What is an Upright Golf Swing

An upright golf swing is a type of golf swing where the golfer stands more upright and vertical during the swing. It is a swing style that has been adopted by many professional golfers and is characterized by a more vertical swing plane and a shorter backswing.

In an upright golf swing, the golfer maintains a more upright posture during the swing, with the spine remaining straighter than in a more traditional swing. This posture allows for a more compact and efficient swing, reducing the chance of errors and missed shots.

To achieve an upright golf swing, the golfer must maintain proper balance and posture throughout the swing. They must also have proper weight distribution and maintain a good grip on the club . Additionally, the golfer must maintain a consistent swing tempo and keep their head still throughout the swing.

One of the main benefits of an upright golf swing is that it allows for greater accuracy and consistency in shots. It also places less stress on the lower back and reduces the risk of injury. However, it may not be suitable for all golfers and swing styles, as it requires a certain level of flexibility and strength.

Another advantage of an upright golf swing is that it can help increase clubhead speed and power. Since the swing is more compact, the golfer can generate more speed with less effort, leading to longer shots and more distance off the tee.

Additionally, an upright golf swing can help reduce the amount of sidespin on the ball, leading to a straighter ball flight and less curvature. This can be particularly beneficial for golfers who struggle with slicing or hooking the ball.

It’s worth noting that an upright golf swing is not the only type of swing that can be effective. Some golfers prefer a flatter, more horizontal swing plane, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to golf swing technique. The best swing style for an individual golfer will depend on a variety of factors, including their body type, flexibility, and swing mechanics.

For those looking to adopt an upright golf swing, it’s important to work with a qualified golf instructor who can help assess your swing and provide guidance on proper technique. With practice and dedication, an upright golf swing can be a valuable tool in improving your golf game and lowering your scores on the course.

Overall, an upright golf swing can be an effective technique for golfers looking to improve their swing and accuracy on the course. However, as with any golf swing, it requires practice and dedication to master.


Characteristics of an Upright Golf Swing

CharacteristicDescriptionBenefitsDrawbacksSuitable for Player Types
High BackswingClub is lifted high above the headMore powerMore difficult to controlTaller players
Steep AngleSharp angle between club and groundClean contact with the ballProne to fat or thin shotsPlayers with flexibility
Less RotationMinimal body rotation during swingSimpler motionLess powerSeniors or beginners
Straight ArmLeading arm remains straightConsistent ball strikingLess leveragePlayers with control
Vertical PlaneSwing follows a vertical planeLess lateral movementRequires precise timingPlayers with good timing

Key Elements of an Upright Golf Swing

ElementImportanceHow to AchieveCommon MistakesTips for Improvement
GripFoundationUse an interlocking or overlapping gripToo tight or too loosePractice proper grip daily
StanceBalance and powerFeet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bentToo narrow or too wideMirror drills
PostureConsistencyBend from hips, straight backSlouching or too uprightPractice posture regularly
TakeawaySwing pathOne-piece takeaway, keep club outside handsInside or outside takeawaySlow motion drills
Follow-throughSwing completionHigh and extended follow-throughAbrupt or incomplete finishSwing to a full finish

Drills to Improve Upright Golf Swing

Drill NameObjectiveSetupExecutionFrequency of Practice
Tee DrillClubface controlPlace a tee in the groundSwing to clip the tee10-15 reps, 3x per week
Wall DrillVertical swing pathStand next to a wall or netSwing without touching the wall10-15 reps, 3x per week
Alignment StickSwing planePlace an Alignment Stick on the groundSwing along the stick’s path10-15 reps, 3x per week
One-Arm SwingsBalance and tempoSwing with one arm, holding the clubSwing smoothly and in control10-15 reps, 3x per week
Step DrillWeight transferStart with feet togetherStep into the swing10-15 reps, 3x per week

Golf Clubs Suited for an Upright Swing

Club TypeReason for SuitabilityCommon Brands/ModelsAverage PriceSkill Level Recommended
DriverMaximizes distance with high swingTaylorMade SIM2, Callaway Epic Max$400 – $600Intermediate to advanced
Fairway WoodClean contact off the turfPing G425, Titleist TSi2$250 – $400Intermediate to advanced


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