TaylorMade P-790 vs P-770 Iron Review

When it comes to golf clubs, TaylorMade is a brand that consistently delivers high-quality products. The P-790 and P-770 irons are two of their most popular models, each catering to a slightly different type of golfer. In this review, we will compare and contrast the TaylorMade P-790 and P-770 irons to help you determine which one might be the right choice for your game.

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1. Design and Construction

  • TaylorMade P-790: The P-790 irons are known for their innovative design. They feature a hollow construction with a forged face made from soft 4140 carbon steel. This combination of materials enhances ball speed and provides excellent forgiveness. The SpeedFoam technology injected into the head improves sound and feel while maintaining a clean look.
  • TaylorMade P-770: The P-770 irons are designed for precision and control. They have a compact cavity back design with a forged 8620 carbon steel face. The smaller cavity enhances workability, making them ideal for players who want more shot-shaping capabilities. These irons also have a SpeedFoam cavity to improve feel and sound.

2. Performance

  • TaylorMade P-790: The P-790 irons are geared towards golfers who want distance and forgiveness. The hollow construction and SpeedFoam technology make them forgiving on mishits while providing impressive ball speed. They are suitable for mid to high handicappers who prioritize distance and forgiveness without sacrificing too much control.
  • TaylorMade P-770: The P-770 irons are more for players who value control and workability. The smaller head size and cavity design allow for shot shaping and precise ball placement. They offer less forgiveness than the P-790 but provide a higher level of control, making them a better fit for low to mid handicappers.

3. Feel and Sound

  • TaylorMade P-790: The P-790 irons are known for their soft and responsive feel, thanks to the forged face and the integration of SpeedFoam. The sound at impact is crisp and satisfying, providing the player with excellent feedback on their shots.
  • TaylorMade P-770: The P-770 irons also offer a great feel, though it’s slightly different from the P-790. The compact design and SpeedFoam cavity provide a solid and controlled feel, which is preferred by players who prioritize workability and precision.

4. Looks and Aesthetics

  • TaylorMade P-790: The P-790 irons have a modern and sleek appearance, with a slightly thicker topline and a larger clubhead compared to the P-770. They offer a clean, player-friendly look that appeals to a wide range of golfers.
  • TaylorMade P-770: The P-770 irons have a more traditional, compact appearance, with a thinner topline and less offset. They have a classic look that will appeal to golfers who prefer a more traditional clubhead design.

5. Price

  • TaylorMade P-790: Typically, the P-790 irons are priced higher than the P-770 irons due to their more advanced technology and forgiveness features. They are considered a premium iron set.
  • TaylorMade P-770: The P-770 irons are usually priced lower than the P-790, making them a more budget-friendly option for golfers looking for a TaylorMade iron with a focus on control.

6. Customization and Fitting

  • TaylorMade P-790: TaylorMade offers various custom shaft and grip options for the P-790 irons, allowing you to fine-tune the clubs to your swing and preferences. It’s advisable to get a professional fitting to optimize your set.
  • TaylorMade P-770: Similarly, the P-770 irons come with customization options, enabling you to select the shaft and grip that best suit your game. A fitting session can help you dial in the right specifications for your swing.

7. Forgiveness vs. Control

  • TaylorMade P-790: The P-790 irons prioritize forgiveness, making them more suitable for players who struggle with mishits or need extra distance. They are forgiving but still provide a good level of control.
  • TaylorMade P-770: The P-770 irons prioritize control and workability, making them ideal for players who are confident in their ball-striking ability and want to shape shots with precision.

8. Player Handicaps

  • TaylorMade P-790: Best suited for mid to high handicappers (8-20 handicap range) who need assistance with distance and forgiveness.
  • TaylorMade P-770: Better suited for low to mid handicappers (scratch to 15 handicap range) who prioritize control and precision in their iron play.

9. Transition Clubs

  • TaylorMade P-790: Some golfers choose to blend P-790 long irons (3-5) with P-770 mid and short irons (6-PW) to create a combo set that maximizes forgiveness and control where they need it most.
  • TaylorMade P-770: If you prefer a consistent look and feel throughout your set, you can use P-770 irons from 3-PW to maintain control and workability across your iron game.

10. Long-Term Investment

Consider your long-term golfing goals and how your game might evolve. The P-790 irons may offer more forgiveness as you improve, while the P-770 irons might provide better precision and control for experienced players.

Club Type Comparison

Club TypeTaylorMade P-790TaylorMade P-770

Material Comparison

MaterialTaylorMade P-790TaylorMade P-770
ClubheadStainless SteelForged Carbon
Face InsertSpeedFoamForged Carbon
Shaft MaterialSteel or GraphiteSteel or Graphite
Grip TypeRubberRubber
Hosel TypeAdjustableFixed

Loft and Lie Comparison

Loft (Degrees)Lie (Degrees)TaylorMade P-790TaylorMade P-770

Shaft Flex Options

Shaft FlexTaylorMade P-790TaylorMade P-770
Extra StiffYesYes

 Price Comparison

Set ConfigurationTaylorMade P-790 Price (USD)TaylorMade P-770 Price (USD)
Individual IronsVariesVaries

Forgiveness Comparison

Forgiveness FeatureTaylorMade P-790TaylorMade P-770
Perimeter WeightingYesYes
Low CG DesignYesYes
SpeedFoam TechnologyYesNo
Inverted Cone TechnologyYesYes
Thinner ClubfaceYesNo

Distance and Control Comparison

AspectTaylorMade P-790TaylorMade P-770
Shot ShapingModerateExcellent
Ball FlightMid-HighMid-High

Player Handicap Suitability

Handicap LevelTaylorMade P-790TaylorMade P-770
Tour PlayersYesYes

Customization Options

Customization FeatureTaylorMade P-790TaylorMade P-770
Custom Lie AngleYesYes
Adjustable HoselYesNo
Custom Shaft OptionsYesYes
Grip OptionsYesYes
Custom LengthYesYes

Pros and Cons

AspectTaylorMade P-790TaylorMade P-770
Pros– Provides distance and forgiveness– Excellent control and workability
– Suitable for a wide range of players– Well-suited for mid to high handicaps
– Good customization options– Impressive distance and accuracy
Cons– Less workability compared to P-770– Slightly higher price point
– May not suit low handicappers– Limited adjustability options
– Pricey compared to some competitors– Not ideal for beginners

In conclusion, both the TaylorMade P-790 and P-770 irons have their own strengths and are designed to cater to different player profiles and preferences. To make an informed decision, it’s essential to test both sets on the range or during a fitting session to see which one feels the most comfortable and delivers the performance you desire. Ultimately, choosing between these two high-quality TaylorMade iron sets will depend on your individual game and what aspects of iron play are most important to you.

TaylorMade P-790 vs P-770 Iron Review


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