Texas Scramble in Golf

Golf is a sport known for its various formats that cater to players of different skill levels and preferences. One of the most popular and enjoyable team formats is the Texas Scramble. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Texas Scramble format in golf, including how it works, the rules, and why it’s a favorite among golfers.

What is Texas Scramble?

Texas Scramble is a team-based golf format designed to promote inclusivity and enhance the enjoyment of the game. It’s a departure from traditional stroke play or match play, as it emphasizes teamwork and allows golfers of varying abilities to play together competitively.

Team Composition

A Texas Scramble team typically consists of four golfers, but the number can vary depending on the event or local rules. These players pool their skills to achieve the best possible score on each hole. Teams can be comprised of golfers of different skill levels, making it an excellent format for charity events, corporate outings, or just a fun day on the course with friends.

How It Works

Tee Shots

  1. Each player on the team tees off on every hole.
  2. After all tee shots, the team selects the best one – the one that offers the most favorable position.

Second Shots

  1. From the spot where the selected tee shot landed, each player then hits their second shot.
  2. The team again chooses the best second shot.

Continue the Process

  1. This process continues for the remaining strokes until the ball is holed.
  2. Once the ball is in the hole, the team records their score for that hole.

Score Calculation

The team’s score for each hole is based on the number of strokes it took to complete the hole using the selected best shots. In most cases, this means the team will play significantly better than their individual handicaps would suggest, which adds to the appeal of Texas Scramble.


To level the playing field, teams may apply handicaps. Handicaps are individualized scores that reflect a golfer’s skill level. In Texas Scramble, the total team handicap is often calculated by taking a percentage of each player’s individual handicap or using a preset maximum handicap limit. This ensures that even teams with golfers of varying abilities can compete on a fair basis.


Texas Scramble is flexible, allowing for various modifications and rule adjustments depending on the event or local customs. Some common variations include:

  • Best Ball Texas Scramble: Similar to the standard format, but each player plays their ball from the selected spot until it’s holed. This can increase the challenge but also adds more excitement.
  • Mulligans: Some Texas Scramble games allow each player a limited number of mulligans (extra shots) to use at their discretion, usually for tee shots.
  • No Putts Over a Certain Length: To speed up play, some Texas Scramble events limit the length of putts that can be made without consulting the team.

Why Golfers Love Texas Scramble

  1. Social and Fun: Texas Scramble encourages camaraderie and teamwork, making it an ideal format for social golf events.
  2. Inclusivity: Players of all skill levels can participate and contribute to their team’s success, fostering a sense of belonging.
  3. Speed of Play: It typically results in faster rounds of golf compared to stroke play.
  4. Strategy: Teams must strategize and make decisions about which shots to select, adding an element of strategy to the game.
  5. Scoring Excitement: The format often leads to lower scores and more birdies and eagles, creating excitement on the course.

Tips for Success in Texas Scramble

Now that we’ve explored the basics of Texas Scramble, let’s discuss some tips to help your team perform well and make the most of this enjoyable format.

1. Strategic Tee Shots:

  • On par 4s and 5s, focus on ensuring a solid tee shot. This sets the stage for the rest of the hole.
  • For par 3s, consider taking more aggressive shots at the pin, as you’ll only need one good putt.

2. Balanced Team Composition:

  • Mix experienced and novice golfers on your team. More skilled players can help guide less experienced golfers, while beginners can contribute with their shots.
  • Assign roles. Designate someone to be the “putting specialist” who takes crucial putts if you’re close to the hole.

3. Communication:

  • Constantly communicate with your team about shot selection and strategy.
  • Discuss the best shots to take, and don’t be afraid to offer input, even if it’s not your turn to play.

4. Practice Putting:

  • Sharpen your putting skills because the team’s score often depends on making those short putts.
  • Practice short putts and read the greens carefully to improve your team’s chances.

5. Strategic Mulligan Use:

  • If your Texas Scramble game allows mulligans, use them wisely. Save them for critical moments when they can make a real difference.

6. Stay Relaxed:

  • Keep the atmosphere light and fun. Texas Scramble is all about enjoying the game and the company of your teammates.

7. Familiarize Yourself with Handicaps:

  • Understand how handicaps work and how they are applied in your specific Texas Scramble event. This knowledge can help you strategize more effectively.

8. Be Mindful of Time:

  • While Texas Scramble can speed up play compared to stroke play, be mindful of pace to ensure a smooth and enjoyable round for everyone on the course.

9. Celebrate Success:

  • Celebrate great shots and successful putts with your team. Positive reinforcement can boost team morale and performance.

Texas Scramble Team Names

Team NameCaptainPlayer 2Player 3Player 4
Birdie BunchJohn SmithSarah JohnsonDavid WilsonLisa Davis
Fairway WarriorsMichael AdamsEmily TurnerJames ParkerJessica White
Tee Time TitansRobert AndersonMichelle LeeWilliam BrownSophia Garcia
Par PioneersThomas RobinsonOlivia HallEthan TaylorAva Martinez
Green GiantsRichard MillerEmma CollinsDaniel ClarkGrace Turner
Hole-in-One HeroesJennifer HarrisSamuel WrightLily MartinezBenjamin Lewis
Eagle ExpressChristopher DavisSophia AdamsJackson WilsonChloe Anderson
Albatross AllianceWilliam TurnerMadison ParkerNathan HallIsabella Harris
Chip Shot ChampsJacob AndersonMia DavisEthan JohnsonNatalie Smith
Mulligan MastersDaniel GarciaEmily DavisOlivia AdamsMatthew White

Texas Scramble Rules

Rule NumberRule Description
1Each team consists of 4 players.
2All players tee off, and the best shot is chosen.
3The chosen shot is marked, and all players play from there.
4This process continues until the ball is holed.
5Teams aim to complete the course with the fewest strokes.
6Handicap adjustments are often used to level the playing field.
7A fun and social format, ideal for charity events.

Benefits of Texas Scramble

Team BuildingFosters camaraderie and teamwork among players.
InclusivityAll skill levels can participate and contribute.
Low PressureRelaxed format reduces pressure on individual players.
Social InteractionIdeal for socializing and networking on the course.
FundraisingPopular for charity events due to its accessibility.
Fast-PacedSpeeds up play compared to traditional formats.
Skill DevelopmentAllows less experienced players to learn from others.

Famous Texas Scramble Tournaments

Tournament NameLocationNotable WinnersYear Started
Pebble Beach Pro-AmPebble Beach, CATiger Woods, Bill Murray, Justin Timberlake1937
Humana ChallengeLa Quinta, CAArnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson, Bill Clinton1960
QBE ShootoutNaples, FLGreg Norman, Matt Kuchar, Steve Elkington1989
Franklin Templeton ShootoutNaples, FLGreg Norman, Steve Elkington, Jerry Kelly1989
CVS Charity ClassicBarrington, RIBrad Faxon, Billy Andrade, Keegan Bradley1999
Shark ShootoutNaples, FLGreg Norman, Steve Elkington, Mark O’Meara1989
Wendy’s 3-Tour ChallengeVariousVarious PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour players1992
ADT Skills ChallengeVariousVarious PGA stars showcasing their skills1987
Merrill Lynch ShootoutVariousVarious professional golfers1989
CVS Health Charity ClassicRhode IslandVarious celebrities and golf pros1999

Strategies for Texas Scramble

Tee Off StrategyChoose the best driver for the team’s skill level.
Player RotationRotate players for each shot to share strengths.
Putt SelectionSelect the best putter based on the team’s preference.
CommunicationEffective communication is key to shot selection.
Risk ManagementAssess when to play safe and when to take risks.
Fun FactorKeep a lighthearted and fun atmosphere on the course.
ConsistencyAim for consistent shots rather than risky ones.



Texas Scramble is a golf format that brings golfers of different abilities together, fostering camaraderie and competition in equal measure. By following these tips and embracing the spirit of teamwork and fun, you and your team can enjoy success on the course while making lasting memories. Whether you’re participating in a charity event, corporate outing, or a casual round with friends, Texas Scramble is sure to provide an enjoyable and rewarding golfing experience.

Texas Scramble in Golf


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