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Golfers of all skill levels are always looking for ways to improve their game. One aspect of the game that can be challenging is the use of fairway woods. While fairway woods are essential clubs for golfers, they can be difficult to hit consistently. One solution that many golfers have found helpful is to use a shorter 3 wood. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a shorter 3 wood in golf.

What is a 3 Wood?

Before we dive into the benefits of a shorter 3 wood, it’s important to understand what a 3 wood is. A 3 wood is a club that is used to hit long shots from the fairway or rough. It is typically used when the golfer is too far from the green to use a shorter club but too close to use a driver.

What is a Shorter 3 Wood?

A shorter 3 wood is simply a 3 wood that has been shortened in length. This can be done by removing some of the shaft length or by purchasing a 3 wood with a shorter shaft length than standard.

Benefits of Using a Shorter 3 Wood

  1. Increased Accuracy – One of the most significant benefits of using a shorter 3 wood is the increased accuracy it can provide. Shortening the shaft length of the club can make it easier to control and hit more accurately.
  2. Improved Consistency – Another benefit of a shorter 3 wood is improved consistency. With a shorter club, it’s easier to hit the sweet spot consistently, which can lead to more consistent shots.
  3. Better Ball Flight – A shorter 3 wood can also help improve ball flight. With a shorter shaft, the clubhead speed is slightly slower, which can help produce a higher trajectory and more distance.
  4. More Versatility – Shorter 3 woods can also be more versatile. With the shorter shaft length, it can be easier to hit shots from tight lies, deep rough, or off the tee.

How to Choose a Shorter 3 Wood

If you’re interested in using a shorter 3 wood, there are a few things to consider when choosing one. First, you’ll want to determine the length that is comfortable for you to swing. This can vary from person to person, so it’s important to find a length that works for you. You’ll also want to consider the loft of the club and the type of shaft.

Tips for Using a Shorter 3 Wood

While a shorter 3 wood can provide many benefits, it’s important to know how to use it effectively. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using a shorter 3 wood:

  1. Tee the ball lower – With a shorter 3 wood, you’ll want to tee the ball lower to take advantage of the club’s loft and produce a higher ball flight.
  2. Use a sweeping motion – Unlike a driver, you’ll want to use a sweeping motion when hitting a shorter 3 wood. This will help produce a higher trajectory and more distance.
  3. Aim for the center of the green – Because a shorter 3 wood is more accurate, it’s a good club to use when aiming for the center of the green. This can help improve your scoring and lower your handicap.

When Not to Use a Shorter 3 Wood

While a shorter 3 wood can be a valuable club to have in your bag, there are times when it may not be the best choice. Here are a few situations when you may want to consider using a different club:

  1. Long par 5s – If you’re playing a long par 5 and need to hit a second shot that’s 250 yards or more, a shorter 3 wood may not provide enough distance. In this case, a longer fairway wood or hybrid may be a better choice.
  2. Deep rough – While a shorter 3 wood can be versatile, it may not be the best club to use when hitting out of deep rough. In this situation, a higher lofted club or wedge may be more effective.

How to Shorten a 3 Wood

If you’re interested in using a shorter 3 wood but don’t want to purchase a new club, you can also shorten the shaft length of your current 3 wood. Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Measure the current length of your 3 wood.
  2. Determine how much you want to shorten the shaft length. A good rule of thumb is to remove no more than 1 inch from the current length.
  3. Remove the grip from the club.
  4. Cut the shaft to the desired length using a saw or a club cutting tool.
  5. Reattach the grip to the shortened shaft.

Popular Shorter 3 Woods

BrandModelLoft (degrees)Shaft Length (inches)Price ($)
TaylorMadeSIM2 Max1543.25299
CallawayEpic Speed1543.25299
PingG425 Max14.543327
CobraRadspeed XB14.542.5279
Wilson StaffD913.542249
HonmaTR20 4601543399
Tour EdgeC72114.543249

Features of Shorter 3 Woods

BrandModelAdjustable LoftFace MaterialHead Size (cc)
TaylorMadeSIM2 MaxYesTitanium190
CallawayEpic SpeedYesTriaxial Carbon175
PingG425 MaxYesTi 8-1-1190
CobraRadspeed XBYesCarbon Fiber Crown170
MizunoST-ZYesForged SAT2041 Beta190
Wilson StaffD9YesTitanium180
HonmaTR20 460YesTitanium460
Tour EdgeC721YesBeta Ti175

Distance and Accuracy of Shorter 3 Woods

BrandModelCarry Distance (yards)Total Distance (yards)Forgiveness
TaylorMadeSIM2 Max230245High
CallawayEpic Speed225240High
PingG425 Max230245High
CobraRadspeed XB220235High

Shaft Options for Shorter 3 Woods

BrandModelShaft FlexShaft MaterialWeight (grams)
TitleistTS2Stiff, Regular, XGraphite60-80
TaylorMadeSIM2 MaxStiff, Regular, XGraphite60-80
CallawayEpic SpeedStiff, Regular, XGraphite50-70
PingG425 MaxStiff, Regular, XGraphite, Steel50-80
CobraRadspeed XBStiff, Regular, XGraphite50-70
MizunoST-ZStiff, Regular, XGraphite60-80
SrixonZX3Stiff, Regular, XGraphite60-80
Wilson StaffD9Stiff, Regular, XGraphite55-75
HonmaTR20 460Stiff, Regular, XGraphite50-80
Tour EdgeC721Stiff, Regular, XGraphite50-70

Player Reviews of Shorter 3 Woods

BrandModelPlayer HandicapDistance ControlAccuracyFeelOverall Rating (out of 5)
TaylorMadeSIM2 Max10-20ExcellentExcellentGood4.5
CallawayEpic Speed10-20GoodExcellentGood4.3
PingG425 Max10-20ExcellentExcellentGood4.5
CobraRadspeed XB10-20GoodExcellentGood4.2
Wilson StaffD910-20GoodGoodGood4.0
HonmaTR20 46010-20ExcellentExcellentExcellent4.7
Tour EdgeC72110-20GoodExcellentGood4.2

Note: The data presented in these tables is for informational purposes only and may not be accurate or up-to-date. The performance and features of golf clubs can vary based on a variety of factors, including the player’s swing, course conditions, and other variables. It is recommended that golfers consult with


In conclusion, a shorter 3 wood can be a valuable addition to any golfer’s bag. With its increased accuracy, improved consistency, better ball flight, and versatility, it can help golfers of all skill levels improve their game. If you’re struggling with your fairway woods, consider trying a shorter 3 wood and using the tips and techniques outlined in this article to get the most out of it.


Shorter 3 Wood



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