TaylorMade P790 vs Titleist T100 Iron Comparison

When it comes to golf irons, TaylorMade and Titleist are two of the most renowned brands in the industry. Both have a loyal following, and their respective iron models, the TaylorMade P790 and the Titleist T100, have garnered considerable attention among golfers. In this comparison, we will break down the key features and differences between these two iron sets to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Technology

TaylorMade P790

  • The TaylorMade P790 irons are known for their forged construction with a hollow body design.
  • They feature a low-profile tungsten weighting, which enhances forgiveness and stability while maintaining a clean look.
  • SpeedFoam technology is integrated into the clubhead, improving feel and sound while also enhancing distance and consistency.

Titleist T100

  • The Titleist T100 irons are forged from a single piece of high-quality carbon steel for exceptional feel and feedback.
  • These irons have a compact and traditional blade-like appearance, appealing to better players who prefer a classic look.
  • Titleist’s co-forging process places tungsten in the heel and toe of the clubhead, providing precise CG placement for optimal forgiveness and control.


TaylorMade P790

  • The P790 irons are known for their impressive distance and forgiveness, making them suitable for a wide range of handicaps.
  • SpeedFoam technology dampens vibrations, creating a soft feel at impact while maintaining excellent ball speed.
  • The low CG promotes a higher launch and improved playability.

Titleist T100

  • Titleist T100 irons are aimed at accomplished golfers who prioritize control and shot shaping.
  • These irons provide excellent workability and control, allowing skilled players to shape shots with precision.
  • The forged construction ensures exceptional feel and feedback, making them suitable for golfers who value shot-making.

Appearance and Feel

TaylorMade P790

  • P790 irons have a modern, slightly chunky appearance with a medium topline and moderate offset.
  • The SpeedFoam technology enhances the feel, creating a soft and responsive sensation at impact.

Titleist T100

  • The T100 irons have a classic, compact look with a thin topline and minimal offset.
  • Golfers who prefer a traditional, blade-like appearance will appreciate the aesthetics of these irons.
  • The forged construction provides a buttery feel that many skilled golfers prefer.


TaylorMade P790

  • The TaylorMade P790 irons are typically priced in the mid-range to high-end category.

Titleist T100

  • Titleist T100 irons are often positioned in the high-end category due to their premium materials and craftsmanship.

Customization and Fitting

TaylorMade P790

  • TaylorMade often provides a variety of shaft and grip options to allow for some customization.
  • It’s crucial to get properly fitted for the P790 irons to optimize performance.

Titleist T100

  • Titleist is known for its extensive fitting options, allowing golfers to fine-tune their T100 irons for their specific needs.
  • Custom shaft and grip selections are readily available through Titleist’s fitting network.

Forgiveness vs. Precision

TaylorMade P790

  • The P790 irons offer a higher degree of forgiveness, making them suitable for golfers with a range of handicaps.
  • If you tend to mishit shots occasionally and value added distance, the P790’s forgiveness can be a significant advantage.

Titleist T100

  • The T100 irons prioritize precision and control, making them ideal for skilled golfers who consistently strike the ball well.
  • These irons are designed for shot shaping and feel, which can be essential for golfers who want to take their game to the next level through precision.

Maintenance and Durability

TaylorMade P790

  • The SpeedFoam technology in the P790 irons can potentially wear out over time, affecting the feel and sound.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended to preserve the performance and aesthetics of these irons.

Titleist T100

  • Titleist T100 irons are known for their durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Proper care and maintenance can ensure they remain in excellent condition for an extended period.


AspectTaylorMade P790Titleist T100
Launch ControlGoodExcellent


AspectTaylorMade P790Titleist T100
Iron Body8620 Carbon Steel1025 Carbon Steel
Face InsertSpeedFoam TechnologyDual Cavity Design
Shaft OptionsMultiple OptionsCustom Shafts
Grip OptionsMultiple OptionsCustom Grips
FinishSatin ChromeTour Chrome

Clubhead Design

AspectTaylorMade P790Titleist T100
Clubhead ShapeCavity BackCavity Back
Sole WidthModerateModerate
Blade LengthSlightly LongerSlightly Compact
Topline ThicknessThinThin

Shaft Options

AspectTaylorMade P790Titleist T100
Steel ShaftsMultiple OptionsCustom Shafts
Graphite ShaftsMultiple OptionsCustom Shafts
Shaft FlexRegular, StiffVarious Options
Shaft WeightVariesVaries

Price and Availability

AspectTaylorMade P790Titleist T100
Price Range (Per Set)$1,299 – $1,499 (MSRP)$1,399 – $1,599 (MSRP)
Customization OptionsYes, Custom Fitting AvailableYes, Custom Fitting Available
AvailabilityWidely AvailableWidely Available
Release YearVarious Models Since 20172019
Used MarketAvailableLimited Availability

Player Type

AspectTaylorMade P790Titleist T100
Player CategoryGame ImprovementPlayer’s Iron
Handicap RangeHigh to MidLow to Mid
Shot Shaping ControlModerateHigh
Feel PreferenceSoftSoft

Loft Options

AspectTaylorMade P790Titleist T100
Loft AvailabilityVarious Loft OptionsLimited Loft Options
Standard Loft (7-iron)30.5 degrees34 degrees
Loft AdjustabilityLimited (Hosel Adjustment)Limited (Hosel Adjustment)
Custom Loft OptionsYes, Custom Loft AdjustmentsLimited (Custom Orders)
Distance GappingCan Customize GapsPrecise Distance Gapping

Spin Control

AspectTaylorMade P790Titleist T100
Spin ControlModerate to HighHigh
Groove TechnologyInverted Cone TechnologySpin-Milled Grooves
Spin AdjustabilityLimitedModerate to High
Green ControlGoodExcellent
Weather ConditionsVersatileVersatile

Sound and Feedback

AspectTaylorMade P790Titleist T100
Sound at ImpactSolid, Low-PitchedSolid, Soft
Acoustic FeelStriking SoundSubdued Sound

Tour Player Usage

AspectTaylorMade P790Titleist T100
Tour Player UsageSome Tour PlayersPopular Among Tour Players
PGA Tour WinsMultiple WinsMultiple Wins
Custom GrindsAvailableLimited Availability


Choosing between the TaylorMade P790 and Titleist T100 irons depends on your skill level, preferences, and budget. If you seek distance, forgiveness, and a slightly larger clubhead, the TaylorMade P790 may be the better choice. On the other hand, if you prioritize control, shot shaping, and a classic look, the Titleist T100 irons could be your preferred option. Ultimately, both sets offer high-quality performance and can help you improve your golf game, so trying them out on the course or at a fitting session is advisable before making a final decision.

TaylorMade P790 vs Titleist T100 Iron Comparison


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