TaylorMade Stealth Plus Vs Titleist TSi3

When it comes to golf equipment, choosing the right driver is a critical decision for golfers looking to improve their game. TaylorMade and Titleist are two renowned brands in the golf industry, each offering their own set of drivers. In this detailed comparison, we will evaluate the TaylorMade Stealth Plus and the Titleist TSi3 drivers to help you make an informed decision.

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1. Design and Technology

TaylorMade Stealth Plus:

  • The TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver features a carbon fiber crown with a matte finish, reducing glare and enhancing alignment at address.
  • It incorporates the “Stealth CFT” (Carbon Fiber T-Track) technology, allowing golfers to adjust the center of gravity (CG) to optimize launch and spin.
  • Twist Face technology helps mitigate off-center hits by reducing side spin.

Titleist TSi3:

  • The Titleist TSi3 boasts a classic pear-shaped head with a titanium crown, offering a traditional yet refined look.
  • It features Titleist’s “SureFit CG” technology, enabling golfers to fine-tune the CG location for a customized ball flight.
  • The TSi3 utilizes an ATI 425 aerospace-grade titanium face for improved ball speed and distance.

2. Performance

TaylorMade Stealth Plus:

  • The TaylorMade Stealth Plus is known for its exceptional forgiveness and high launch characteristics.
  • It’s designed to provide maximum ball speed across the face, resulting in longer and straighter drives.
  • Twist Face technology helps minimize slice and hook shots for improved accuracy.

Titleist TSi3:

  • The Titleist TSi3 offers a more workable and versatile ball flight with its adjustable CG settings.
  • Golfers seeking greater control over their trajectory may prefer the TSi3’s adjustability.
  • The ATI 425 face contributes to improved ball speed and distance potential.

3. Adjustability

TaylorMade Stealth Plus:

  • The Stealth Plus provides adjustable loft and lie settings, allowing golfers to fine-tune their launch conditions.
  • The Stealth CFT technology enables center of gravity adjustments for further customization.

Titleist TSi3:

  • The Titleist TSi3 driver offers adjustable loft and lie settings.
  • The SureFit CG technology allows for precise CG adjustments to optimize shot shape and trajectory.

4. Sound and Feel

TaylorMade Stealth Plus:

  • The Stealth Plus offers a solid and muted sound at impact, preferred by many golfers.
  • It provides a smooth and consistent feel throughout the swing.

Titleist TSi3:

  • The TSi3 driver produces a traditional, crisp sound at impact, providing feedback appreciated by some golfers.
  • Its feel is often described as responsive and precise.

5. Price

TaylorMade Stealth Plus:

  • The TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver is typically priced in the mid-to-high range, making it a competitive option in its category.

Titleist TSi3:

  • The Titleist TSi3 driver is also positioned in the mid-to-high price range, offering a premium choice for golfers.

6. Shaft Options

TaylorMade Stealth Plus:

  • The TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver offers a variety of stock and custom shaft options to suit different swing profiles and preferences.
  • Customization of the shaft can be essential for optimizing launch, spin, and feel.

Titleist TSi3:

  • Titleist also provides a range of stock and custom shaft options for the TSi3 driver.
  • Customizing the shaft allows golfers to fine-tune their driver to their specific needs and swing characteristics.

7. Brand Reputation and Support

TaylorMade Stealth Plus:

  • TaylorMade is a well-established and trusted brand in the golf industry, known for innovation and high-performance equipment.
  • They offer strong customer support and have a robust presence in the golf community.

Titleist TSi3:

  • Titleist is synonymous with quality and precision in golf equipment.
  • Titleist is renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship and product quality.

8. Appearance and Address

TaylorMade Stealth Plus:

  • The TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver features a modern and stealthy design, appealing to golfers who prefer a contemporary look.
  • The matte finish on the crown reduces glare and can help with alignment at address.

Titleist TSi3:

  • The Titleist TSi3 has a more classic and traditional appearance with a pear-shaped head that suits golfers who appreciate a timeless look.
  • The polished titanium crown exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication.

9. Personalized Fitting

Both TaylorMade and Titleist offer fitting options at various retail locations and through authorized fitting centers. Personalized fitting sessions can significantly impact your driver selection, ensuring that the chosen driver matches your swing characteristics, resulting in improved performance on the course.


AspectTaylorMade Stealth PlusTitleist TSi3
Clubhead Size (cc)460460
Loft (degrees)9, 10.5, 129, 10.5, 12
Ball Speed (mph)HighHigh
Spin ControlLowMid
Launch AngleMidMid

Shaft Options

Shaft BrandTaylorMade Stealth Plus OptionsTitleist TSi3 Options
Project X HZRDUSSmoke, RDX, Smoke BlackTensei AV Series, HZRDUS
Mitsubishi Kuro KageSilver, Black, Dual-CoreTensei AV Series, HZRDUS
Fujikura VentusRed, Blue, BlackTensei AV Series, HZRDUS
Aldila RogueSilver, Black, WhiteTensei AV Series, HZRDUS
UST Mamiya LIN-QBlue, Red, BlackTensei AV Series, HZRDUS
Price Range$$ – $$$$$$ – $$$$

Material and Construction

Material/ConstructionTaylorMade Stealth PlusTitleist TSi3
Clubhead MaterialCarbon Composite, Steel FaceTitanium, Steel Face
Face TechnologyTwist Face, Speed PocketCNC Milled Face, Speed Pocket
Weight ConfigurationAdjustable Back WeightsSureFit CG Weight Kit
SoundEnhanced, Stealthy SoundSolid, Traditional Sound
GripGolf Pride Z-GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Player Category

Player CategoryTaylorMade Stealth PlusTitleist TSi3
Handicap RangeLow to MidMid to Low
Swing SpeedModerate to HighHigh
Shot ShapingNeutral to Slight DrawNeutral
Feel PreferenceSoftSolid


AvailabilityTaylorMade Stealth PlusTitleist TSi3
Release DateJanuary 2023November 2022
Custom OptionsYesYes
Price Range$$ – $$$$$$ – $$$$



10. Final Considerations

In the TaylorMade Stealth Plus vs. Titleist TSi3 comparison, it’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Your choice should be based on your individual preferences, swing characteristics, and performance needs. Consider factors such as adjustability, forgiveness, feel, and the visual appeal of the driver. Ultimately, the driver that helps you achieve your desired ball flight, distance, and accuracy should be the one that finds a place in your bag. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from a professional fitter to make an informed decision that complements your game.


TaylorMade Stealth Plus Vs Titleist TSi3


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