How to Stop Pulling Golf Shots to the Left

Pulling golf shots to the left is a common problem that many golfers face. This happens when the golfer hits the ball with a closed clubface, causing the ball to spin to the left. However, with a few adjustments to your swing and stance, you can correct this problem and start hitting straighter shots. Here are some tips on how to stop pulling golf shots to the left:

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  1. Check your grip: The first thing to check is your grip on the club. If your grip is too strong, meaning your left hand is rotated too far to the right, it can cause the clubface to close at impact, leading to a pull. Try adjusting your grip so that your left hand is more neutral.
  2. Check your alignment: Your alignment is crucial when it comes to hitting straight shots. Make sure your feet, hips, and shoulders are aligned parallel to the target line. If you’re aimed to the left, it can cause you to pull your shots.
  3. Adjust your stance: If you’re pulling your shots, it could be because your stance is too closed. Try opening up your stance slightly, so your feet and hips are slightly aimed to the right of the target.
  4. Focus on your swing path: The swing path is the direction the clubhead is traveling during your swing. If you’re pulling your shots, it’s likely that your swing path is too far to the left. Try to swing the club more from the inside, so the clubhead is traveling more towards your body on the downswing.
  5. Practice with alignment sticks : Alignment sticks can be helpful for improving your alignment and swing path. Place two sticks on the ground, one aimed at the target and the other parallel to your feet. Use the sticks to ensure your alignment is correct and to practice swinging the club on the correct path.
  6. Get feedback: If you’re still struggling with pulling your shots, consider getting feedback from a golf instructor. They can help identify any flaws in your swing and give you specific drills to work on.
  7. Check your ball position: The position of the ball in your stance can also affect the direction of your shots. If the ball is too far forward in your stance, it can cause you to swing too much from the inside, resulting in a pull. Conversely, if the ball is too far back in your stance, it can cause you to swing too much from the outside, leading to a slice. Experiment with different ball positions to find what works best for you.
  8. Slow down your swing: Sometimes, pulling shots can be caused by swinging too quickly or aggressively. Focus on making a smooth, controlled swing, with a gradual acceleration through impact. This can help you maintain proper swing path and avoid pulling your shots.
  9. Relax your grip: A tight grip on the club can cause tension in your arms and hands, leading to a closed clubface at impact. Try to relax your grip and let the club do the work. This can help you maintain proper wrist hinge and avoid pulling your shots.
  10. Use a training aid: There are many training aids available that can help you correct a pull. For example, a swing plane trainer can help you maintain the correct swing path, while a weighted club can help you develop a smoother, more controlled swing.


Common Causes of Pulling Golf Shots to the Left

CauseDescriptionEffect on SwingClubface ImpactBall Flight
Poor AlignmentBody and feet improperly aligned to the targetInside-out swing pathClosed at impactPull to the left
Overactive HandsExcessive use of hands during downswingEarly releaseClosed clubfaceLeftward curve
Inadequate Weight ShiftInsufficient transfer of weight from back foot to front footHanging backClosed clubfaceLeftward trajectory
Over-rotation of HipsHips rotate too early in the downswingInside-out swing pathClosed clubfaceLeftward ball flight
Incorrect GripWeak or overly strong grip pressureLimiting wrist hingeClosed or open clubfacePull or hook to the left

Drills to Improve Alignment and Posture

Drill NameObjectiveStepsBenefits
Alignment Stick DrillImprove alignment1. Place a stick parallel to target line 2. Align feet to the stickProper alignment
Feet-Together DrillDevelop balance1. Hit balls with feet together 2. Gradually widen stanceBetter balance and weight transfer
Posture CheckMaintain proper posture1. Check posture in a mirror 2. Adjust and practiceConsistent posture
Wall DrillCorrect spine angle1. Stand against a wall 2. Swing while maintaining wall contactProper spine angle
Knee Flex DrillEstablish proper knee flex1. Assume golf stance 2. Adjust knee flex to a comfortable positionImproved stability

Drills to Improve Swing Path and Clubface Control

Drill NameObjectiveStepsBenefits
Baseball Swing DrillCorrect swing path1. Swing club like a baseball bat 2. Gradually lower to groundProper swing path
Towel DrillMaintain clubface squareness1. Place towel under arms 2. Swing without dropping the towelSquare clubface
Impact Bag DrillSolid impact position1. Hit an impact bag with club 2. Analyze and adjust positionsSolid impact, square clubface
One-Arm Swing DrillDevelop feel and control1. Swing club with only one hand 2. Practice with both handsBetter feel and control
Split-Hand Grip DrillImprove release1. Grip club with split hands 2. Swing and focus on releaseProper release and clubface square

Drills to Enhance Weight Shift and Rotation

Drill NameObjectiveStepsBenefits
Step DrillImprove weight transfer1. Start with feet together 2. Step forward with lead footBetter weight transfer
Swing Trigger DrillDevelop proper hip rotation1. Add a small forward press to trigger swing 2. Focus on rotationImproved hip rotation
Happy Gilmore DrillEnhance weight shift1. Mimic Happy Gilmore’s running approach 2. Focus on weight shiftBetter weight shift and balance
Hip Bump DrillEncourage proper hip slide1. Start downswing with a slight hip bump 2. Rotate hips fullyProper hip slide and rotation
Toe Tap DrillImprove weight distribution1. Tap toe during backswing 2. Shift weight to front footBalanced weight distribution

Drills to Improve Grip and Hand Position

Drill NameObjectiveStepsBenefits
Grip Pressure CheckEnsure proper grip pressure1. Check grip pressure 2. Adjust for comfortable, secure gripConsistent grip pressure
Glove Under Arm DrillMaintain connection1. Place a glove under trail arm 2. Swing without dropping gloveProper connection, better release
Pencil DrillDevelop proper grip1. Hold pencil in fingers 2. Mimic golf grip with pencil in placeImproved grip and hand position
Hinge and Hold DrillImprove wrist hinge1. Practice hinge in backswing 2. Hold hinge position brieflyProper wrist hinge and clubface control
Two Tee DrillMonitor grip pressure1. Place tees between fingers and grip 2. Swing without dropping teesMaintain proper grip pressure

Remember, correcting a pull takes practice and patience. Keep working on your swing and focus on maintaining proper alignment, swing path, and ball position. With time and effort, you can overcome your tendency to pull your shots and start hitting more accurate shots down the fairway.



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