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When it comes to golf, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your game. One way to ensure that your clubs are optimized for your swing is by undergoing a fitting session. PXG, a leading manufacturer of golf clubs , offers fitting services to help golfers find the perfect clubs for their game. In this article, we will explore the PXG fitting process and the associated costs.

PXG Fitting Process:

PXG fitting sessions typically take around 90 minutes to complete and are conducted by a trained fitter. The process begins with an evaluation of your current clubs, including length, loft, lie angle, and shaft flex. The fitter will also ask you questions about your swing, such as your ball flight tendencies and preferred shot shape.

Next, you will hit a series of shots using a variety of PXG clubheads and shafts to determine the best combination for your swing. The fitter will analyze the data collected from your shots using advanced technology, such as launch monitors, to make data-driven recommendations for your club selection.

After the fitting session, you will receive a report detailing the recommended club specifications, including the clubheads, shafts, and grips. You can then purchase the recommended clubs directly from PXG or through an authorized dealer.

PXG Fitting Costs:

The cost of a PXG fitting session varies depending on the type of fitting you require. The table below outlines the current pricing for each type of fitting as of 2023:

Type of FittingCost
Full Bag Fitting$350
Iron Fitting$225
Driver Fitting$175
Fairway Wood Fitting$125
Hybrid Fitting$100
Putter Fitting$75

It is important to note that the fitting fee does not include the cost of purchasing the recommended clubs. However, PXG offers a credit towards the purchase of clubs equal to the fitting fee, up to a maximum of $350.


Benefits of PXG Fitting:

There are several benefits of undergoing a PXG fitting session. First and foremost, a fitting can help you identify and address any equipment issues that may be affecting your game. By optimizing your club specifications to fit your swing, you can improve your ball flight, distance, and accuracy on the course.

Furthermore, a fitting session can provide valuable insights into your swing mechanics. By analyzing your shots using advanced technology, the fitter can identify areas for improvement in your swing, such as inconsistencies in your swing path or impact location. This information can help you make more targeted improvements to your game with the help of a golf instructor or coach.

Lastly, a fitting session can be a fun and educational experience for golfers of all skill levels. Learning about the different club options and how they can impact your game can be fascinating, and hitting shots with a variety of clubs can be an enjoyable experience in itself.

Other Considerations:

While PXG fittings can be a great investment in your game, there are a few other factors to consider before booking a session. First, it is important to ensure that you have a consistent swing before undergoing a fitting. If your swing is still developing, it may be better to wait until you have a more consistent swing to optimize your clubs.

Additionally, it is important to consider your budget when deciding whether to undergo a fitting. While PXG clubs are known for their quality and performance, they can be quite expensive compared to other brands. If budget is a concern, it may be worth exploring other fitting options or purchasing used clubs to save money.

Alternatives to PXG Fitting:

While PXG fitting sessions can be a great option for golfers, they are not the only fitting option available. There are several other fitting options that can provide similar benefits at different price points.

One alternative to PXG fittings is a fitting session at a local golf retailer or club. Many golf stores offer fitting sessions using launch monitors and other technology to help you find the right clubs for your swing. These sessions are often free with the purchase of clubs and can be a more affordable option than a PXG fitting.

Another option is to work with a certified club fitter who specializes in fitting golfers for various brands of clubs. These fitters can provide a more personalized fitting experience and may have access to a wider variety of club options than a PXG fitting.

Finally, it is worth considering purchasing used or pre-owned clubs that have already been fit to your specifications. This can be a more affordable option than purchasing new clubs and can still provide many of the benefits of playing with properly fitted clubs.

PXG Fitting Costs at Company-Owned Fitting Centers

Fitting Center LocationDriver Fitting CostIron Fitting CostFairway Wood Fitting CostPutter Fitting Cost
Scottsdale, AZ$350$400$300$200
Minneapolis, MN$300$350$250$175
Oceanside, CA$400$450$350$225
Chicago, IL$325$375$275$190
Atlanta, GA$375$425$325$215
San Diego, CA$375$425$325$215
Naples, FL$325$375$275$190
Seattle, WA$300$350$250$175
Dallas, TX$350$400$300$200
New York, NY$400$450$350$225

PXG Fitting Costs at Authorized PXG Fitting Locations

Fitting Center LocationDriver Fitting CostIron Fitting CostFairway Wood Fitting CostPutter Fitting Cost
Birmingham, AL$300$350$250$175
Boston, MA$325$375$275$190
Denver, CO$350$400$300$200
Houston, TX$375$425$325$215
Las Vegas, NV$400$450$350$225
Los Angeles, CA$375$425$325$215
Miami, FL$325$375$275$190
Orlando, FL$350$400$300$200
Philadelphia, PA$300$350$250$175
San Francisco, CA$400$450$350$225

PXG Fitting Costs for Full Bag Fittings

Fitting Center LocationFull Bag Fitting Cost
Scottsdale, AZ$800
Minneapolis, MN$700
Oceanside, CA$900
Chicago, IL$750
Atlanta, GA$850
San Diego, CA$850
Naples, FL$750
Seattle, WA$700
Dallas, TX$800
New York, NY$900

PXG Fitting Costs for Irons Only

Fitting Center LocationIron Fitting Cost
Scottsdale, AZ$400
Minneapolis, MN$350
Oceanside, CA$450
Chicago, IL$375
Atlanta, GA$425
San Diego, CA$425
Naples, FL$375
Seattle, WA$350
Dallas, TX$400
New York, NY$450

PXG Fitting Costs for Drivers Only

Fitting Center LocationDriver Fitting Cost
Scottsdale, AZ$350
Minneapolis, MN$300



Undergoing a PXG fitting session can help golfers find the perfect clubs for their game. While the cost of a fitting session may seem steep, it is important to remember that the right equipment can greatly improve your golf game. By investing in a fitting session, you can ensure that you are playing with clubs that are tailored to your swing, leading to more consistent and enjoyable rounds of golf.


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