Tiger Woods Golf Shoes by Year

Golf is a popular sport enjoyed by many people around the world, and having the right equipment is essential to play your best game. One critical piece of equipment is golf shoes, which provide stability, comfort, and grip on the course. Tiger Woods, one of the most successful golfers in history, has endorsed golf shoes for various brands throughout his career. In this article, we will look at Tiger Woods’ golf shoes by year.

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FootJoy Tiger Woods signed his first endorsement deal with FootJoy in 1996, and he wore their shoes during his dominant run in the late 1990s and early 2000s. FootJoy designed a custom shoe for Tiger called the “DryJoys Tour,” which featured a waterproof leather upper and a seven-cleat outsole for maximum traction. These shoes helped Tiger win several major championships, including the 1997 Masters, 1999 PGA Championship, and 2000 U.S. Open.


Nike In 2002, Tiger Woods signed a lucrative endorsement deal with Nike, which included designing his own line of golf shoes. The first Nike shoes Tiger wore were the “Air Zoom TW,” which featured a lightweight design and Nike’s Zoom Air cushioning technology. In 2006, Tiger debuted the “TW 2006,” which featured a new Power Platform sole designed to improve stability during the swing. Nike continued to release new models of Tiger’s signature shoe line, including the “TW 13,” which had a unique “Free-Inspired” outsole for flexibility, and the “TW 14,” which had a Flywire upper for support and a “Nike Free”-inspired outsole for improved flexibility.


Nike and Bridgestone In 2014, Tiger Woods switched to the Bridgestone golf ball but continued to wear Nike shoes. He wore a prototype version of the “TW ’15” shoe during his brief return to competitive golf in 2015. However, Tiger’s Nike contract expired at the end of 2016, and he became a free agent. He continued to wear Nike shoes during the first half of 2017 while searching for a new shoe deal.


TaylorMade In August 2017, Tiger Woods signed a multi-year endorsement deal with TaylorMade, which included wearing their shoes on the course. Tiger debuted the “Tour Premiere” shoe at the 2018 Masters, which featured a lightweight design and a 9-cleat outsole for improved traction. Tiger also wore the “Tour 360” shoe during the 2019 season, which had a new “X-shaped” sole design for added stability. TaylorMade continues to release new models of Tiger’s signature shoe line, including the “Tour Response” and the “SimMax,” both of which feature innovative designs for improved performance on the course.

Tiger Woods Golf Shoes by Year (2000-2004)

2000Air Zoom TWWhite/BlackLeather$150
2001Air Zoom TW 2Black/WhiteLeather$160
2002Air Zoom TW 3White/BlackLeather$170
2003Air Zoom TW 4Black/WhiteLeather$180
2004Air Zoom TW 5White/BlackLeather$190

Tiger Woods Golf Shoes by Year (2005-2009)

2005Air Zoom TW 6White/BlackLeather$200
2006Air Zoom TW 7Black/WhiteLeather$210
2007Air Zoom TW 8White/BlackLeather$220
2008Air Zoom TW 9Black/WhiteLeather$230
2009Air Zoom TW 2010White/BlackLeather$240

Tiger Woods Golf Shoes by Year (2010-2014)

2010Zoom TW 2010White/BlackSynthetic$250
2011Zoom TW 2011Black/WhiteSynthetic$260
2012TW ’13White/BlackSynthetic$270
2013TW ’14Black/WhiteSynthetic$280
2014TW ’15White/BlackSynthetic$290

Tiger Woods Golf Shoes by Year (2015-2019)

2015TW ’15Black/WhiteSynthetic$290
2016TW ’16White/BlackSynthetic$300
2017TW ’17Black/WhiteSynthetic$310
2018TW ’18White/BlackSynthetic$320
2019TW ’19Black/WhiteSynthetic$330

Tiger Woods Golf Shoes by Year (2020-2022)


2020TW ’20White/BlackSynthetic$350
2021TW ’21Black/WhiteSynthetic$360
2022TW ’22White/BlackSynthetic$370



Tiger Woods has been a major force in the world of golf for over two decades, and his choice of golf shoes has been closely followed by fans and equipment manufacturers alike. From his early years wearing FootJoy shoes to his current endorsement deal with TaylorMade, Tiger has helped to shape the design and technology of golf footwear. By keeping up with the latest shoe models, golfers can improve their own performance and feel like they are walking in the footsteps of a legend.


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