What is Tathata Golf

Rathata Golf is a training program designed to help golfers improve their game by teaching them how to move their bodies in a more efficient and effective way. The program was developed by Bryan Hepler, a former professional golfer and fitness expert.

Tathata Golf is based on the concept of “movement efficiency,” which involves using the body’s natural movements to generate power and accuracy in the golf swing. The program teaches golfers how to move their bodies in a way that maximizes their potential, while minimizing the risk of injury.

The program consists of a series of training sessions that focus on various aspects of the golf swing, including the setup, backswing, downswing, impact, and follow-through. Each session is designed to help golfers improve their understanding of the golf swing and develop the skills necessary to execute it more effectively.

Tathata Golf is unique in that it incorporates elements of martial arts and yoga into its training program. This is because Hepler believes that these disciplines can help golfers develop greater body awareness, balance, and flexibility, which are all important for a successful golf swing.

In addition to its focus on movement efficiency and incorporating elements of martial arts and yoga, Tathata Golf also emphasizes the mental aspects of the game. The program includes training sessions that focus on mental preparation, visualization, and mindfulness techniques that can help golfers stay focused and calm under pressure.

Tathata Golf also utilizes a unique approach to training that involves using a variety of training aids, including special mats, balls, and clubs. These aids are designed to help golfers develop a better feel for the golf swing and improve their overall technique.

The program is available online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Golfers can enroll in the program and work through the training sessions at their own pace, making it a flexible and convenient option for busy golfers.

Tathata Golf has received positive reviews from many golfers who have tried the program. Many golfers have reported significant improvements in their game, including increased distance, accuracy, and consistency.

Tathata Golf Programs

Program NameDurationPriceLevelFocus
Tathata Golf Online Training60 days$197Beginner to AdvancedFundamentals, Swing Mechanics, Course Management
Tathata Golf In-Person Training3 days$2,795Intermediate to AdvancedMovement Training, Mental Training, On-Course Application
Tathata Golf Coaching Certification12 weeks$1,997Experienced Golf CoachesTathata Philosophy, Movement Training, Teaching Methodology
Tathata Golf Junior Training8 weeks$297Juniors 6-18 years oldGolf Fundamentals, Physical Fitness, Character Development
Tathata Golf Corporate TrainingCustomizableCustomizableCorporate TeamsTeam Building, Stress Management, Mental Training

Tathata Golf Program Levels

Program LevelProgram DescriptionProgram DurationProgram CostProgram Benefits
Level 1Tathata Golf 60-Day Training Program60 days$197Basic training for fundamentals of golf
Level 2Tathata Golf 90-Day Training Program90 days$297Advanced training for golf swing and form
Level 3Tathata Golf 120-Day Training Program120 days$397Elite training for golf performance and mental focus
Level 4Tathata Golf 180-Day Training Program180 days$497Comprehensive training for all aspects of golf
Level 5Tathata Golf 365-Day Training Program365 days$797Long-term training for ongoing golf improvement

Tathata Golf Course Modules

Course ModuleCourse DescriptionCourse DurationCourse CostCourse Benefits
Module 1The Foundation14 days$47Introduction to Tathata Golf principles and philosophy
Module 2The Movement21 days$67Training for proper body movement and alignment in golf swing
Module 3The Striking28 days$87Training for proper ball striking and shot shaping
Module 4The Short Game35 days$107Training for putting, chipping, and pitching
Module 5The Mastery42 days$127Comprehensive training for all aspects of golf

Tathata Golf’s Unique Training Methods

MindfulnessFocuses on the mental aspects of golf, such as visualization and relaxation
Martial ArtsIncorporates martial arts movements and principles to improve body control and balance
YogaUses yoga poses and stretches to improve flexibility and range of motion
Resistance TrainingUtilizes resistance bands and weights to build strength and power
Visual LearningUses video analysis and feedback to help golfers visualize and understand their swing mechanics

Tathata Golf Curriculum

Area of FocusTopics CoveredTechniques TaughtDrills and ExercisesBenefits
Body MovementAthletic stance, balance, rotation, weight shiftMartial arts-based movementsDynamic flow drills, slow motion swingsImproved swing mechanics and consistency
Mind TrainingVisualization, focus, mental clarityMindfulness techniquesMental rehearsals, breathworkImproved focus and mental game
Short GameChipping, putting, pitchingTathata’s “One Move” techniqueShort game mastery drillsImproved scoring and confidence around the green
Full SwingGrip, alignment, posture, ball positionTathata’s “Seven Elements” techniqueFull swing flow drills, swing sequencing drillsImproved distance, accuracy, and power
FitnessFlexibility, strength, conditioningTathata’s “Athleticism for Golf” programGolf-specific exercises, yogaImproved overall fitness and golf performance

Overall, Tathata Golf is a comprehensive training program that aims to help golfers of all levels improve their game. By teaching golfers how to move their bodies in a more efficient and effective way, the program can help them achieve greater consistency and accuracy on the course.


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