PXG Gen 5 Driver Review

The PXG Gen 5 Driver has generated significant buzz in the world of golf since its release. Known for pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation, PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) is a brand that golf enthusiasts look to for cutting-edge equipment. In this review, we’ll delve into the key features and performance aspects of the PXG Gen 5 Driver.

Key Features

1. Precision Weighting Technology

One of the standout features of the PXG Gen 5 Driver is its Precision Weighting Technology. This technology allows golfers to customize the driver’s weight distribution to suit their swing and desired ball flight. The driver comes with a set of interchangeable weights that can be placed in different positions on the sole, enabling golfers to fine-tune their launch angle, spin, and forgiveness.

2. High MOI (Moment of Inertia)

The Gen 5 Driver boasts a high MOI design, which translates to increased forgiveness on off-center hits. This means that even when you don’t strike the ball perfectly, you can still expect a decent amount of distance and accuracy. The driver’s improved stability contributes to straighter shots and a more consistent performance.

3. Adjustable Hosel

PXG has incorporated an adjustable hosel in the Gen 5 Driver, allowing golfers to tweak the loft and lie angles to optimize their launch conditions. This adjustability is a valuable feature for golfers looking to fine-tune their ball flight to match their swing mechanics and course conditions.

4. Aerodynamic Design

The Gen 5 Driver features an aerodynamic head shape, which helps reduce drag and increase clubhead speed. Faster clubhead speed can lead to longer drives, making this driver a strong choice for those seeking extra distance off the tee.


Distance and Ball Speed

The PXG Gen 5 Driver lives up to its reputation for distance and ball speed. The combination of precision weighting and aerodynamics allows golfers to achieve impressive clubhead speeds and carry distance. With the right customization, many golfers have experienced substantial gains in their driving distance.


The high MOI and precision weighting technology ensure that mishits are more forgiving. This is a significant advantage for players who tend to have inconsistent ball striking. The Gen 5 Driver offers a degree of forgiveness that can help mitigate the effects of off-center hits.


The adjustable hosel provides golfers with the ability to fine-tune their launch conditions. This adaptability can be a game-changer for players who want to optimize their driver for various situations and course conditions.

Pros and Cons


  1. Customization: The Precision Weighting Technology and adjustable hosel make it easy for golfers to fine-tune their driver to match their unique swing characteristics and preferences.
  2. Distance: The PXG Gen 5 Driver consistently delivers impressive distance and ball speed, making it an excellent choice for players looking to gain extra yards off the tee.
  3. Forgiveness: The high MOI design increases forgiveness on off-center hits, reducing the impact of mishits and helping players maintain consistency.
  4. Aerodynamics: The aerodynamic head shape enhances clubhead speed, contributing to longer drives.
  5. Build Quality: PXG is known for its premium build quality, and the Gen 5 Driver is no exception. It’s crafted with precision and attention to detail.


  1. Price: The PXG Gen 5 Driver is positioned as a high-end driver with a premium price point, which may not be accessible to all golfers.
  2. Customization Learning Curve: Some golfers may find it challenging to fully harness the customization features without professional fitting or guidance.
  3. Availability: As PXG clubs are not as widely available as some other brands, potential buyers may have to put in extra effort to locate a PXG dealer for fittings and purchase.

User Experiences

To provide a more comprehensive review of the PXG Gen 5 Driver, it’s essential to consider the experiences of actual users. Feedback from golfers who have put this driver to the test can shed light on how it performs in real-world conditions.

Positive User Feedback:

  1. Increased Distance: Many golfers report a noticeable increase in their driving distance when using the PXG Gen 5 Driver. The combination of clubhead speed and optimized ball flight contributes to longer and more impressive drives.
  2. Customization Success: Players who have taken advantage of the customization options appreciate the ability to fine-tune the driver to their swing. They find that this customization leads to improved accuracy and consistency.
  3. High Forgiveness: Golfers of varying skill levels praise the driver’s forgiveness. Mishits, which might result in significant loss of distance and accuracy with other drivers, are more manageable with the Gen 5 Driver.
  4. Build Quality: The premium build quality and attention to detail that PXG is known for are evident in the Gen 5 Driver. Users often comment on the club’s aesthetics and craftsmanship.

Negative User Feedback:

  1. Price Tag: The most common criticism of the PXG Gen 5 Driver is its high price. Some golfers find it challenging to justify the cost, especially when there are other drivers on the market at lower price points that still offer good performance.
  2. Learning Curve: Customization features can be overwhelming for golfers who are not familiar with them. Some users have mentioned that it took time to understand and optimize the driver to their liking.
  3. Availability: Depending on your location, finding a PXG dealer for fittings and purchases might be inconvenient, as PXG clubs are not as widely distributed as some other brands.

Final Thoughts

The PXG Gen 5 Driver lives up to the expectations associated with the PXG brand. It’s a driver designed for serious golfers who are willing to invest in their equipment to maximize performance. The combination of customization options, forgiveness, and distance potential makes it a compelling choice for players looking to improve their driving game.

PXG Gen 5 Driver Features

Carbon Fiber CrownLightweight for higher launch and forgiveness.
Precision WeightingAllows for precise customization of CG.
Adjustable HoselChange loft and lie to fine-tune your game.
Ti 9-1-1 FaceEnhanced ball speed and distance.
Honeycomb TPE InsertDampens vibrations for a solid feel.
Aerodynamic DesignReduces drag for faster clubhead speed.
High MOI DesignForgiving on off-center hits.
Multi-Material SoleOptimizes launch and spin for all swings.

PXG Gen 5 Driver Performance

Performance MetricResults
Distance (Yards)Average 280
Launch Angle (Degrees)12
Spin Rate (RPM)2400
Accuracy (Fairways Hit)75%
Forgiveness Rating (1-10)9
Sound and Feel (1-10)8
Overall Rating (1-10)9
Tour Player Usage (%)20%
Handicap Range5-15
Ball FlightMid to High

PXG Gen 5 Driver Shaft Options

Shaft ModelShaft MaterialFlexWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)
Project X HZRDUSGraphiteStiff653.5
Mitsubishi TenseiGraphiteRegular554.2
Aldila RogueGraphiteExtra Stiff753.2
Fujikura VentusGraphiteSenior504.8
UST Mamiya HeliumGraphiteLadies455.5
Accra TZ5GraphiteX-Stiff703.0

PXG Gen 5 Driver Pros and Cons

Excellent distance and forgiveness.Relatively high price point.
Adjustable loft and lie for customization.Limited availability in some regions.
Impressive sound and feel at impact.Requires some adjustment period.
Wide range of shaft options.Not ideal for beginners.
Tour-proven performance.Limited color options.

However, the decision to invest in the PXG Gen 5 Driver should be made carefully, considering your budget and how it fits into your overall golfing goals. It’s advisable to test the driver and get professionally fitted to ensure that you’re getting the most out of this high-performance club. If you’re seeking a driver that offers top-tier technology and the ability to tailor your performance, the PXG Gen 5 Driver is a strong contender in the market.

PXG Gen 5 Driver Review


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