What Golf Shoes Are Made In The USA

Golf is a sport that requires precision, skill, and the right equipment to excel. One essential piece of equipment for any golfer is a good pair of golf shoes. While many golf shoes are manufactured overseas, some golfers prefer to support domestic products and seek out golf shoes made in the USA. In this article, we will explore some golf shoe brands and models that are manufactured in the United States.

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  1. New Balance Golf Shoes: New Balance is a renowned American footwear brand known for its commitment to quality and comfort. They offer a range of golf shoes that are manufactured in the USA, such as the New Balance Minimus Tour and the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro. These shoes are designed with golfers in mind, providing stability, traction, and comfort for long days on the course.
  2. Allen Edmonds Golf Shoes: Allen Edmonds is a well-respected American shoe company that has expanded its product line to include golf shoes. They produce golf shoes like the Allen Edmonds St. John’s Golf Shoe, which combines the elegance of traditional dress shoes with the functionality needed for golf. These shoes are made with premium materials and craftsmanship, ensuring both style and performance.
  3. FootJoy Golf Shoes: FootJoy, a subsidiary of the American company Acushnet Holdings Corp., is a leading golf shoe manufacturer. While not all FootJoy golf shoes are made in the USA, they offer a limited selection of American-made options, including some models from their FootJoy Premier Series. These shoes are crafted with attention to detail and feature advanced technologies for golfers seeking top-tier performance.
  4. TRUE Linkswear Golf Shoes: TRUE Linkswear is a niche golf shoe brand that prides itself on minimalist design and a natural fit. They manufacture some of their golf shoe models in the USA, like the TRUE Original, which is known for its comfortable, sock-like feel and traction. These shoes are designed to provide golfers with a more connected and comfortable experience on the course.
  5. Ecco Golf Shoes: Ecco is a Danish footwear company with a strong presence in the golf industry. While Ecco shoes are primarily manufactured in Denmark, they have a production facility in the United States, which produces some of their golf shoe models. Ecco golf shoes are renowned for their quality, durability, and comfort, making them a popular choice among golfers.
  1. Oakley Golf Shoes: Oakley, a well-known American brand specializing in eyewear and sports equipment, also produces a line of golf shoes. Some of their golf shoe models, like the Oakley Carbon Pro 2, are manufactured in the USA. These shoes are designed with innovative materials and technology to provide golfers with stability, comfort, and performance.
  2. Puma Golf Shoes: Puma, another reputable American brand, offers a range of golf shoes, and some of their models are made in the USA. Puma golf shoes are known for their trendy designs and use of advanced materials, including waterproofing and spikeless soles. They cater to golfers who seek both style and functionality.
  3. FootJoy GreenJoys: FootJoy, in addition to its premium offerings, has a more budget-friendly line called GreenJoys. While not all GreenJoys models are manufactured in the USA, some are, making them a more affordable option for golfers looking for domestically-made shoes. These shoes still uphold the quality and performance standards associated with the FootJoy brand.
  4. Support for American Jobs: Choosing golf shoes made in the USA not only ensures you’re getting a quality product but also supports American jobs and manufacturing. It aligns with the desire to stimulate the domestic economy and reduce reliance on foreign-made goods.
  5. Consider Personal Preferences: When selecting golf shoes, it’s crucial to consider your personal preferences. Consider factors such as shoe style (traditional or modern), fit, comfort, traction, and waterproofing, as these aspects can greatly affect your performance and enjoyment on the golf course. Testing out different models and brands is advisable to find the perfect fit for your game.

Popular Golf Shoe Brands Made in the USA

BrandHeadquarters LocationFoundedNotable FeaturesPrice Range
FootJoyFairhaven, MA1857Premium leather, waterproof$100 – $300
Allen EdmondsPort Washington, WI1922Handcrafted, classic designs$200 – $500
New BalanceBoston, MA1906Athletic comfort, stability$80 – $200
TRUE LinkswearDallas, TX2009Minimalist, lightweight$100 – $200
PUMA GolfCarlsbad, CA1948Innovative technology, style$80 – $250

Materials Used in USA-Made Golf Shoes

MaterialDescriptionAdvantagesDisadvantagesBrands Using It
Full-Grain LeatherHigh-quality, durable leatherComfort, water resistanceMay require more maintenanceFootJoy, Allen Edmonds
SyntheticMan-made materials (e.g., microfiber)Lightweight, easy to cleanLess breathable, may lack styleTRUE Linkswear, PUMA Golf
Waterproof MembraneWaterproof inner liningKeeps feet dry in wet conditionsCan reduce breathabilityFootJoy, New Balance
EVA MidsoleLightweight foam cushioningExcellent shock absorptionMay wear out fasterNew Balance, PUMA Golf
Spiked SoleCleats or spikes for tractionEnhanced grip on the courseLess versatile for casual wearFootJoy, TRUE Linkswear

Golf Shoe Types Made in the USA

TypeDescriptionSuitable TerrainNotable FeaturesPopular Brands
SpikelessNo removable cleats; versatile for any terrainGolf courses, casualComfort, style, versatilityTRUE Linkswear, New Balance
SpikedCleats for maximum traction on the courseGolf coursesExcellent grip, stabilityFootJoy, PUMA Golf
HybridMix of spiked and spikeless elementsVarious terrainsVersatile, balance of gripAllen Edmonds, TRUE Linkswear
AthleticSporty design with golf-specific featuresGolf courses, casualLightweight, athletic supportPUMA Golf, New Balance
ClassicTraditional, timeless golf shoe designGolf courses, formalHandcrafted, premium materialsAllen Edmonds, FootJoy

Popular Models of USA-Made Golf Shoes

ModelBrandNotable FeaturesPrice Range
FootJoy ICONFootJoyPremium leather, classic design$200 – $300
New Balance 574New BalanceAthletic comfort, versatile styling$80 – $150
Allen Edmonds StrandAllen EdmondsHandcrafted, timeless design$300 – $500
TRUE Linkswear OGTRUE LinkswearMinimalist, lightweight, spikeless$100 – $150
PUMA Ignite PWRADAPTPUMA GolfInnovative sole technology, style$150 – $250

Sizing and Fit Information for USA-Made Golf Shoes

BrandSizing OptionsWidth OptionsFit DescriptionNotable Features
FootJoy5-16 (US)Narrow to XX-WideRoomy, comfortable fitNumerous style options
Allen Edmonds6.5-16 (US)Narrow to EEE WideClassic, snug fitHandcrafted, premium materials
New Balance7-16 (US)Narrow to 4E WideAthletic, cushioned fitExcellent arch support
TRUE Linkswear7-15 (US)RegularMinimalist, natural fitLightweight, flexible
PUMA Golf7-15 (US)RegularSporty, comfortable fitInnovative cushioning

In conclusion, golfers who wish to purchase golf shoes made in the USA have several reputable brands and models to choose from. Whether you prioritize performance, style, or affordability, there are options available to suit your needs. Supporting American manufacturing not only ensures you receive a high-quality product but also contributes to the growth of the domestic golf industry. Ultimately, the right pair of golf shoes can enhance your comfort and performance on the course, helping you achieve your best golf game.


What Golf Shoes Are Made In The USA


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