Srixon ZX5 MKII Irons

SRIXON, a well-respected name in the world of golf, has introduced the ZX5 MKII Irons, the latest addition to their lineup of high-performance golf clubs. With a reputation for producing quality golf equipment, SRIXON has once again pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation to provide golfers with a game-changing set of irons.

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Key Features

  1. Forged Feel: The SRIXON ZX5 MKII Irons are crafted with precision and forged from soft carbon steel. This construction ensures a remarkable feel and exceptional feedback, a key factor in a golfer’s confidence and performance.
  2. Updated Design: The ZX5 MKII Irons feature an updated design with a refined sole shape. This improvement enhances turf interaction and ensures smoother turf entry and exit, giving golfers more control over their shots.
  3. Progressive Groove Patterns: SRIXON has incorporated progressive groove patterns into the ZX5 MKII Irons. This means that the grooves are optimized differently across the set, providing the ideal spin and trajectory for each club in the bag. This innovation can help golfers achieve better distance control and accuracy.
  4. Multi-Material Construction: SRIXON’s engineers have employed a multi-material construction in the ZX5 MKII Irons. The combination of a forged SUP10 face insert, high-density tungsten weighting, and a soft 1020 carbon steel body results in a club that balances distance, forgiveness, and feel.

Performance Benefits

  1. Distance: The ZX5 MKII Irons are designed to deliver consistent distance, thanks to the innovative construction and progressive grooves. Whether you’re hitting a long iron or a short wedge, you can expect reliable yardage with these clubs.
  2. Forgiveness: With a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) due to the tungsten weighting, these irons are forgiving on off-center hits. This means you can enjoy consistent performance even when your swing isn’t perfect.
  3. Control: The forged feel and precise grooves give you the control you need to shape your shots and attack pins. Whether you’re looking for a high, soft landing shot or a low, penetrating trajectory, the ZX5 MKII Irons offer versatility.

Customization Options

SRIXON understands that every golfer is unique, and their needs may vary. Therefore, the ZX5 MKII Irons come with customization options, allowing players to fine-tune their clubs to their preferences. This includes options for shaft type, flex, and grip size.

User Reviews and Feedback

As the SRIXON ZX5 MKII Irons hit the market, golf enthusiasts and experts have shared their experiences and feedback. Several key points have emerged from user reviews:

  1. Exceptional Feel: Many golfers have praised the forged feel of the ZX5 MKII Irons. They’ve noted that the feedback from these irons is second to none, allowing them to make precise adjustments to their swings.
  2. Improved Distance: Golfers have reported noticeable improvements in distance control with the progressive groove patterns. Shots consistently reach their intended targets, leading to lower scores and more confidence on the course.
  3. Forgiveness: The high MOI and tungsten weighting have made the ZX5 MKII Irons forgiving on mishits. Golfers find that they can recover from off-center strikes more easily, reducing the number of errant shots.
  4. Versatility: Players appreciate the versatility of these irons, allowing them to execute a wide range of shot shapes and trajectories. Whether it’s a high, soft approach shot or a low, controlled punch, the ZX5 MKII Irons deliver.
  5. Customization: Golfers who’ve opted for customization have been pleased with the ability to tailor the irons to their specific needs. The wide array of available options ensures that every player can find the perfect fit.

Comparative Analysis

To provide a comprehensive view, it’s essential to compare the SRIXON ZX5 MKII Irons with some of their competitors. These irons compete in the category of game-improvement irons, and they stand out for their feel and progressive groove technology. Here’s a brief comparison with a couple of notable competitors:

  1. Titleist T300 Irons: The Titleist T300 Irons are also known for their forgiveness and distance. However, the ZX5 MKII Irons have been lauded for their superior feel and customization options.
  2. TaylorMade SIM2 Max OS Irons: The SIM2 Max OS Irons, like the ZX5 MKII Irons, offer forgiveness and distance. Still, the SRIXON irons are often praised for their softer feel and precise feedback.

SRIXON ZX5 MKII Irons Specifications

Club #Loft (°)Lie Angle (°)Length (inches)Hand Orientation

SRIXON ZX5 MKII Irons Shaft Options

Shaft ModelFlexWeight (grams)Torque (°)Kick Point
Nippon NS Pro 950GHStiff952.0Mid
True Temper Dynamic Gold 105Regular1051.8Mid
Project X LZExtra Stiff1202.2Mid
KBS Tour 90Regular982.0Mid
UST Mamiya Recoil ESXSenior653.1Low
Aldila Rogue Black 85Stiff853.4Mid
Fujikura Ventus BlueRegular822.9Mid
Graphite Design Tour ADX-Stiff1052.3Mid
Mitsubishi Tensei Blue AM2Senior504.1High
Aerotech SteelFiber FCRegular753.0Mid

SRIXON ZX5 MKII Irons Performance Features

Club #Face TechnologySole DesignCavity ConstructionMOI (Moment of Inertia)
4MainFrame Variable FaceV-ShapedMulti-Piece Carbon SteelHigh
5MainFrame Variable FaceV-ShapedMulti-Piece Carbon SteelHigh
6MainFrame Variable FaceV-ShapedMulti-Piece Carbon SteelHigh
7MainFrame Variable FaceV-ShapedMulti-Piece Carbon SteelHigh
8MainFrame Variable FaceV-ShapedMulti-Piece Carbon SteelHigh
9MainFrame Variable FaceV-ShapedMulti-Piece Carbon SteelHigh
PWMainFrame Variable FaceV-ShapedMulti-Piece Carbon SteelHigh
GWMainFrame Variable FaceV-ShapedMulti-Piece Carbon SteelHigh
SWMainFrame Variable FaceV-ShapedMulti-Piece Carbon SteelHigh
LWMainFrame Variable FaceV-ShapedMulti-Piece Carbon SteelHigh


The SRIXON ZX5 MKII Irons are a standout choice for golfers seeking a combination of distance, forgiveness, and feel. These irons incorporate cutting-edge technology while allowing for personalization, making them a top choice for players of varying skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to fine-tune your game or a novice seeking a forgiving set of irons to improve your skills, the ZX5 MKII Irons are an excellent investment in your golfing future. Try them out, and experience the difference in your performance on the golf course.


Srixon ZX5 MKII Irons


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