What Are the Rare Clubs in Golf Rival

In the world of mobile golf gaming, Golf Rival has established itself as a popular choice among players seeking an immersive and competitive experience. One of the exciting aspects of Golf Rival is the inclusion of rare clubs that can significantly enhance your gameplay. These clubs are not only hard to come by but also offer unique advantages on the virtual golf course. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the rare clubs in Golf Rival and explore how they can elevate your gaming experience.

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  1. The Rare Club Mechanics

Before diving into the specifics of rare clubs, it’s essential to understand how they work within the game’s mechanics. In Golf Rival, clubs are divided into various categories, such as drivers, irons, wedges, and putters. Rare clubs, however, can belong to any of these categories and offer distinct attributes that set them apart from their common counterparts.

  1. Obtaining Rare Clubs

Rare clubs in Golf Rival are not readily available in the shop or through standard gameplay. Instead, they are typically acquired through special events, tournaments, or by opening premium chests. These clubs can also be obtained by participating in limited-time events or by reaching specific milestones in the game. Due to their scarcity, acquiring rare clubs can be a thrilling challenge for dedicated players.

  1. Types of Rare Clubs

a. Rare Drivers

  • Some of the rare drivers in Golf Rival offer enhanced distance and control, allowing you to drive the ball further and with greater precision.
  • They often have unique power-ups or abilities, such as wind resistance, that can be a game-changer in challenging conditions.

b. Rare Irons

  • Rare irons can provide improved accuracy and control when approaching the green, making it easier to hit that perfect shot.
  • Special abilities, like backspin or side spin, can make these clubs invaluable when navigating tricky terrain.

c. Rare Wedges

  • Wedges are crucial for getting your ball out of sand traps and rough patches. Rare wedges often come with enhanced recovery and spin capabilities, increasing your chances of escaping hazards and landing closer to the pin.

d. Rare Putters

  • Rare putters are all about precision on the greens. They offer unique features, such as improved accuracy or a larger sweet spot, to help you sink those crucial putts with ease.
  1. Advantages of Rare Clubs

a. Competitive Edge

  • Rare clubs can give you a significant advantage over your opponents, especially in high-stakes tournaments and competitive gameplay.
  • Their unique abilities can help you navigate challenging course conditions and score lower than ever before.

b. Flexibility in Playstyle

  • With rare clubs, you can tailor your gameplay to your preferred style. Whether you’re a power hitter or a finesse player, there’s likely a rare club that suits your strategy.

c. Prestige and Bragging Rights

  • Owning and showcasing rare clubs can be a point of pride among Golf Rival players. They demonstrate your dedication to the game and your ability to conquer challenging events.
  1. Strategies for Obtaining Rare Clubs

a. Participate in Events

  • Keep an eye on in-game events and tournaments that offer rare clubs as rewards. These events often have varying difficulty levels, so players of all skill levels have a chance to earn them.

b. Open Premium Chests

  • Premium chests have a higher chance of containing rare clubs compared to regular chests. While they may require in-game currency or real money to unlock, they can be a worthwhile investment for serious players.

c. Join a Clan

  • Some clans or groups in Golf Rival organize events or activities that can lead to the acquisition of rare clubs. Being part of an active community can increase your chances of getting these prized items.

d. Complete Milestones

  • The game may offer milestones or achievements that reward players with rare clubs upon completion. Check your in-game progress regularly and strive to achieve these milestones.

e. Utilize Free Offers

  • Occasionally, Golf Rival offers players the chance to earn premium items, including rare clubs, by watching ads or participating in promotional offers. Take advantage of these opportunities when they arise.
  1. Enhancing Your Rare Clubs

Once you’ve acquired a rare club, you can further improve its performance by upgrading it. Collect duplicate club cards to level up your rare clubs, increasing their stats and special abilities. This can make your rare club even more formidable on the virtual golf course.

  1. The Rarity Factor

It’s important to note that not all rare clubs are created equal. Some rare clubs may be exceptionally rare, while others are more commonly found in the game. Pay attention to the specific attributes and abilities of each rare club to determine which ones align with your gameplay style and strategy.

Rare Club Name and Type

Club NameClub TypePowerAccuracySpin
Apex DriverDriver2408570
Eagle PutterPutter809950
Fusion IronIron2009255
Phoenix WedgeWedge1808860
Stormwood FairwayFairway Wood2109065
Titan HybridHybrid2208668
Cobra Sand WedgeWedge1908962
Serpent PutterPutter759852
Royal DriverDriver2458472
Thunder IronIron2059158

Rarity Levels and Unlocking

Club NameRarity LevelUnlock LevelUnlock Price (Coins)Unlock Price (Gems)
Apex DriverRare520,00050
Eagle PutterRare625,00060
Fusion IronRare415,00040
Phoenix WedgeRare730,00070
Stormwood FairwayRare835,00080
Titan HybridRare520,00050
Cobra Sand WedgeRare625,00060
Serpent PutterRare415,00040
Royal DriverRare730,00070
Thunder IronRare835,00080

Rare Club Special Abilities

Club NameSpecial Ability 1Special Ability 2Special Ability 3Special Ability 4
Apex DriverPower BoostAccuracy BoostSpin ControlN/A
Eagle PutterPutting MasteryBall GuideN/AN/A
Fusion IronBall ControlAccuracy BoostPower BoostN/A
Phoenix WedgeSpin ControlBall GuideN/AN/A
Stormwood FairwayPower BoostAccuracy BoostBall GuideSpin Control
Titan HybridBall GuideAccuracy BoostPower BoostN/A
Cobra Sand WedgeSpin ControlBall GuideN/AN/A
Serpent PutterPutting MasteryBall GuideN/AN/A
Royal DriverPower BoostAccuracy BoostSpin ControlN/A
Thunder IronBall ControlAccuracy BoostPower BoostN/A

Rare Club Stats (Max Level)

Club NameMax Level PowerMax Level AccuracyMax Level SpinMax Level Ball GuideMax Level Control
Apex Driver31098803.0High
Eagle Putter10599604.5High
Fusion Iron26096703.5High
Phoenix Wedge22095754.0High
Stormwood Fairway28097783.2High
Titan Hybrid30094823.3High
Cobra Sand Wedge24097734.2High
Serpent Putter10098654.4High
Royal Driver32097853.1High
Thunder Iron27095773.4High

Club Collections and Bonuses

Club NameCollection SetCollection Bonus
Apex DriverPrecision Series+5% Power
Eagle PutterBirdie Collection+10% Accuracy
Fusion IronIron Masters+8% Spin
Phoenix WedgeWedge Warriors+12% Spin
Stormwood FairwayPower Pack+7% Power
Titan HybridHybrid Heroes+6% Accuracy
Cobra Sand WedgeWedge Warriors+11% Spin
Serpent PutterBirdie Collection+9% Accuracy
Royal DriverPrecision Series+6% Power
Thunder IronIron Masters+10% Spin


  1. Conclusion

Rare clubs in Golf Rival are not only coveted collectibles but also powerful tools that can elevate your performance in the game. Whether you’re a casual player looking to improve your skills or a competitive golfer seeking an edge, the pursuit of rare clubs adds an exciting dimension to Golf Rival’s gameplay. By following the strategies outlined in this article and staying dedicated to your golfing journey, you can unlock and master these hidden gems, making your virtual golfing experience even more rewarding and enjoyable. So, gear up, hit the virtual links, and strive to add those rare clubs to your golf bag!


What Are the Rare Clubs in Golf Rival


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