5 LS 14-Way144.5 lbs$229.99
PingHoofer 14145.5 lbs$259.99
CallawayHyperlite Zero43 lbs$229.99
TaylorMadeFlexTech144.3 lbs$219.99
MizunoBR-D4C144.8 lbs$229.99
CobraUltralight Stand Bag54.5 lbs$189.99
ClevelandStand Bag145.5 lbs$229.99
WilsonStaff Pro 954.4 lbs$219.99
OgioConvoy SE145.3 lbs$239.99

Putter Well Golf Bags with Cart

BrandModelNumber of DividersWeightPrice
CallawayOrg 14 Cart Bag145.6 lbs$239.99
Sun MountainC-130 Cart Bag146.3 lbs$259.99
TitleistHybrid 14145.8 lbs$259.99
TaylorMadeDeluxe Cart Bag145.5 lbs$229.99
PingPioneer Cart Bag157 lbs$239.99
MizunoBR-D3146.2 lbs$199.99
WilsonCart Plus145.8 lbs$229.99
CobraKing Cart Bag146 lbs$249.99
OgioConvoy SE Cart Bag145.8 lbs$239.99
Bag BoyChiller Cart Bag156.4 lbs$199.99

Putter Well Golf Bags for Women

BrandModelNumber of DividersWeightPrice
Sun MountainDiva Cart Bag155.5 lbs$219.99
TaylorMadeKalea Cart Bag145.3 lbs$199.99
TitleistLadies Cart Bag145.8 lbs$259.99
CallawaySolaire Cart Bag144.8 lbs$199.99
CobraF-Max SuperLite Cart Bag144.8 lbs$199.99
PingMoonlite22.5 lbs$129.99
WilsonProfile SGI Women’s Cart Bag145.8 lbs$149.99
DatrekGo Lite Hybrid Stand Bag144.5 lbs$149.99
MizunoElite Cart Bag145.2 lbs$229.99


A putter well is an essential feature for many golfers, providing protection, accessibility, organization, and convenience on the course. Whether you prefer a full-length, integrated, or dual putter well, choosing a bag with this feature can make a big difference in your game.


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