Rocco Mediate Golf Swing

Rocco Mediate is a professional golfer who has won six times on the PGA Tour and three times on the Champions Tour. His unique golf swing has made him stand out on the course, and golf enthusiasts have been studying and analyzing his techniques for years. In this article, we will explore Rocco Mediate’s golf swing and break down the elements that make it successful.

The Grip

One of the essential elements of Rocco Mediate’s golf swing is his grip. He uses a standard grip, but his left hand is rotated slightly to the right. This grip allows him to square the clubface at impact, which is crucial for a straight shot. The grip also helps him keep his hands ahead of the ball through the swing, providing more control and power.

The Stance

Rocco Mediate’s stance is also unique. He stands tall over the ball, with his weight evenly distributed on both feet. He has a slight knee bend, and his hands are positioned slightly in front of his body. This stance allows him to create a wide swing arc and generate more power.

The Backswing

Rocco Mediate’s backswing is smooth and compact. He keeps his hands low and close to his body, which allows him to make a full shoulder turn. He also maintains a slight bend in his right arm, which helps him create a wide swing arc. The combination of these elements provides Rocco with great control and accuracy.

The Downswing

Rocco Mediate’s downswing is where he generates most of his power. He starts the downswing with his lower body, shifting his weight onto his left foot. This move helps him create a powerful rotation through impact, which adds speed to his swing. He also keeps his hands close to his body, which allows him to square the clubface and hit the ball straight.

The Finish

Rocco Mediate’s finish is smooth and balanced. He extends his arms fully, pointing the club towards the target. He also keeps his head down and his eyes on the ball, which helps him maintain his swing path and create a straight shot.

Tips for Incorporating Rocco Mediate’s Techniques into Your Own Golf Swing

  1. Experiment with the grip: Try rotating your left hand slightly to the right, as Rocco does. See if this helps you square the clubface at impact and hit the ball straighter.
  2. Stand tall: Instead of hunching over the ball, try standing tall with your weight evenly distributed on both feet. This will help you create a wider swing arc and generate more power.
  3. Keep your hands low: During the backswing, try keeping your hands low and close to your body, as Rocco does. This will help you make a full shoulder turn and create a wider swing arc.
  4. Use your lower body: During the downswing, try shifting your weight onto your left foot and rotating your hips and shoulders. This will help you generate more power and hit the ball farther.
  5. Maintain balance: At the finish, try extending your arms fully and pointing the club towards the target, while keeping your head down and your eyes on the ball. This will help you maintain your swing path and create a straight shot.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Incorporate Rocco Mediate’s Techniques

  1. Over-rotating: One of the most common mistakes golfers make when trying to incorporate Rocco Mediate’s techniques is over-rotating their hips and shoulders during the downswing. This can cause the clubface to open, resulting in a slice or a hook. Make sure to keep your swing under control and maintain your balance throughout the swing.
  2. Gripping too tightly: Another mistake golfers make is gripping the club too tightly. This can cause tension in your arms and shoulders, making it difficult to create a smooth and fluid swing. Remember to grip the club firmly but not too tightly, and keep your arms relaxed throughout the swing.
  3. Losing focus: Golf is a mental game, and it’s essential to maintain your focus and concentration throughout the round. Don’t let distractions or negative thoughts get in the way of your swing. Visualize your shot, take a deep breath, and stay focused on your technique.
  4. Neglecting your short game: While Rocco Mediate’s techniques can certainly help you improve your long game, it’s important not to neglect your short game. Make sure to practice your chipping, pitching, and putting regularly, as these shots can often make the difference between a good round and a great one.

Rocco Mediate’s Golf Career Highlights

YearTournamentFinishScorePrize Money ($)
1991Doral-Ryder OpenT7-841,000
1993Buick OpenT5-1454,000
2000Buick Open1-19630,000
2002Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic1-16666,000
2008U.S. Open2E810,000 Open1-15540,000
2012Shaw Charity ClassicT2-12138,600
2015Sanderson Farms ChampionshipT2-14222,400
2017Constellation Senior Players ChampionshipT3-13192,000
2019Senior PGA ChampionshipT3-9139,500

Rocco Mediate’s PGA Tour Statistics

YearEventsCuts MadeWinsTop 10sEarnings ($)

Rocco Mediate’s Driving Distance

YearAverage Driving Distance (yards)Rank

Rocco Mediate’s Major Championship Performances

YearTournamentFinishScoreTo Par
1991U.S. OpenT46300+12
1992U.S. OpenCUT
1994U.S. OpenT11288+8
1995U.S. OpenT43297+9
1996U.S. OpenT55307+19
1999PGA ChampionshipT7280-8
2000PGA ChampionshipT16283-5
2001U.S. OpenT55303+19


Rocco Mediate’s golf swing is unique and effective. His grip, stance, backswing, downswing, and finish all work together to create a powerful and accurate swing. Golfers looking to improve their game can study Rocco’s techniques and incorporate them into their own swing. By mastering these elements, golfers can improve their control, accuracy, and distance, leading to better scores on the course.


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