Are PXG Clubs Good For High Handicappers

Golf equipment plays a crucial role in a golfer’s performance, especially for high handicappers who are still working on improving their skills. PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) is a well-known brand in the golf industry, renowned for its premium clubs and innovative technology. In this article, we’ll explore whether PXG clubs are a good choice for high handicappers.

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Understanding High Handicappers

Before delving into whether PXG clubs are suitable for high handicappers, it’s essential to understand what a high handicapper is. In golf, a handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer’s ability. A high handicapper typically has a handicap of 18 or above, indicating they may struggle with consistency and accuracy in their shots.

PXG Clubs Overview

PXG is famous for its commitment to innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology in their club designs. They are known for producing high-quality clubs with premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship. However, PXG clubs are often associated with a hefty price tag, making them a significant investment for any golfer.

Are PXG Clubs Suitable for High Handicappers?

Pros of PXG Clubs for High Handicappers

  1. Forgiveness: PXG clubs are designed to be forgiving, which can benefit high handicappers. Forgiveness means that even on off-center hits, the clubs can help maintain distance and accuracy. This feature can be particularly helpful for golfers struggling with consistency.
  2. Custom Fitting: PXG offers extensive custom fitting options, allowing high handicappers to get clubs tailored to their specific swing characteristics and needs. Custom fitting can make a significant difference in a golfer’s performance, especially for those who are still developing their swing.
  3. Innovative Technology: PXG incorporates advanced technology into their club designs, such as the use of tungsten weighting for better launch and stability. These innovations can aid high handicappers in improving their game by providing extra assistance where needed.

Cons of PXG Clubs for High Handicappers

  1. Cost: One of the primary drawbacks of PXG clubs is their high price point. High handicappers who are not fully committed to golf or those on a tight budget may find PXG clubs to be too expensive.
  2. Steep Learning Curve: While PXG clubs offer forgiveness and technology, some high handicappers may find that these features can be overwhelming. It might take time to adjust to the feel and performance of PXG clubs.
  3. Alternative Options: There are other golf club brands that offer similar levels of forgiveness and performance at a more affordable price. High handicappers should explore a range of options before making a decision.

How to Choose PXG Clubs for High Handicappers

Now that we’ve discussed the suitability of PXG clubs for high handicappers, let’s delve deeper into the process of selecting the right PXG clubs for your game.

1. Assess Your Skill Level

Before investing in PXG clubs, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your skill level and handicap. High handicappers typically struggle with consistency and accuracy, so focus on clubs that prioritize forgiveness and ease of use.

2. Professional Fitting

Custom fitting is essential when considering PXG clubs. PXG offers an extensive fitting process, including clubhead design, shaft selection, and lie angle adjustments. A professional club fitter can help identify the right specifications for your swing, ensuring that the clubs match your unique needs.

3. Determine Your Budget

PXG clubs are known for their premium quality, but they come at a premium price. High handicappers should set a budget and stick to it when exploring PXG options. Remember that while PXG offers high-performance clubs, there are other brands with more budget-friendly alternatives.

4. Choose the Right PXG Series

PXG offers several club series, each catering to different player profiles. For high handicappers, consider the following series:

  • PXG 0211: This series is known for its forgiveness and affordability. It’s a great option for high handicappers looking for performance without breaking the bank.
  • PXG 0311 GEN4: While more expensive, the GEN4 series offers advanced technology and customization options. High handicappers who are fully committed to improving their game may benefit from these clubs.
  • PXG 0811 Drivers: If you’re struggling with your tee shots, PXG drivers are known for their distance and forgiveness. Investing in a PXG driver can help high handicappers gain more consistency off the tee.

5. Try Before You Buy

Before making a final decision, it’s essential to test the PXG clubs you’re interested in. Visit a PXG fitting center or a golf retailer that offers PXG demo clubs. Take them to the range and play a few rounds with them to assess how they feel and perform in real-game situations.

6. Seek Professional Advice

Don’t hesitate to consult with a golf professional or club fitter during the selection process. Their expertise can provide valuable insights and ensure that the clubs you choose are the best fit for your game.

7. Consider a Mix of Clubs

For high handicappers, it might be beneficial to mix and match your clubs. Consider having more forgiving irons and wedges while investing in a premium driver or putter, depending on the areas of your game that need the most improvement.

PXG vs Other Brands for High Handicappers

BrandModelLoft (degrees)Shaft TypePrice Range (USD)
PXG0311 XP Gen310.5Graphite$500 – $700
CallawayRogue12Graphite$400 – $600
TaylorMadeM611.5Graphite$450 – $650
TitleistTS310.0Graphite$480 – $680
CobraF9 Speedback11.0Graphite$420 – $620
PingG41010.5Graphite$430 – $630
MizunoST1909.5Graphite$470 – $670
WilsonStaff D710.5Graphite$380 – $580
SrixonZ 58510.5Graphite$390 – $590
ClevelandLauncher HB10.5Graphite$400 – $600

Shaft Options for High Handicappers

BrandShaft ModelFlexWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)
AldilaNV 2KXV Blue 60Regular604.0
FujikuraPro 2.0 60Stiff653.5
Graphite DesignTour AD MJ 6Regular623.2
Project XEvenFlow Max CarryStiff653.8
UST MamiyaHelium 5Senior554.5
Mitsubishi ChemicalDiamana DFStiff703.0
ACCRATZ5 55Regular554.2
ObanKiyoshi White 65Stiff653.5
Nippon ShaftModus3 105Regular1052.3
True TemperXP 95Stiff952.0

Club Features Comparison

BrandModelAdjustabilityForgivenessSpin ControlMaterial
PXG0311 XP Gen3YesHighHighTitanium Body
CallawayRogueYesHighModerateTitanium Body
TaylorMadeM6YesHighHighCarbon Composite
TitleistTS3YesModerateHighTitanium Body
CobraF9 SpeedbackYesHighHighTitanium Body
PingG410YesHighModerateStainless Steel
MizunoST190NoModerateHighTitanium Body
WilsonStaff D7YesHighHighStainless Steel
SrixonZ 585YesModerateModerateTitanium Body
ClevelandLauncher HBNoHighModerateStainless Steel

Customer Reviews (out of 5 stars)

PXG0311 XP Gen34.
CobraF9 Speedback4.
WilsonStaff D74.
SrixonZ 5854.
ClevelandLauncher HB4.


In conclusion, PXG clubs can be a suitable choice for high handicappers, thanks to their forgiveness, custom fitting options, and innovative technology. However, the high cost and potential learning curve should be considered. It’s essential for high handicappers to test different clubs and seek professional fitting advice to find the clubs that best match their game and budget. Ultimately, the right choice of clubs can significantly impact a high handicapper’s journey to improving their golf skills.

Are PXG Clubs Good For High Handicappers


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