How To Remove A SuperStroke Putter Grip

SuperStroke putter grips have become increasingly popular among golfers due to their non-tapered design, which promotes even grip pressure and helps improve putting consistency. However, there may come a time when you need to remove the grip, whether it’s to replace a worn grip or to try a different style. The process of removing a SuperStroke putter grip can be done with a few simple tools and steps.

Tools and Materials:

  1. Bench vise (optional)
  2. Rubber shaft clamp (optional)
  3. Hook blade/utility knife
  4. Grip solvent or mineral spirits
  5. Long thin nozzle, like a syringe or a squirt bottle
  6. Clean cloth or paper towels
  7. Replacement grip
  8. Double-sided grip tape

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Secure the putter If you have a bench vise, it is recommended to use it to hold the putter securely during the removal process. Attach a rubber shaft clamp around the shaft of the putter to protect it from any potential damage. Position the clamp in the vise and tighten it to hold the putter in place. If you don’t have a bench vise, you can still complete the removal process by holding the putter firmly between your knees or against a solid surface.

Step 2: Cut the grip Using a hook blade or utility knife, carefully cut through the SuperStroke grip along its entire length. The hook blade is preferred, as it reduces the risk of accidentally cutting into the shaft. Start the cut near the bottom of the grip, and slowly work your way up, being cautious not to apply too much pressure that could damage the shaft.

Step 3: Peel off the grip Once the grip has been cut, gently peel it away from the shaft. If the grip is proving difficult to remove, use a bit of grip solvent or mineral spirits to help loosen it. Be sure to keep a cloth or paper towels handy to clean up any excess solvent.

Step 4: Remove grip tape With the grip removed, you’ll need to clean off any remaining grip tape residue from the shaft. This can be done by rubbing the shaft with grip solvent or mineral spirits and using a cloth or paper towel to wipe away the residue.

Step 5: Allow the shaft to dry After removing the grip tape, allow the shaft to dry completely before installing a new grip. This will ensure that the new grip adheres properly to the shaft.

Step 6: Install a new grip With the shaft clean and dry, you can proceed to install a new grip. Apply double-sided grip tape to the shaft, ensuring it covers the entire area where the grip will be. Pour grip solvent or mineral spirits into the new grip, sealing the small hole at the end with your finger, and shake it to coat the inside evenly. Pour the excess solvent onto the grip tape, making sure it’s completely saturated. Slide the new grip onto the shaft, aligning it properly, and press down firmly to ensure a secure fit.

Tools Needed for Removing a SuperStroke Putter Grip

Tool NameFunction
Utility KnifeTo cut off the grip
Solvent or Grip Tape RemoverTo loosen the adhesive
Vice or WorkbenchTo hold the putter steady
Hooked Blade or Hooked Grip RemoverTo lift the grip
Towel or ClothTo clean the shaft

Steps for Removing a SuperStroke Putter Grip

Step NumberAction
1Secure the putter in a vice or workbench to prevent it from moving while removing the grip.
2Use a utility knife to cut off the top of the grip, exposing the end cap.
3Pour some solvent or grip tape remover inside the grip through the opening made by the utility knife.
4Rotate the grip around the shaft while pushing and pulling it to loosen the adhesive.
5Insert a hooked blade or hooked grip remover between the grip and the shaft.
6Slowly lift the grip while continuing to rotate it until it comes off completely.
7Clean any leftover adhesive or debris from the shaft with a towel or cloth.

Precautions to Take When Removing a SuperStroke Putter Grip

Precaution NumberPrecaution
1Wear gloves to protect your hands from any sharp tools or chemicals.
2Do not cut too deeply with the utility knife, as this could damage the shaft or any electronic sensors.
3Be careful when using solvents or grip tape removers, as they can be harmful to your skin and eyes.
4Use a vice or workbench to hold the putter steady and prevent any accidental movement or injury.
5Do not apply too much force when lifting the grip, as this could also damage the shaft or cause injury.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Removing a SuperStroke Putter Grip

Mistake NumberMistake
1Cutting too deeply with the utility knife, which could damage the shaft or any electronic sensors.
2Using too much force when trying to lift the grip, which could damage the shaft or cause injury.
3Not using a vice or workbench to secure the putter, which could lead to accidental movement or injury.
4Using the wrong type of solvent or grip tape remover, which could damage the grip or shaft.
5Not cleaning the shaft properly after removing the grip, which could affect the installation of a new grip later.

Tips for Removing a SuperStroke Putter Grip

Tip NumberTip
1Use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm up the grip and adhesive before starting the removal process.
2Cut the grip off in small sections to make it easier to remove.
3Apply a small amount of solvent or grip tape remover at a time to avoid making a mess.
4Keep the shaft clean and free of debris to prevent any damage or interference with electronic sensors.
5Use a hooked grip




Removing a SuperStroke putter grip can be done with relative ease if you follow the steps provided and take the necessary precautions. Whether you’re replacing a worn grip or trying a new style, you’ll be back on the golf course with your updated putter in no time. Remember, always be cautious when using a blade or any sharp tool to avoid injury or damage to your equipment.


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