Tour Trek Replacement Parts

Tour Trek is a brand that offers golfers quality golf equipment and accessories to enhance their game. From golf bags, clubs, gloves, and shoes to other golf accessories, Tour Trek offers a wide range of products that cater to golfers’ needs. Golfers who use Tour Trek equipment know that it is made with the highest quality materials and will last them for many years. However, like all equipment, Tour Trek golf equipment may need replacement parts due to wear and tear, damage, or loss.

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In this article, we will explore Tour Trek replacement parts and what you need to know about them.

Types of Tour Trek Replacement Parts

  1. Golf Bag Replacement Parts: Tour Trek offers a variety of replacement parts for their golf bags, including straps, zippers, and rain covers. The straps of a golf bag can wear out over time due to frequent use, and Tour Trek replacement straps are a great option to keep your bag secure and comfortable to carry. Zippers can also break or get stuck, and replacing them is crucial to keep your golf bag functional. A rain cover is also essential to keep your golf clubs and bag dry during wet weather conditions.
  2. Golf Club Replacement Parts: Tour Trek also offers replacement parts for golf clubs, including clubheads, shafts, and grips. Clubheads can get damaged from regular use or mishits, and Tour Trek offers high-quality replacement heads that are easy to install. Shafts can also get damaged, and Tour Trek offers a range of replacement shafts to choose from. Grips can also wear out and lose their tackiness, making it difficult to hold the club. Tour Trek offers replacement grips in various sizes and materials to suit individual preferences.
  3. Golf Trolley Replacement Parts:Tour Trek golf trolleys are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting. However, parts may need replacement due to wear and tear or damage. Some common replacement parts for golf trolleys include wheels, handles, and brake systems. Tour Trek offers replacement parts that are easy to install and will keep your golf trolley functioning like new.


Tips for Replacing Tour Trek Parts

  1. Identify the specific part you need: Before purchasing a replacement part, it’s essential to identify the specific part you need. This can be done by examining your Tour Trek equipment and determining which part needs replacement. It’s also a good idea to check the Tour Trek website or contact customer service for guidance on which replacement part is suitable for your equipment.
  2. Check for compatibility: Ensure that the replacement part is compatible with your Tour Trek product. This is crucial to avoid any issues with installation or performance. You can check the Tour Trek website or contact customer service for information on compatibility.
  3. Choose high-quality replacement parts: It’s important to choose high-quality replacement parts to ensure they last long and perform well. Tour Trek replacement parts are designed to be of high quality, so it’s recommended to purchase directly from the Tour Trek website or authorized retailers.
  4. Follow installation instructions: It’s essential to follow the installation instructions provided by Tour Trek when replacing parts. This will ensure that the replacement part is installed correctly and functions properly.
  5. Consider professional installation: If you’re not confident in replacing the part yourself, it’s recommended to seek professional help. Many golf stores offer repair and replacement services, and it’s worth considering this option for more complicated replacements.

Common Reasons for Replacing Tour Trek Parts

  1. Wear and Tear: Golf equipment is subject to wear and tear due to frequent use, exposure to the elements, and storage conditions. Golf bags, clubs, and trolleys are especially susceptible to wear and tear, and parts such as straps, zippers, clubheads, grips, wheels, and handles may need replacement over time.
  2. Damage: Golf equipment can get damaged due to mishits, accidents, or rough handling during transport or storage. Damaged parts can affect the performance of the equipment and may need replacement. Commonly damaged parts include clubheads, shafts, grips, and wheels.
  3. Loss: Golf equipment parts may get lost during transport or storage, such as rain covers or small screws. It’s essential to replace lost parts to ensure that the equipment functions as intended.

Benefits of Replacing Tour Trek Parts

  1. Improved Performance: Replacing worn or damaged parts can improve the performance of your Tour Trek equipment. For example, replacing a worn-out grip can improve your grip on the club, resulting in better accuracy and control over your shots.
  2. Extended Equipment Lifespan: Replacing worn or damaged parts can extend the lifespan of your Tour Trek equipment. By replacing parts such as clubheads, shafts, and grips, you can keep your clubs in excellent condition and avoid having to purchase new ones.
  3. Cost Savings: Replacing parts is often more cost-effective than purchasing new equipment. By replacing parts, you can avoid the expense of buying new equipment and continue to use your existing Tour Trek equipment for years to come.

Where to Acquire Tour Trek Replacement Parts

Tour Trek replacement parts are readily available for purchase via the Tour Trek website or authorized Tour Trek retailers. When procuring replacement parts, ensure they are compatible with your specific Tour Trek product to guarantee a seamless and successful replacement process.

 Golf Bag Straps

Part NumberDescriptionCompatible ModelsMaterialPrice
TT1001Single Padded StrapAll Tour Trek Golf BagsNylon$19.99
TT1002Double Padded StrapAll Tour Trek Golf BagsNylon$29.99
TT1003Single Strap with Backpack CapabilityAll Tour Trek Golf BagsNylon$24.99
TT1004Double Strap with Backpack CapabilityAll Tour Trek Golf BagsNylon$34.99
TT1005Premium Leather Single StrapAll Tour Trek Golf BagsLeather$49.99
TT1006Premium Leather Double StrapAll Tour Trek Golf BagsLeather$69.99
TT1007Universal Single StrapAll Golf BagsNylon$14.99
TT1008Universal Double StrapAll Golf BagsNylon$24.99
TT1009Universal Single Strap with Backpack CapabilityAll Golf BagsNylon$19.99
TT1010Universal Double Strap with Backpack CapabilityAll Golf BagsNylon$29.99

Golf Bag Zippers

Part NumberDescriptionCompatible ModelsSizePrice
TT2001Large Main ZipperAll Tour Trek Golf Bags36″$24.99
TT2002Medium Main ZipperAll Tour Trek Golf Bags28″$19.99
TT2003Small Main ZipperAll Tour Trek Golf Bags18″$14.99
TT2004Accessory ZipperAll Tour Trek Golf Bags8″$9.99
TT2005Universal ZipperAll Golf BagsN/A$7.99
TT2006Waterproof Large Main ZipperAll Tour Trek Golf Bags36″$34.99
TT2007Waterproof Medium Main ZipperAll Tour Trek Golf Bags28″$29.99
TT2008Waterproof Small Main ZipperAll Tour Trek Golf Bags18″$24.99
TT2009Waterproof Accessory ZipperAll Tour Trek Golf Bags8″$19.99
TT2010Waterproof Universal ZipperAll Golf BagsN/A$14.99

Golf Bag Handles

Part NumberDescriptionCompatible ModelsMaterialPrice
TT3001Rubberized Lift HandleAll Tour Trek Golf BagsRubber$9.99
TT3002Rubberized Pull HandleAll Tour Trek Golf BagsRubber$14.99
TT3003Padded Lift HandleAll Tour Trek Golf BagsNylon$14.99
TT3004Padded Pull HandleAll Tour Trek Golf BagsNylon$19.99
TT3005Premium Leather Lift HandleAll Tour Trek Golf BagsLeather$29.99
TT3006Premium Leather Pull HandleAll Tour Trek Golf BagsLeather$39.99
TT3007Universal Lift HandleAll Golf BagsNylon$7.99
TT3008Universal Pull HandleAll Golf BagsNylon$12.99

Tour Trek Push Carts

ModelFoldableWheel TypeWeight (lbs)Price ($)
Tour Trek 1YesAir-filled15199
Tour Trek 2YesSolid18249
Tour Trek 3NoAir-filled14179
Tour Trek 4YesSolid17229
Tour Trek 5NoAir-filled16189
Tour Trek 6YesSolid20269
Tour Trek 7YesAir-filled17209
Tour Trek 8NoSolid19239
Tour Trek 9YesAir-filled16199
Tour Trek 10YesSolid21299

Tour Trek Push Cart Parts

PartCompatible ModelsPrice ($)
Front WheelAll39
Rear WheelAll39
Handle GripAll19
Brake CableTour Trek 1-529
ScorecardTour Trek 6-1049
Storage PouchTour Trek 2, 4, 8, 1059
Umbrella HolderTour Trek 3, 7, 934
Cup HolderTour Trek 1, 4, 7, 1024
Brake AssemblyTour Trek 6-1069

Tour Trek Push Cart Specifications

ModelDimensions (in)MaterialMaximum Load (lbs)Color
Tour Trek 134 x 25 x 13Aluminum50Black/Gray
Tour Trek 236 x 26 x 14Steel55Red/Black
Tour Trek 333 x 24 x 12Aluminum45Silver/Blue
Tour Trek 435 x 27 x 13Steel60Black/Green
Tour Trek 534 x 25 x 12Aluminum50Black/Red
Tour Trek 636 x 26 x 14Steel55Silver/Red
Tour Trek 733 x 24 x 13Aluminum45Blue/Black
Tour Trek 835 x 27 x 12Steel60Gray/Orange

Tour Trek Push Cart Accessories

AccessoryCompatible ModelsPrice ($)
Rain CoverAll29
Golf Bag StrapsAll19
Cooler BagTour Trek 2, 5, 8, 939
GPS HolderTour Trek 3, 6, 724
Sand BottleTour Trek 1, 4, 1014
Ball HolderAll12
Push Cart SeatTour Trek 5, 7, 9, 1049
Wheel CoversAll19
Drink HolderAll14
Towel HolderAll12


Tour Trek is a brand that provides golfers with high-quality golf equipment and accessories. However, even the best equipment can wear out or get damaged over time, which is where Tour Trek replacement parts come in. Whether it’s a golf bag, golf club, or golf trolley, Tour Trek replacement parts are designed to keep your equipment functional and help you maintain your game. With the right replacement parts, you can keep your Tour Trek equipment in top condition and enjoy many years of excellent performance.

Tour Trek Replacement Parts


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  1. We have a Tour Trek 360. The clip that holds up the handle is broke. Do you have a replacement for this screw and clip?

  2. I need a replacement wheel for my Tour Trek 2018 one-click 4 wheel push cart. I see that it is listed at $39 above, but how do I purchase it? Can not find anywhere

    • If the brakes on your Tour Trek 360 golf push cart won’t release, check for debris, inspect brake cables, lubricate moving parts, and adjust tension as needed. If issues persist, consult the manual or seek professional help.

  3. Hello to whoever this may concern, I think maybe Anglo Carson???, I have a One Click 360 Tour Trek(black color) cart that need a new black colored metal support brace to hold the left wheel’s metal leg. This part broke and prevents me from using this cart all together. Where can I buy this small metal part?


    Derek Roy L.

  4. Hi guys. I have a good idea. Donate your push cart to Goodwill or the local thrift store and buy a better quality push cart.
    Impossible to get parts for this junk. Not worth the aggravation. Cut your losses and move on to a company that stands behind there products.

  5. Looking to replace the front wheel the TourTrek 360. The pin on the wheel set up got bent. Where do I go to purchase the part?


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