Taylormade M Flex

When it comes to golf, having the right equipment is crucial for improving your game. One important factor to consider is the flexibility or flex of your golf club shaft. The Taylormade M Flex is a popular choice among golfers due to its specific flex rating. In this guide, we will explore what the M Flex is, its characteristics, and how it can benefit your golf swing.

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What is the M Flex?

The M Flex refers to the flex rating of the golf club shaft produced by Taylormade, a leading manufacturer of golf equipment. Flex is a measure of how much a shaft bends during the golf swing. The M Flex falls within the mid-range of flex options offered by Taylormade, providing a balanced level of flexibility suitable for many golfers.

Characteristics of the M Flex

  1. Flexibility: The M Flex is designed to have a moderate level of flexibility. It offers a blend of stiffness and responsiveness, providing golfers with a balance between control and power.
  2. Swing Speed: The M Flex is suitable for golfers with a moderate swing speed. If your swing speed is not extremely fast or slow, the M Flex can help optimize your performance by generating the right amount of energy transfer.
  3. Shot Trajectory: The M Flex shaft typically produces a mid-high trajectory. This can be advantageous for golfers looking for additional carry distance and a slightly higher ball flight.
  4. Control and Accuracy: The M Flex shaft’s moderate flexibility allows for a certain degree of control and accuracy. It provides a stable feel during the swing, making it easier to square the clubface at impact and improve shot dispersion.

Benefits of the M Flex

  1. Increased Distance: The M Flex can help maximize distance by optimizing the transfer of energy from the clubhead to the golf ball. Its moderate flex allows for a sufficient load and release during the swing, generating increased clubhead speed and longer shots.
  2. Enhanced Consistency: With the M Flex, golfers can achieve a more consistent ball flight and shot pattern. The balanced flex promotes a smoother and more predictable swing, reducing the chances of wayward shots caused by excessive stiffness or flexibility.
  3. Improved Feel: The M Flex shaft offers a responsive and lively feel, providing feedback to golfers during the swing. This enhanced feel can lead to improved tempo and timing, resulting in better overall performance.
  4. Versatility: The M Flex is versatile enough to suit a wide range of golfers, from beginners to more experienced players. It can adapt to different swing styles and tempos, making it a reliable choice for golfers who want a dependable and adaptable shaft option.

Additional Information on the Taylormade M Flex:

  1. Shaft Materials: The Taylormade M Flex shaft is typically constructed using graphite. Graphite shafts are known for their lighter weight compared to steel shafts, allowing for increased swing speed and easier clubhead acceleration. The M Flex graphite shaft provides a balance of strength, flexibility, and responsiveness.
  2. Player Skill Level: The M Flex is suitable for a wide range of player skill levels, including both beginners and intermediate golfers. It can help newer players generate more distance and control, while also providing the necessary feedback for intermediate players to refine their swing mechanics.
  3. Customization Options: Taylormade offers various customization options for the M Flex shaft to meet individual golfer preferences. Golfers can choose from different shaft lengths, grips, and clubhead options to create a personalized club that suits their unique swing characteristics and playing style.
  4. Compatibility: The Taylormade M Flex shaft is designed to be compatible with a variety of Taylormade clubheads. Whether you prefer drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, or irons, there is likely an M Flex option available for your desired club.
  5. Fitting Process: To ensure the best performance with the Taylormade M Flex shaft, it is recommended to go through a club fitting process. Professional club fitters can assess your swing dynamics, including swing speed, tempo, and release point, to determine if the M Flex is the ideal choice for you or if another flex option would better suit your needs.
  6. Transitioning Flex Levels: As golfers progress and refine their swing, they may consider transitioning from the M Flex to a different flex rating. If you experience significant changes in swing speed, strength, or skill level, consulting with a club fitter or golf professional can help determine if a stiffer or more flexible shaft is appropriate for your game.
  7. Availability: The Taylormade M Flex shaft is widely available through authorized retailers, golf pro shops, and online platforms. It is recommended to purchase from reputable sources to ensure authenticity and to have access to customer support or warranty services if needed.

Shaft Options

Shaft ModelFlexTorque (degrees)Weight (grams)Kick Point
Fujikura SpeedM Flex4.555Mid-High
Aldila RogueM Flex3.765Mid
Mitsubishi TenseiM Flex4.270Mid-Low
Graphite Design Tour ADM Flex3.255High
Project X HZRDUSM Flex2.875Low-Mid
UST Mamiya ProForceM Flex4.065Mid-High
Accra FXM Flex3.975Low-Mid
Graphite Design Tour AD TPM Flex4.565Mid-High
Fujikura VentusM Flex3.565Mid
Mitsubishi DiamanaM Flex4.060Mid-High

Iron Set Composition

IronLoft (degrees)Lie Angle (degrees)Shaft TypeFlex
42160SteelM Flex
52461GraphiteM Flex
62761.5SteelM Flex
73062GraphiteM Flex
83462.5SteelM Flex
93863GraphiteM Flex
PW4263.5SteelM Flex
AW4664GraphiteM Flex
SW5464.5SteelM Flex
LW5865GraphiteM Flex

Driver Specifications

Driver ModelLoft (degrees)Head Size (cc)Shaft TypeFlex
SIM 2 Max10.5460GraphiteM Flex
SIM 29460GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Draw12460GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Max D10.5460GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Max Draw12460GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Max Women’s12460GraphiteM Flex
SIM10.5460GraphiteM Flex
SIM Max D10.5460GraphiteM Flex
SIM Women’s10.5460GraphiteM Flex
SIM Max9460GraphiteM Flex

Wood Specifications

Fairway Wood ModelLoft (degrees)Head Size (cc)Shaft TypeFlex
SIM 2 Max15190GraphiteM Flex
SIM 213.5180GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Draw18190GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Max D15190GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Max Draw18190GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Max Women’s18190GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Titanium15190GraphiteM Flex
SIM Max D15190GraphiteM Flex
SIM Max Women’s15190GraphiteM Flex
SIM Titanium13.5180GraphiteM Flex

Hybrid Specifications

Hybrid ModelLoft (degrees)Head Size (cc)Shaft TypeFlex
SIM Max Rescue19195GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Rescue19195GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Rescue Draw22195GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Rescue Max19195GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Rescue Max D19195GraphiteM Flex
SIM 2 Rescue Max Women’s22195GraphiteM Flex
SIM Rescue19195GraphiteM Flex
SIM Max Rescue D19195GraphiteM Flex
SIM Max Rescue Women’s19195GraphiteM Flex
SIM Rescue D19195GraphiteM Flex


Selecting the right golf club shaft flex is essential for optimizing your swing and improving your game. The Taylormade M Flex offers a balanced level of flexibility, providing golfers with increased distance, enhanced consistency, improved feel, and versatility on the course. Whether you’re a mid-handicap golfer or an avid player looking for a reliable shaft option, the M Flex can be a valuable addition to your golf bag. Remember to consider your swing speed, shot trajectory preferences, and overall swing characteristics when choosing a golf club shaft flex, as personalization is key to achieving optimal performance.

Taylormade M Flex


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