Where is Serial Number on Club Car Golf Cart

he serial number on a Club Car golf cart is an essential piece of information you’ll need for identification, ordering parts, or servicing your cart. The location of the serial number varies depending on the model and manufacturing year of your Club Car golf cart. Here are a few common locations to help you locate the serial number:

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  1. Under the dashboard on the passenger side: On most Club Car golf carts, you will find the serial number located beneath the glove box on the passenger side. The number will be printed on a white sticker or a metal plate, often with a barcode.
  2. Under the driver’s side seat: In some older models, the serial number may be located beneath the driver’s seat. Lift the seat to reveal the battery compartment, and you’ll likely find the serial number printed on a sticker or a metal plate.
  3. Inside the battery compartment: For some electric Club Car golf carts, you may find the serial number inside the battery compartment. Lift the seat to access the battery area and look for the sticker or metal plate.
  4. Under the rear body: In a few instances, the serial number might be located under the rear body of the golf cart. You will need to remove the rear body to access the number.
  5. On the frame of the golf cart: In some cases, the serial number might be stamped directly onto the metal frame of the cart. Look for a series of characters stamped into the frame, either under the dashboard or close to the battery compartment.
  6. Under the front cowl: For certain models, you may find the serial number under the front cowl of the golf cart. Remove the front cowl to access this area and look for a white sticker or metal plate with the serial number.
  7. Inside the front storage compartment: If your Club Car golf cart has a front storage compartment, you might find the serial number inside. Open the compartment and look for the white sticker or metal plate on the inside surface.
  8. Under the floor mat: In rare instances, the serial number may be located under the floor mat on the driver’s side of the golf cart. Remove the floor mat and check for a white sticker or metal plate.

The serial number typically consists of 12-17 alphanumeric characters, beginning with two letters that indicate the model (e.g., “DS” for DS models, “PQ” for Precedent models) followed by a series of numbers representing the manufacturing year and other details.

Once you have located the serial number, it’s a good idea to write it down and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Keep in mind that the serial number format may vary depending on the model and manufacturing year of your Club Car golf cart. However, it generally starts with two or three letters followed by a series of numbers. The first two or three letters indicate the model, while the numbers provide information about the manufacturing year and other details.

If you have trouble locating the serial number, consider reaching out to a Club Car dealer or an authorized service center. They can provide guidance on finding the serial number and may be able to help you with any maintenance or repair needs.

Club Car Models and Serial Number Locations

ModelYears ManufacturedFront SuspensionBattery ConfigurationSerial Number Location
DS (Electric)1981-2000.52-Leaf Spring36V or 48V Driver-side glove box
DS (Gas)1984-19912-Leaf SpringGasolineDriver-side glove box
DS (Gas)1992-2000.53-Leaf SpringGasolineDriver-side glove box
Precedent2004-PresentA-Arm48VUnder dash, passenger side
Onward (Gas)2017-PresentA-ArmGasolineUnder dash, passenger side

Serial Number Identification

Serial Number PrefixModelYear ManufacturedPower SourceVehicle Type
ADS Electric1980-1985ElectricGolf Cart
JDS Gas1984-1991GasGolf Cart
AGDS Gas1992-PresentGasGolf Cart
AQDS Electric1995-PresentElectricGolf Cart
PQPrecedent2004-PresentElectricGolf Cart

Serial Number Format

1LetterModel Identifier
2LetterPower Source Identifier
3-4NumberLast Two Digits of Model Year
5-10NumberSequential Production Number

Common Serial Number Locations

LocationModels Affected
Driver-side glove boxDS (Electric and Gas)
Under dash, passenger sidePrecedent, Onward (Gas), and Onward (Electric)
Battery compartmentSome older models
Frame near rear tireSome older models

Tips for Finding Serial Number

Tip NumberTip Description
1Check the owner’s manual for specific serial number location for your model
2Use a flashlight to inspect hard-to-see areas
3Clean the area around the serial number to make it more visible
4Take a photo of the serial number with your phone for easier reference
5Contact Club Car customer support if you are unable to locate the serial number

where is serial number on club car golf cart


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