Can You Wear Spiked Golf Shoes on Pavement

Golf shoes play a vital role in a golfer’s performance by providing stability and traction on the course. While they are designed for use on grassy terrain, many golfers wonder if it’s acceptable to wear spiked golf shoes on pavement. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of wearing spiked golf shoes on pavement and offer some alternatives.

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Spiked Golf Shoes:

  1. Pros of Using Spiked Golf Shoes on Pavement:

    a. Superior Traction: Spiked golf shoes are designed with cleats or spikes on the sole, which provide excellent traction on grass and other surfaces, including pavement. This traction can help maintain stability during the golf swing.

    b. Enhanced Balance: The spikes in golf shoes can prevent slipping and sliding, ensuring better balance during the golf swing and while walking on uneven terrain.

    c. Water Resistance: Many spiked golf shoes come with waterproof features that can protect your feet from moisture, which can be beneficial when playing in damp or rainy conditions.

  2. Cons of Using Spiked Golf Shoes on Pavement:

    a. Excessive Wear and Tear: Walking on pavement can cause rapid wear and tear on the spikes, reducing their effectiveness on the golf course.

    b. Comfort Concerns: Spiked golf shoes may not be as comfortable on hard surfaces like pavement compared to shoes designed for walking. This can lead to discomfort during extended periods of pavement walking.

Alternatives to Spiked Golf Shoes on Pavement:

  1. Spikeless Golf Shoes:

    a. Spikeless golf shoes have a rubber sole that provides adequate traction on both grass and pavement. They are often more comfortable for walking on hard surfaces, making them a good choice if you expect to spend time on cart paths or practice areas.

    b. While they may not provide the same level of traction as spiked golf shoes on the golf course, they offer a suitable compromise for versatility.

  2. Changing Shoes:

    a. Some golfers prefer to change their footwear when transitioning from the golf course to pavement. This can help preserve the spikes and provide more comfort for walking.

    b. Carrying a pair of casual or athletic shoes in your golf bag can be a convenient option for this purpose.

Additional Considerations and Tips:

  1. Shoe Maintenance:

    a. If you do choose to wear spiked golf shoes on pavement occasionally, it’s essential to regularly inspect and replace worn-out spikes. Worn spikes can diminish traction and increase the risk of slipping.

    b. Cleaning your shoes after each round, especially if you’ve walked on pavement, can prolong their lifespan and maintain their performance.

  2. Golf Course Regulations:

    a. Some golf courses have specific rules regarding footwear to protect their greens and fairways. Check the rules of the course you’re playing at. They might recommend or require spikeless shoes to preserve the course condition.

  3. Comfort and Support:

    a. Regardless of your choice, prioritize shoes that offer proper arch support and cushioning. Golf involves a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes are crucial to prevent foot fatigue and injuries.

  4. Personal Preference:

    a. Ultimately, the choice between spiked and spikeless golf shoes depends on personal preference. Some golfers prefer the stability provided by spiked shoes, while others opt for the versatility and comfort of spikeless options.

  5. Testing and Trying:

    a. If you’re unsure which type of shoes suits you best, consider trying both spiked and spikeless options. Visit a golf store and walk around to feel the difference in comfort, traction, and stability before making a decision.

  6. Consider the Terrain:

    a. If you often play on courses with significant elevation changes, spiked shoes might provide better grip, especially when walking uphill or downhill.

  7. Weather Conditions:

    a. In wet conditions, spiked shoes can provide superior traction on grass, but on pavement, they might be more slippery. Spikeless shoes with a good tread pattern can offer better grip in such situations.

Types of Golf Shoes

Shoe TypeSpikesSuitable TerrainComfort LevelCommon Brands
SpikedYesGolf CourseModerateFootJoy, Nike, Adidas
SpikelessNoGolf Course, StreetHighEcco, Skechers, Puma
HybridBothGolf Course, StreetModerateCallaway, New Balance
Golf SandalsN/AGolf Course, BeachHighECCO, Adidas, Skechers
Golf BootsYesWet Conditions, Golf CourseModerateUnder Armour, Puma

Spike Types

Spike TypeMaterialTraction on GreensDurabilityTerrain Suitability
Soft SpikesRubberExcellentLimitedGolf Course
Metal SpikesMetalExcellentGoodGolf Course
Champ ZarmaPlasticGoodModerateGolf Course, Some Streets
Tornado TwistPlasticGoodModerateGolf Course, Some Streets
PulsarPlasticVery GoodHighGolf Course, Streets

Advantages of Spikeless Golf Shoes

VersatileSuitable for on and off-course use.
ComfortableGenerally more comfortable for walking.
Low MaintenanceNo need to replace worn spikes.
Gentle on GreensLess likely to damage putting greens.
Stylish DesignOften available in casual and trendy designs.

Tips for Choosing Golf Footwear

FitChoose a size that provides a snug yet comfy fit.
WaterproofingImportant for wet course conditions.
StyleMatch your personal style preference.
Spike TypeDecide between spiked, spikeless, or hybrid.
BudgetSet a budget that suits your needs.

Can You Wear Spiked Golf Shoes on Pavement?

Surface TypeSuitable Footwear
Golf CourseSpiked
PavementNot Recommended
GrassSpikeless, Hybrid
Sand BunkersSpikeless, Golf Sandals
Wet ConditionsGolf Boots


In conclusion, while it is technically possible to wear spiked golf shoes on pavement, it may not be the most practical choice due to excessive wear and comfort concerns. Spikeless golf shoes or changing shoes when needed are more suitable options for walking on hard surfaces like pavement while preserving the functionality of your spiked golf shoes for the golf course. Ultimately, the choice depends on your comfort and convenience preferences as a golfer.

Can you wear spiked golf shoes on pavement


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