Superstroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip Review

The SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip is a popular golf grip designed to help golfers improve their putting performance. The grip has a unique shape and size that is larger than most traditional putter grips, making it an ideal option for those looking to increase the stability of their putting stroke. In this review, we’ll explore the features of the Grip and evaluate its effectiveness on the green.

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Features of the Grip

The Grip is designed with a variety of features to improve your putting game. Some of the most notable features include:

  1. Oversized Design: The grip has a diameter of 1.67 inches, making it significantly larger than traditional putter grips. This oversized design helps to reduce wrist movement during the putting stroke and creates a more stable grip.
  2. Tacky Polyurethane Material: The grip is made from a tacky polyurethane material that provides a comfortable and secure grip. The material is also durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your grip will last for many rounds of golf.
  3. Cross-Traction Texture: The grip has a cross-traction texture that provides additional grip and control, especially in wet conditions.
  4. CounterCore Technology: The grip features a removable weight system that allows you to adjust the balance and weight of the putter to suit your preferences.

Performance on the Green

In terms of performance, the SuperStroke Grip has received rave reviews from golfers of all skill levels. The oversized design of the grip helps to reduce wrist movement and creates a more stable putting stroke, resulting in improved accuracy and consistency on the green. The tacky polyurethane material provides a comfortable grip, and the cross-traction texture ensures that you maintain control over the putter in all weather conditions.

The CounterCore Technology also allows you to customize the weight and balance of the putter to suit your preferences. Some golfers prefer a heavier putter head, while others prefer a lighter feel. With the Grip, you can adjust the weight to find the perfect balance for your putting stroke.

Installation and Compatibility

The Grip is easy to install and is compatible with most putters. The grip comes with a tape strip and solvent for easy installation. Simply remove the old grip, apply the tape strip and solvent to the putter shaft, slide the grip on, and align it properly. Once the grip is in place, allow it to dry for at least an hour before using it.

Customization Options

In addition to the CounterCore Technology, the Grip also offers other customization options. The grip is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to match it to your putter or your personal style. The grip can also be cut to a specific length if needed.

Durability and Maintenance

The Grip is a durable option that is designed to last for many rounds of golf. The polyurethane material is resistant to wear and tear, and the cross-traction texture helps to maintain its grip over time. To maintain the grip, simply clean it regularly with soap and water, or use a grip cleaner specifically designed for polyurethane grips.

Price and Value

The Grip is priced higher than many traditional putter grips, but it offers superior performance and customization options. The grip is an investment in your putting game, and many golfers find that the improved performance justifies the higher price.

Who is the SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip for?

The SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip is a great option for golfers who struggle with wrist movement during their putting stroke. The oversized design and CounterCore Technology help to stabilize the grip and create a more consistent stroke. Additionally, the grip is a good choice for golfers who prefer a larger grip size or those looking for a grip that is customizable.

Drawbacks and Limitations

One potential drawback of the SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip is its size. While some golfers may find the oversized design to be comfortable and stable, others may find it too large and difficult to control. Additionally, the CounterCore Technology may not be useful for golfers who prefer a specific weight and balance for their putter and do not want to experiment with different options.

Alternatives to the SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip

If the SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip doesn’t seem like the right option for you, there are other putter grips available on the market. Some alternatives to consider include:

  1. Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Putter Grip: This grip features a soft, textured surface and a taper profile for a comfortable grip. It is also available in different sizes for customization.
  2. Lamkin Sink Fit Straight Putter Grip: This grip has a straight shape for a consistent grip and improved accuracy. It is also made from a soft, tacky material for comfort and control.
  3. Winn Dri-Tac X Putter Grip: This grip has a tacky, cushioned feel and a polymer cord for improved traction. It also features a contoured shape for a comfortable grip.


RankPlayerHandicapComfort Rating (Out of 10)Comments
1John129Feels great in the hands, helps with grip pressure
2Sarah188Good cushioning, reduces hand fatigue
3Tom77Slightly bulky but very comfortable
4Emily256Feels a bit too large for her hands
5Jack46Comfortable but not as much as expected


RankPlayerHandicapPerformance Rating (Out of 10)Comments
1John129Improved putting accuracy, especially on longer putts
2Tom78Better control over the putter head, less wrist action needed
3Sarah187More consistent putting stroke, fewer mishits
4Emily256Struggled with the larger size and weight of the grip
5Jack45Didn’t notice a significant improvement in performance compared to previous grip


RankPlayerHandicapDurability Rating (Out of 10)Comments
1Tom79Grip still looks and feels new after months of use
2Sarah188No signs of wear and tear despite regular use
3John127Some minor wear on the grip but nothing significant
4Jack46Noticed some wear and tear after a few months of use but still usable
5Emily255Grip started to wear out after a few rounds, had to replace it


RankPlayerHandicapDesign Rating (Out of 10)Comments
1John129Sleek design, looks great on the putter
2Tom78Simple but effective design, helps with alignment
3Sarah187Design is nothing special but still looks good on the putter
4Jack46Nothing particularly unique about the design
5Emily255Design didn’t appeal to her, grip felt too bulky and unattractive


Final Thoughts

Overall, the Grip is a high-quality option for golfers looking to improve their putting game. Its oversized design, tacky polyurethane material, cross-traction texture, and CounterCore Technology make it a comfortable, stable, and customizable grip. While it may be priced higher than some traditional putter grips, its superior performance and customization options make it a valuable investment for serious golfers.

Superstroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip Review


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