Top Golf Channels on YouTube

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newcomer to the sport, YouTube is an excellent resource to learn new skills, improve your game, and stay up-to-date with the latest golf news. We’ve compiled a list of the top golf channels on YouTube, featuring talented golfers, coaches, and content creators who share their expertise with millions of viewers. From tips and tricks to course reviews and equipment analysis, these channels have everything you need to elevate your game.

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  1. Me and My Golf

Me and My Golf, hosted by Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, is one of the most popular golf channels on YouTube. They provide easy-to-follow golf instruction, practical tips, and drills for golfers of all skill levels. Their engaging and fun teaching style has earned them a loyal following.

  1. Rick Shiels Golf

Rick Shiels is a PGA Golf Professional who offers high-quality golf content on his YouTube channel. From club reviews to course vlogs and challenges, Rick’s channel provides a mix of entertaining and informative content for golf enthusiasts.

  1. Golf Channel

The Golf Channel is the official YouTube channel of the namesake television network. It features interviews, highlights, tournament coverage, and instructional content from top golf professionals, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in golf.

  1. Chris Ryan Golf

Chris Ryan is a PGA Golf Professional who shares insightful golf tips and instructional content on his YouTube channel. With a focus on improving swing technique, short game, and course management, Chris’s videos are great for golfers looking to enhance their skills.

  1. Golficity

Hosted by Frank and Mike, Golficity offers a mix of golf instruction, course vlogs, and equipment reviews. They also share their golf journey, which adds a relatable and personal touch to their content.

  1. Golfholics

Golfholics, featuring Marko and Mike, is known for its high-quality golf course vlogs and breathtaking cinematography. They play various courses around the world, providing viewers with an inside look at some of the most beautiful golf destinations.

  1. Peter Finch Golf

Peter Finch is a PGA Golf Professional who shares his expertise in golf instruction, club reviews, and course vlogs. His channel is an excellent resource for golfers looking to fine-tune their game and learn more about the sport.

  1. Golf Sidekick

Golf Sidekick is a unique and entertaining golf channel hosted by Matt, who is known for his down-to-earth approach and humor. He shares course vlogs, practical advice, and mindset tips to help golfers enjoy the game more and lower their scores.

  1. Scratch Golf Academy

Scratch Golf Academy, led by PGA Professional Adam Bazalgette, offers instructional videos that cover various aspects of golf, such as swing mechanics, short game, putting, and more. His detailed explanations and expert insights make this channel ideal for golfers wanting to refine their skills.

  1. Eric Cogorno Golf

Eric Cogorno is a golf coach who shares comprehensive and in-depth golf instruction on his YouTube channel. He covers topics like swing technique, short game, putting, and course management, making it an invaluable resource for golfers of all levels.

  1. Danny Maude Golf

Danny Maude is a PGA Golf Professional known for his easy-to-understand and engaging instructional videos. He shares golf tips and drills that are suitable for beginners and advanced golfers alike, helping them improve their game and enjoy the sport.

  1. Fried Eggs Golf

Fried Eggs Golf is a light-hearted and entertaining golf channel hosted by Randy Smith. He shares golf course vlogs, equipment reviews, and tips to help golfers improve their game while having fun on the course.

  1. Golf With Aimee

Golf With Aimee, hosted by Aimee Cho, offers golf instruction and tips for all skill levels. Her easy-to-follow tutorials cover topics such as swing fundamentals, short game, and putting. Aimee’s positive and engaging teaching style makes her channel a favorite among golf enthusiasts.

Top Golf Channels by Subscribers

RankChannel NameSubscribersTotal ViewsCountry
1Rick Shiels Golf2,500,000450,000,000United Kingdom
2Me and My Golf1,800,000300,000,000United Kingdom
3Golf Channel1,500,000400,000,000United States
4Peter Finch Golf1,100,000200,000,000United Kingdom
5Chris Ryan Golf900,000150,000,000United Kingdom
6Golfholics800,000120,000,000United States
7Mark Crossfield700,000100,000,000United Kingdom
8Golf with Aimee650,00080,000,000South Korea
9Golficity600,00075,000,000United States
10Erik Anders Lang550,00070,000,000United States

Top Golf Channels by Instructional Content

RankChannel NameMain FocusTeaching StylePopularity
1Me and My GolfFull swing, short game, puttingComprehensiveHigh
2Rick Shiels GolfEquipment, swing tips, challengesEngagingHigh
3Chris Ryan GolfSwing mechanics, drillsTechnicalModerate
4Peter Finch GolfSwing analysis, course managementPracticalModerate
5Golf with AimeeWomen’s golf, beginner tipsEncouragingModerate

Top Golf Channels by Course Vlogs and Reviews

RankChannel NameCourse CoverageTravel ContentProduction Quality
2Erik Anders LangGlobalHighHigh
3Mark CrossfieldUK & EuropeModerateModerate
4GolficityUnited StatesModerateModerate
5Rick Shiels GolfUK & EuropeModerateModerate

Top Golf Channels by Entertainment Value

RankChannel NameEntertainment TypeHumorFun Challenges
1Rick Shiels GolfClub reviews, matchesHighHigh
2Peter Finch GolfCourse vlogs, matchesHighModerate
3Me and My GolfSwing tips, challengesModerateModerate
4GolfholicsCourse vlogs, lifestyleModerateModerate

Top Golf Channels by Equipment and Gear Reviews

RankChannel NameEquipment ReviewsClub ComparisonsIndustry News
1Rick Shiels GolfExtensiveHighHigh
2Peter Finch GolfModerateModerateModerate
3Me and My GolfModerateModerateModerate
4Chris Ryan GolfLimitedLimitedLimited
5Mark CrossfieldExtensiveHighHigh


These top golf channels on YouTube offer a wealth of information, guidance, and entertainment for golf enthusiasts. By subscribing to and watching these channels, you’ll have access to expert advice and valuable insights that can help you improve your golf game and enjoy the sport even more.

Top Golf Channels on YouTube


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