What Does Playing From the Tips Mean in Golf

Golf is a sport known for its many intricacies, including the various teeing options available on every golf course. One of the terms you may hear frequently in golf is “playing from the tips.” In this article, we will explore what playing from the tips means in golf, its significance, and when it is appropriate to do so.

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Definition of Playing From the Tips

Playing from the tips refers to teeing off from the farthest back set of tees on a golf course. These tees are often marked with a different color, typically black or gold, to distinguish them from the forward tees. The term “tips” is derived from the idea that these tees provide the most challenging and longest yardage for a particular hole.

Significance of Playing From the Tips

Playing from the tips is significant for several reasons:

Increased Challenge

One of the primary reasons golfers choose to play from the tips is to challenge themselves. The farther back you tee off, the longer the hole becomes, and the more challenging it becomes to reach the green in the required number of strokes. This increased challenge can be appealing to experienced golfers looking to test their skills and improve their game.

Greater Yardage

Playing from the tips offers the opportunity to experience the golf course at its maximum yardage. It allows golfers to experience the full design and layout of the course, as it was intended by the architect. This can be especially enjoyable for those who appreciate the beauty and natural surroundings of the golf course.

Competitive Play

In competitive golf, such as professional tournaments, golfers often play from the tips. This ensures that all players face the same level of challenge and provides a fair playing field. It also allows for consistency in course setup and conditions for competitive purposes.

When Is It Appropriate to Play From the Tips?

Playing from the tips is not for everyone, and it may not be appropriate in all situations. Here are some considerations for when it is appropriate to play from the tips:

Skill Level

Playing from the tips requires a high level of skill and distance off the tee. Golfers who struggle to consistently hit long drives may find playing from the tips frustrating and counterproductive. It’s essential to assess your skill level honestly and choose tees that provide an enjoyable and challenging experience without being overly difficult.


Your handicap can also be a useful guide when deciding whether to play from the tips. If you have a high handicap, it may be more enjoyable and appropriate to play from tees that provide a shorter and more manageable distance.

Pace of Play

In recreational play, consider the pace of play and the group’s skill levels. Playing from the tips can slow down the pace of play, as longer holes often take more time to complete. If you’re playing in a group with varying skill levels, it’s essential to choose tees that allow everyone to enjoy the round without excessive delays.

Tips for Playing From the Tips

If you’ve decided that you want to challenge yourself by playing from the tips, here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience:

  1. Improve Your Distance: To play from the tips effectively, work on increasing your driving distance. This may involve improving your swing mechanics, strength training, or using distance-enhancing equipment like drivers with larger clubheads and lower lofts.
  2. Course Management: Playing from the tips often means encountering longer and more challenging hazards. Develop a strategic approach to each hole, considering where to place your shots to avoid trouble and maximize your chances of reaching the green in regulation.
  3. Use the Right Equipment: Make sure your golf clubs are suited for the longer distances you’ll be facing. Consider getting fitted for clubs that match your swing speed and style. This can make a significant difference in your performance.
  4. Practice Long Game: Spend extra time on the driving range working on your long game. Hitting consistent, accurate, and long drives is crucial when playing from the tips.
  5. Course Knowledge: Familiarize yourself with the golf course layout, especially from the back tees. Knowing where hazards, bunkers, and out-of-bounds areas are located can help you make informed decisions during your round.
  6. Play Within Your Abilities: While it’s tempting to challenge yourself, it’s important not to let your ego dictate your tee selection. If you’re consistently struggling to keep up with the required yardage or finding yourself frequently in trouble, consider moving up to a set of tees that better matches your skill level.
  7. Enjoy the Experience: Remember that golf is meant to be an enjoyable and recreational sport. Playing from the tips can be tough, but it should also be fun. Take in the beauty of the course and the challenge it presents.
  8. Track Your Progress: Keep a record of your scores and performance when playing from the tips. This can help you track your improvement over time and identify areas of your game that may need more attention.
  9. Learn from Others: If you’re new to playing from the tips, consider playing with experienced golfers who are comfortable with the longer yardage. You can learn a lot from their strategies and decision-making.
  10. Stay Patient: Playing from the tips can be frustrating at times, especially if you’re not performing at your best. Stay patient, maintain a positive attitude, and use each round as a learning experience to enhance your skills.

Playing From the Tips – Definitions

Playing From the TipsHitting golf shots from the farthest tees on a course, providing the maximum challenge.Playing from the tips can test a golfer’s skills and provide a true sense of the course’s design.Opportunity for longer drives and strategic playIncreased difficulty for average golfers.
Tee BoxThe designated area where golfers start a hole.Tee boxes are marked with different colors to indicate various levels of difficulty.Provides options for golfers of all skill levels.Longer distances may require more accuracy.
HandicapA numerical measure of a golfer’s ability.Golfers with higher handicaps might struggle when playing from the tips.Can help level the playing field in handicapped matches.Skilled golfers may not benefit as much.
Course RatingA measure of a course’s difficulty for scratch golfers.Playing from the tips typically results in a higher course rating.Useful for comparing the challenge of different courses.May intimidate less-experienced golfers.
ParThe number of strokes an expert golfer should take to complete a hole.Playing from the tips may lead to higher scores than the standard par for the course.Reflects the course’s overall difficulty.May discourage beginners.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing From the Tips

Increased ChallengePlaying from the tips offers a tougher golfing experience, testing a golfer’s skill and decision-making.
Strategic PlayGolfers need to think strategically, choosing the best clubs and shot placements to succeed.
Improved DistanceLonger tees allow golfers to showcase their power and hit longer drives.
Course KnowledgePlaying from the tips helps golfers gain a better understanding of the course’s intricacies.
Personal GrowthOvercoming the challenge of playing from the tips can lead to personal growth and improved skills.
Difficulty for BeginnersNovice golfers may find playing from the tips too challenging, leading to frustration.
Longer RoundsPlaying from the tips often results in longer rounds due to increased distances and difficulty.
Higher ScoresHigher handicapped golfers may struggle to achieve lower scores when playing from the tips.
Potential Injury RiskStraining to hit longer shots can increase the risk of injury, especially for older golfers.
Lower EnjoymentSome golfers may find the experience less enjoyable when constantly battling a difficult course.

Tee Box Colors and Difficulty Levels

Tee Box ColorDifficulty Level
BlackMost Difficult
GoldVery Difficult
RedLeast Difficult

Recommended Handicap Ranges for Playing From the Tips

Handicap RangeRecommended Approach
0-5Suitable for playing from the tips.
6-12Consider playing from a less challenging tee box.
13-18Not recommended for playing from the tips.
19+Strongly discouraged from playing from the tips.

Course Rating Comparison

Tee Box ColorCourse Rating (From the Tips)Course Rating (Regular Tees)

In conclusion, playing from the tips in golf is a choice that should be made thoughtfully, taking into consideration your skill level, course knowledge, and desire for a challenging experience. It can be a rewarding way to test and improve your golf game, but it’s essential to approach it with the right mindset and preparation. Ultimately, the most important aspect of golf is to enjoy the game and the beautiful surroundings it often offers.

What Does Playing From the Tips Mean in Golf


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