Torched Putter Finish

A torched putter finish is a unique and popular finish used on golf putters. It is a specialized heat treatment process that uses a torch to heat the metal surface of the putter head. This causes the metal to oxidize and creates a unique coloration and texture on the surface of the putter.

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  1. Aesthetically Pleasing: A torched putter finish gives the putter a unique and aesthetically pleasing look that stands out on the greens.
  2. Durability: The heat treatment process used in a torched putter finish increases the durability of the putter head. The surface of the putter head becomes more resistant to scratches, dings, and other forms of wear and tear.
  3. Reduced Glare: The torched finish can also reduce glare on sunny days, which can help golfers to line up their putts more accurately.


  1. Maintenance: Torched finishes require proper maintenance to keep their appearance and functionality. Golfers must take extra care to clean and protect their torched putter finish to prevent oxidation from spreading.
  2. Limited Availability: Torched finishes are not as widely available as other finishes, which can make it difficult for golfers to find the perfect torched putter for their game.
  3. Price: Torched putters can be more expensive than traditional putters due to the specialized heat treatment process used in creating the finish.

How is a Torched Putter Finish Created?

To create a torched putter finish, the putter head is first polished to a smooth surface. The putter head is then heated with a torch until it reaches a specific temperature. The heat causes the metal to oxidize and changes the color of the surface. The putter head is then cooled and sealed with a protective coating to prevent further oxidation.

Different Torched Putter Finishes

There are various torched putter finishes available, and the color and texture can vary depending on the type of metal used and the intensity of the heat. Some popular finishes include:

  1. Blue Torched Finish: A blue torched finish is a popular option that gives the putter head a blue-green patina. This finish is achieved by using a specific temperature and duration of heat.
  2. Black Oxidized Finish: A black oxidized finish is achieved by heating the putter head to a higher temperature, causing the metal to turn black. This finish provides a sleek and modern look to the putter.
  3. Bronze Finish: A bronze finish is achieved by heating the putter head to a moderate temperature, causing the metal to turn a rich bronze color. This finish provides a classic and timeless look to the putter.

Choosing the Right Torched Putter

When selecting a torched putter, golfers should consider their personal preferences, playing style, and budget. It’s essential to try different putters to find one that feels comfortable and provides consistent results. Golfers can also work with a club fitting professional to ensure they select the right putter for their game.

Caring for a Torched Putter Finish

To maintain the appearance and functionality of a torched putter finish, golfers should take extra care to clean and protect their putter. Here are some tips for caring for a torched putter finish:

  1. Clean the putter regularly with a soft cloth and mild soap and water.
  2. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or brushes that can scratch the surface of the putter.
  3. Dry the putter thoroughly after each use to prevent moisture from accumulating on the surface.
  4. Store the putter in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity.
  5. Apply a protective coating or wax to the putter periodically to prevent further oxidation.

Using a Torched Putter on the Greens

When using a torched putter on the greens, golfers should keep in mind that the putter’s appearance may affect how it performs. Here are some tips for using a torched putter on the greens:

  1. Experiment with different putting techniques to find one that works well with your torched putter.
  2. Keep the putter head clean and free from debris to ensure accurate putts.
  3. Use a ball marker to avoid damaging the surface of the putter with the golf ball.
  4. Be aware that the putter’s color and texture may affect how it looks against different green backgrounds.

Torched Putter Finish Comparisons

BrandModelTorched Finish TypeHead ShapeShaft Type
TaylorMadeSpider X CopperTorch CopperMalletSteel
OdysseyO-Works Black #7STorch BlackMalletSteel
Scotty CameronSelect Newport 2Torch BronzeBladeSteel
PingSigma 2 Valor 400Torch BlueMalletGraphite
BettinardiStudio Stock 38Torch BronzeBladeSteel
TitleistScotty Cameron Special SelectTorch BlackBladeSteel
EvnrollER11VTorch SilverMalletSteel
PXGOne & DoneTorch BronzeMalletGraphite
ClevelandHuntington Beach Soft Premier 10.5Torch CopperMalletSteel
MizunoM-Craft IITorch BlueBladeSteel

Torched Putter Finish Lengths

BrandModelLength (in)
TaylorMadeSpider X Copper33, 34, 35
OdysseyO-Works Black #7S33, 34, 35
Scotty CameronSelect Newport 233, 34, 35
PingSigma 2 Valor 40033, 34, 35
BettinardiStudio Stock 3833, 34, 35
TitleistScotty Cameron Special Select33, 34, 35
EvnrollER11V33, 34, 35
PXGOne & Done33, 34, 35
ClevelandHuntington Beach Soft Premier 10.533, 34, 35
MizunoM-Craft II33, 34, 35

Torched Putter Finish Materials

TaylorMadeSpider X CopperStainless Steel
OdysseyO-Works Black #7SStainless Steel
Scotty CameronSelect Newport 2Carbon Steel
PingSigma 2 Valor 400Zinc
BettinardiStudio Stock 38Carbon Steel
TitleistScotty Cameron Special SelectStainless Steel
EvnrollER11VStainless Steel
PXGOne & DoneMilled Aluminum
ClevelandHuntington Beach Soft Premier 10.5304 Stainless Steel
MizunoM-Craft IIMild Carbon Steel


In summary, a torched putter finish is a unique and aesthetically pleasing option for golfers looking for a durable and functional putter. While there are some maintenance considerations and availability limitations to consider, the benefits of reduced glare and increased durability can make it an attractive option for many golfers. Ultimately, the decision to invest in a torched putter finish will depend on personal preference, playing style, and budget.

Torched Putter Finish



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