Does Topgolf Have An Arcade Or Video Games

Topgolf has emerged as a premier entertainment destination that offers a unique golfing experience. Combining technology, sports, and socializing, Topgolf provides an interactive, fun environment for both golf enthusiasts and casual players. But, does Topgolf have an arcade or video games in addition to its high-tech golfing experience? Let’s explore the various entertainment options available at Topgolf.

Topgolf: A Brief Overview

Topgolf is a sports entertainment complex that features an innovative, technology-driven golf game. Players hit microchipped golf balls at targets on an expansive outfield, and sensors track the accuracy and distance of each shot. The game offers competitive fun for all skill levels, from seasoned golfers to novices, with climate-controlled hitting bays, food, and drinks. The vibrant atmosphere and wide array of amenities make Topgolf a popular choice for group outings, corporate events, and family gatherings.

Arcades and Video Games at Topgolf

While Topgolf is primarily known for its unique golfing experience, many Topgolf locations do offer additional entertainment options, including arcades and video games. These facilities often feature a mix of classic and modern games, providing entertainment for guests of all ages. Some of the most popular games include air hockey, basketball shooting games, racing simulators, and a variety of redemption games.

The availability of arcades and video games may vary by location, so it’s essential to check with your local Topgolf venue to see what they offer. Additionally, Topgolf occasionally hosts gaming events and tournaments, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

Topgolf’s Expanding Entertainment Offerings

Topgolf locations continuously evolve and expand their entertainment options to provide a comprehensive and engaging experience for their guests. Some of the notable features include:

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences: Some Topgolf locations have introduced virtual reality experiences, allowing guests to immerse themselves in cutting-edge gaming technology. These VR games can range from simulations of popular sports to action-packed adventures, offering a unique and captivating experience for players.
  2. Toptracer Range: Topgolf venues equipped with Toptracer Range technology provide guests with the ability to track and analyze their golf shots in real-time. This technology enhances the golf experience by offering advanced data, virtual games, and competitions that can be enjoyed individually or with friends.
  3. Interactive Trivia and Games: Several Topgolf locations offer interactive trivia games and other digital challenges that guests can participate in while enjoying food and drinks in their hitting bay or the sports bar area. These games add a layer of friendly competition to the overall experience.
  4. Seasonal Events and Themed Nights: Topgolf often hosts seasonal events and themed nights, such as Halloween parties, holiday celebrations, or sports-themed nights. These events create a lively atmosphere and often feature special menus, promotions, and activities for guests to enjoy.
  5. Topgolf Swing Suite: The Topgolf Swing Suite is an immersive golf simulation experience available at select locations. These suites feature comfortable lounge seating, large screens, and state-of-the-art golf simulators, providing a luxurious and entertaining environment for guests.
  6. Topgolf Kids: To cater to younger guests, some Topgolf locations offer a designated kids’ area with age-appropriate games and activities. These areas provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children to have fun while their parents or guardians enjoy the main Topgolf experience.
  7. Topgolf Leagues: For those interested in more structured gameplay, Topgolf offers leagues where players can participate in regular competitions against other golfers. These leagues cater to various skill levels and often include prizes and recognition for the winners.

Topgolf Entertainment Options

Entertainment TypeGolf FocusArcade FocusTechnology FocusSocial Focus
High-tech Golf GameYesNoYesYes
Arcade GamesNoYesYesYes
Virtual Reality GamesNoYesYesYes
Sports BarNoNoNoYes
Live MusicNoNoNoYes
Golf LessonsYesNoNoYes
Interactive TriviaNoYesYesYes
Toptracer RangeYesNoYesYes
Seasonal EventsNoNoNoYes
Private Event SpacesNoNoNoYes

Popular Arcade Games at Topgolf

Game TypeGame TitleAge GroupSkill LevelMultiplayer
RacingMario Kart Arcade GPAll agesAll levelsYes
SportsNBA JamAll agesAll levelsYes
Air HockeyFast TrackAll agesAll levelsYes
RedemptionSkee-BallAll agesAll levelsNo
ShootingTime CrisisTeen+All levelsYes
FightingStreet Fighter IITeen+All levelsYes
DanceDance Dance RevolutionAll agesAll levelsYes
PinballThe Addams FamilyAll agesAll levelsNo
Classic ArcadePac-ManAll agesAll levelsNo
InteractiveWhac-A-MoleAll agesAll levelsNo

Topgolf Amenities and Features

FeatureGolf EnthusiastsCasual PlayersFamiliesCorporate Events
Hitting BaysYesYesYesYes
Golf LessonsYesYesYesYes
Arcade GamesNoYesYesYes
Virtual Reality GamesNoYesYesYes
Sports BarYesYesYesYes
Live MusicNoYesYesYes
Private Event SpacesNoNoYesYes
Interactive TriviaNoYesYesYes
Seasonal EventsNoYesYesYes
Topgolf Swing SuiteYesYesYesYes

Alternative Entertainment Options at Topgolf

Topgolf also offers alternative entertainment options, including:

  1. Sports Bars: Most Topgolf locations have sports bars where guests can watch their favorite sports events on large-screen TVs, socialize, and enjoy food and drinks.
  2. Live Music: Select Topgolf venues host live music events, featuring local bands and musicians.
  3. Private Event Spaces: Topgolf offers private event spaces for hosting birthdays, corporate events, and other special occasions.
  4. Golf Lessons and Clinics: For those looking to improve their golf skills, Topgolf provides professional golf lessons and clinics for players of all skill levels.


While Topgolf’s primary focus is on providing a one-of-a-kind golf experience, many locations do feature arcades and video games for added entertainment. It is important to check with your local Topgolf venue for the specific entertainment options they provide. With a mix of golf, games, food, and drinks, Topgolf has become a popular destination for a fun-filled outing with friends and family.


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