Shot by Shot Golf Review

Introduction to Shot-by-Shot Golf Review

  • Definition: Shot-by-shot golf review is a technique used by golfers to analyze their game by breaking down every shot taken during a round of golf.
  • Purpose: To identify strengths and weaknesses in a golfer’s game and to develop a strategy for improvement.

How to Conduct a Review

  • Step 1: Keep track of every shot taken during the round of golf.
  • Step 2: Categorize each shot by its type (i.e. tee shot, approach shot, chip shot, putt, etc.).
  • Step 3: Analyze each shot in terms of its outcome (i.e. distance, direction, accuracy).
  • Step 4: Identify patterns and trends in the data to determine areas for improvement.


  • Helps golfers develop a better understanding of their game and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Provides golfers with a strategy for improvement and helps them set realistic goals.
  • Enables golfers to make more informed decisions on the course and adjust their game accordingly.

Common Areas for Improvement Tee shots: Distance, accuracy, and consistency

  • Approach shots: Distance control, accuracy, and consistency
  • Short game: Chipping and pitching accuracy, bunker play, and putting
  • Mental game: Decision-making, course management, and focus

Tips for Conducting a Successful Shot-by-Shot Golf Review

  • Be honest and objective in your analysis.
  • Use technology (i.e. golf GPS, swing analysis software) to gather accurate data.
  • Consult with a golf coach or instructor to help identify areas for improvement and develop a strategy for improvement.
  • Develop a plan for implementing changes and track progress over time.

Tools for Conducting a Shot-by-Shot Golf Review

  • Golf scorecard: To keep track of each shot and categorize them by type.
  • Golf GPS: To gather accurate data on distance and location of shots.
  • Swing analysis software: To analyze swing mechanics and identify areas for improvement.
  • Golf coach or instructor: To provide expert guidance on analyzing your game and developing a strategy for improvement.

How Often to Conduct a  Review

  • It is recommended to conduct a shot-by-shot golf review after every round of golf.
  • However, if you are practicing regularly, you may also benefit from conducting a review of your practice sessions to identify areas for improvement.

Examples of Analysis and Improvement Strategies

  • Analysis: If a golfer consistently misses fairways to the right, the shot-by-shot review may reveal a tendency to fade the ball.
  • Improvement Strategy: The golfer could work with a coach to adjust their swing mechanics to reduce the fade and improve accuracy.
  • Analysis: A golfer may struggle with distance control on approach shots.
  • Improvement Strategy: The golfer could practice more on the range to improve their distance control, and use a golf GPS to gather data on their approach shots during a round to track progress.


  • Shot-by-shot golf review requires a significant amount of time and effort to conduct.
  • It may not be feasible for all golfers to collect accurate data on every shot during a round.
  • Shot-by-shot golf review may not account for variables such as weather conditions or course difficulty, which can impact a golfer’s performance.

Advanced Techniques

  • Strokes Gained Analysis: This technique measures a golfer’s performance relative to the rest of the field on each shot, accounting for factors such as distance to the hole and lie type. This analysis can provide a more comprehensive understanding of a golfer’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Video Analysis: Using video recording of their swing and shot outcomes, golfers can conduct a more in-depth analysis of their technique and identify specific areas for improvement.
  • Trackman Analysis: Trackman is a radar-based launch monitor that measures various aspects of a golfer’s swing and shot data, such as ball speed, spin rate, and launch angle. By using this technology, golfers can gather more detailed data on their performance and identify specific areas for improvement.

Incorporating  into Practice

  • Once a golfer has conducted a shot-by-shot golf review and identified areas for improvement, they can incorporate these into their practice sessions.
  • For example, if a golfer struggles with bunker play, they can focus on practicing their technique and distance control from bunkers during practice sessions.
  • By using the data and analysis gathered from shot-by-shot golf review to inform practice, golfers can make targeted improvements to their game.

Using Shot-by-Shot Golf Review to Track Progress

  • By conducting shot-by-shot golf reviews regularly and tracking progress over time, golfers can see improvements in their game and set new goals for improvement.
  • Golfers can use the data gathered from shot-by-shot reviews to track improvements in areas such as accuracy, distance, and consistency.
  • Seeing progress over time can provide motivation and confidence for golfers to continue working on their game.

Review – Course Name: Pebble Beach

HoleClub SelectionShot TypeDistanceResult
1DriverTee Shot285 ydsFairway
17 IronApproach155 ydsGreen
1PutterPutt20 ftPar
2DriverTee Shot310 ydsRough
2Sand WedgeRecovery50 ydsBunker
2Pitching WedgeApproach95 ydsGreen
2PutterPutt8 ftBogey
33 WoodTee Shot230 ydsGreen
39 IronApproach120 ydsBunker
3Sand WedgeRecovery25 ydsGreen

Review – Course Name: Augusta National

HoleClub SelectionShot TypeDistanceResult
1DriverTee Shot340 ydsFairway
18 IronApproach165 ydsGreen
1PutterPutt12 ftBirdie
23 WoodTee Shot280 ydsFairway
27 IronApproach145 ydsGreen
2PutterPutt30 ftPar
3DriverTee Shot320 ydsRough
3Pitching WedgeApproach100 ydsGreen
3PutterPutt4 ftBirdie

Review – Course Name: St. Andrews

HoleClub SelectionShot TypeDistanceResult
1DriverTee Shot280 ydsFairway
16 IronApproach155 ydsGreen
1PutterPutt18 ftPar
23 WoodTee Shot230 ydsFairway
29 IronApproach115 ydsGreen
2PutterPutt40 ftPar
3DriverTee Shot290 ydsBunker
3Sand WedgeRecovery35 ydsGreen
3PutterPutt6 ftPar


Shot-by-shot golf review is a valuable technique for golfers looking to improve their game. By breaking down every shot and analyzing the data, golfers can identify areas for improvement and develop a strategy for improvement. Advanced techniques such as strokes gained analysis and video analysis can provide even more detailed information on a golfer’s performance. By incorporating the insights gained from shot-by-shot golf review into practice and tracking progress over time, golfers can make targeted improvements to their game and ultimately become more confident and consistent on the course.

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Shot by Shot Golf Review


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