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As golfers, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our game. To achieve this, we often seek out new training methods, equipment, or techniques that promise better performance. Two popular systems that have gained traction in recent years are the Stack System and SuperSpeed Golf Training. In this article, we will compare the Stack System and SuperSpeed to help you determine which is the right choice for your golf training regimen.

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The Stack System

The Stack System is a golf training approach developed by renowned golf coach Mike Bender. It focuses on achieving proper body positioning and weight distribution during the golf swing. The system breaks down the golf swing into three “stacks” or positions that golfers must learn and practice to achieve a powerful, efficient swing:

  1. Address Stack: This position involves proper alignment, grip, and posture. The golfer should have their weight centered and evenly distributed between the feet, with their knees slightly flexed and the spine tilted forward from the hips.
  2. Top of the Swing Stack: This position is reached when the golfer has completed their backswing. The golfer should have their weight primarily on the inside of their back foot, with the majority of their body stacked over the back leg.
  3. Impact Stack: This is the moment of truth in the golf swing when the clubface makes contact with the ball . The golfer should have their weight shifted onto the front foot, with their body stacked over the lead leg.

The Stack System encourages golfers to practice these positions to develop muscle memory, leading to more consistent, powerful swings.

SuperSpeed Golf Training

SuperSpeed Golf Training is a system that focuses on increasing swing speed to generate more power and distance. It involves the use of specially designed, weighted golf clubs called SuperSpeed clubs, which come in three different weights: light, medium, and heavy. The training program consists of various drills that golfers perform using these clubs to increase their swing speed.

The concept behind SuperSpeed training is called “overspeed training,” which aims to increase the neuromuscular reaction speed of the golfer. By practicing with lighter clubs, golfers train their muscles to move faster than they would with a standard golf club. Conversely, using heavier clubs helps build strength and power.

The SuperSpeed training program is designed to be progressive, with golfers starting with the lightest club and working their way up to the heaviest as they develop strength and speed.

Comparison: Stack System vs. SuperSpeed

  1. Focus: The primary difference between the Stack System and SuperSpeed lies in their focus. The Stack System is centered around improving body positioning and weight distribution throughout the golf swing, whereas SuperSpeed emphasizes increasing swing speed to generate more power and distance.
  2. Equipment: The Stack System does not require any specific equipment, as it focuses on body positioning and weight distribution. In contrast, SuperSpeed training requires the use of the specialized SuperSpeed clubs.
  3. Learning Curve: The Stack System may have a steeper learning curve for some golfers, as it involves mastering specific body positions and movements. SuperSpeed training is relatively straightforward, with golfers performing drills using the weighted clubs.
  4. Suitability: The Stack System may be more suitable for golfers looking to improve their overall swing mechanics and consistency, while SuperSpeed may be more appropriate for those seeking to increase their power and distance.
  5. Time Commitment: The Stack System and SuperSpeed training both require regular practice to see results. However, the Stack System may demand more time and patience to perfect the three stacks, while SuperSpeed training offers a more structured, progressive program with specific drills and schedules.
  6. Cost: The Stack System does not require any specialized equipment, making it a more cost-effective option for golfers on a budget. SuperSpeed training requires the purchase of a set of SuperSpeed clubs, which can be an additional investment. However, the value gained from the increased swing speed and potential distance improvement might outweigh the initial cost for some golfers.
  7. Flexibility: The Stack System offers more flexibility in terms of addressing individual golfer’s needs, as it focuses on overall swing mechanics and body positioning. This allows golfers to work on specific areas of their swing that need improvement. SuperSpeed training is primarily focused on increasing swing speed and may not address other swing flaws or issues.
  8. Long-term Benefits: Both systems can offer long-term benefits when practiced consistently. The Stack System can lead to improved swing mechanics, consistency, and accuracy, while SuperSpeed training can result in increased power, distance, and potentially better performance under pressure due to improved neuromuscular reaction speed.

Stack System Golf Clubs

Club TypeLoft AngleLie AngleClub LengthClub Weight
Iron 420°60°38.5″250g
Iron 839°64°36.5″272g
Iron 944°64°36″278g
Pitching Wedge49°65°35.5″285g
Sand Wedge54°65°35.25″290g
Gap Wedge52°65°35.5″290g

SuperSpeed Training System

Speed StickJunior StickSwing Speed RadarSpeed WhooshSpeed Rope

Stack System Golf Ball Ratings

Golf BallSpinDistanceFeelDurabilityPrice
Tour B XHighLongSoftGood$44.99/dozen
Pro V1HighLongSoftGood$47.99/dozen
Z-Star XVHighLongSoftGood$39.99/dozen
Chrome Soft XHighLongSoftGood$47.99/dozen
Q-Star TourMediumLongSoftGood$32.99/dozen
e12 SpeedLowLongFirmGood$29.99/dozen

SuperSpeed Training System Results

Player NameInitial Swing SpeedFinal Swing SpeedImprovementTraining Duration (weeks)
John Smith95 mph105 mph10 mph8
Jane Doe90 mph99 mph9 mph6
Bob Johnson100 mph109 mph9 mph10
Sarah Lee85 mph95 mph10 mph4
Tom Wong110 mph118 mph8 mph12
Mary Chen92 mph102 mph10 mph8
Jack Kim98 mph107 mph9 mph10
Emily Park93 mph103 mph10 mph6
Eric Lee105 mph113 mph8 mph12
Susan Kim88 mph96 mph8 mph4

Stack System Golf Course Ratings

Golf CourseLocationDifficultyRatingSlopePar
Pebble Beach Golf LinksPebble Beach, CA76.414472
Augusta National Golf ClubAugusta, GA76.113572
Pine Valley Golf ClubPine Valley, NJ75.715570
Cypress Point ClubPebble Beach, CA75.714272
Shinnecock Hills Golf ClubSouthampton, NY75.514070
Oakmont Country ClubOakmont, PA75.414170
Merion Golf ClubArdmore, PA75.314470
National Golf Links of AmericaSouthampton, NY75.314172
Winged Foot Golf ClubMamaroneck, NY75.214170
Seminole Golf ClubJuno Beach, FL75.014072


Both the Stack System and SuperSpeed Golf Training have their merits and can be beneficial for different aspects of your golf game. The Stack System focuses on proper body positioning and weight distribution for a more consistent, efficient swing, while SuperSpeed aims to increase swing speed for added power and distance. Depending on your specific needs and goals, one system may be more appropriate for you than the other. However, it’s also worth considering that these two systems are not mutually exclusive and can potentially be combined to enhance your overall golf performance.


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